Java is leading in the ranking of programming languages

| January 8, 2016

Company TIOBE Software published its rating of popularity of programming languages, formed by counting the number of references when searching in Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, Baidu and other Internet services.


According to analysts TIOBE Software, the most popular tool in the professional environment for creating applications is currently a Java – a programming language for the past 12 months added almost 6% in the overall ranking, which took 21.5% of the market and has received the honorary title of “the language of 2015 “. The second most popular development language is C (16%), closes the top three C ++, whose market share is about 7 percent. It appears at the fourth position C # (4,7%).

As for the other presented in the list of languages, the good momentum of growth and a surge of interest from the interested audience in 2015 showed Python, Visual Basic .NET, and Delphi. Rarely mentioned in the Internet have become an object-oriented language Objective-C, PL / SQL and PHP. The full version of the report TIOBE Software can be found here.

It should be noted that 2015 was the second year of growth, not only the popularity of Java, but a year and twenty-year anniversary of this famous worldwide programming language. In honor of the anniversary, Oracle has published an interactive timeline of events in the 20-year history of Java. To view the document, you can link


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