Draft HP The Machine is forced to do without the memristor

| June 8, 2015

About a year ago, the company Hewlett-Packard spoke about the very “Napoleonic” plans to create nothing less than a computer architecture is radically different from the existing ones, and remains unchanged for several decades, making.

HP The Machine

Project The Machine had to be born as a prototype in the next year. The basis of the system, according to the plans of HP, should be the memristor instead of copper conductors are used optical.

However, as it became known, not all so rosy as it seemed. The fact that HP is counting on production technology memristor, Hynix commercialized as early as 2013. But she is not ready for mass production. The HP decided not to wait and change this component for conventional memory DRAM. No, the company has not abandoned its revolutionary ideas, but it is expected in the next year will be deprived of an innovative prototype component.

In principle, HP recognizes that the release of devices based on conventional memory is not appropriate, but the prototype will serve to draw attention to the development of the company. The very Hewlett-Packard plans to invest in the project about $ 500 million.

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