Microsoft released the RTM-version of Windows Updates 10 Anniversary

| July 20, 2016

Currently, participants An Insider Windows programs are starting to get the assembly 14393 Windows 10 platforms for PCs and smartphones. It is reported that it is a final assembly of a large upgrade from Windows 10 Anniversary, which is scheduled for August 2 . However, if you suddenly will identify critical errors, Microsoft is still time to release a new assembly.

Anniversary will be the biggest upgrade Windows 10. The software giant last year released the November update, which brought several new features and a lot of improvements, but where Anniversary promises more changes. Among the notable new features we can mention support for extensions in the Edge, the possibility of handwriting Windows the Ink, authentication Windows the Hello application, improved Start screen, the development of a universal Windows platform, improved store Windows Store applications, the new Skype app, Project Centennial, Bash, improve the voice assistant Cortana and more.

Members of Insiders Windows program may download the specified build of Windows 10 for PCs and mobile devices, and Microsoft provide their feedback. The company will continue to produce monthly cumulative updates for Windows with bug fixes and improvements, but the work on the next major update is already underway. It is expected late this year or early next year.

By the way, in the Microsoft Anniversary changed the minimum size of the screen, which may have a device with x86-version of Windows 10 from the previous 8 inches to 7. In this case, the upper bracket 10 for Windows Mobile, on the contrary, has risen to 9 inches instead of 8. In addition, the range of available mobile OS permissions are now ranging from 800 × 480 to 2560 × 1440 pixels. All this should lead to a greater variety of products.

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