Review HP Envy 15-as006ur: powerful ultrabook with a big screen

| September 27, 2016

If you read our guide to choosing a laptop for students, you know that among the laptops with 15.6-inch screen is very little light and thin models, but the excess of the game. The situation corrects innovation from HP – Model ENVY 15 will compete for a compact Ultrabook, thus has two drives, a heap of memory and graphic Iris Pro.

HP ENVY 15-as006ur
Display 15.6 inches 3840h2160 points, 282-ppi, matt
CPU Intel Core i7-6560U (2/4 kernel / threads, 2.2 / 3.2 GHz, 15 W)
RAM 16 GB (2 x 8 GB, DDR4, 2133 MHz, dual-channel mode)
The video chip processor Intel Iris Graphics 540 (300/1050 MHz)
Discrete graphics card no
SSD 1x 256 GB (PCIe 3.0, Samsung MZVLV256HCHP-000H1)
HDD 1x 1000 GB (7200 rev / min, HGST HTS541010A7E630)
Ports and connectors 1x USB 3.1 Type-C Gen1
3x USB 3.0 Type-A
1x mini-jack
SD card reader
Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac), Bluetooth 4.0 (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265)
Battery 52 Wh
Dimensions (WxDxH) 380x255x17,9 mm
The weight 1.93 kg

To some it may seem strange how this 15.6-inch notebook is almost one and a half thousand dollars is not a discrete graphics card? Why did he need this? But, in fact, it is the perfect solution for those who would like to have ultrabook, but do not buy it just because the 13.3-inch screen is not enough for comfortable work.

This HP ENVY 15-as006ur has a very good iron, which, although more common with ultrabook than a gaming laptop. And there was enough space for two drives that rarely happens in the 13.3-inch notebook thickness of less than 2 cm.

Appearance and ports

As befits an expensive device, HP ENVY 15-as006ur looks very attractive. He is clad in silver aluminum body, giving the exterior of solidity. Pleases modest shell thickness – only 18 mm. Of course, you can find a laptop and a game similar thickness, but non-fiction and compact – a rarity. What a special pattern on the notebook there. Is that the strip above the keyboard behind which are hidden speakers as if made of hundreds of small triangles. In general, if you are familiar with HP notebooks, something radically new for yourself will not find.

The frame around the display is black, but the keyboard is gray in tone. It has a numeric keypad, you can only complain to the small “up” button and the “down”. The backlight is included, however, the brightness level is not adjustable. Those who are accustomed to look at the keyboard while typing, will find a not too well what the characters on the keys are a little contrast with the keys themselves. Under the keyboard is elongated klikpad that works well, and the upper left corner – the power button.

The faces of the laptop quite thin, but it almost did not affect the diversity and number of ports – from the standard, we missed only RJ-45. But there is a USB Type-C, but with the same transmission rate as the conventional USB 3.0 Type-A. The new port is one, but the traditional USB 3.0 – just three pieces. In addition, the fit and the HDMI, mini-jack and card reader. On each face can be found on the indicator: the left LED informs you about accessing the drive on the right – the battery status. The back and front edge of nothing.

Display and Sound

The sound of the laptop – something like the average ultrabook: no bass, but much better than on smartphones and tablets. And thanks to the pre-program sound management it is possible to improve a little. 15.6 matrix has a resolution of 4K (3840h2160), but there are models with more conventional Full HD. And then, of course, you are very good to see both of the screen and decide what is best for you – image or longer runtimes.

The display itself showed a good for everyday use, and the colorimeter tests. He would not hurt more than the brightness of the backlight, so you can work comfortably on the street, but it will be just right for the room. Color accuracy is very good, but the color temperature and gamma can be adjusted better. But, if you are not a professional designer, then you it will not be noticeable. The uniformity of illumination as in all – swim at around 8%.

The display has an ambient light sensor as well as the function of reducing the backlight after a certain time after the user inactivity. And most importantly, in my opinion, that the cover of the display and the frame around it – frosted.

HP ENVY 15- as006 ur
sRGB 95%
Adobe RGB 70%
Gamma 2.4
Colorful temperature 7800 K
Brightness min. / Max. 20/284 cd / m 2
Contrast 913: 1
color deviation DeltaE (less – better) 2.09


HP ENVY 15-as006ur is not only rare plexus dimensions and characteristics that makes it, in my opinion, an excellent worker-marching laptop. The manufacturer also equipped the laptop curious processor, namely the Intel Core i7-6560U, and not “mainstream» i7-6500U. No, both are good in their own way, but look at the results of the CPU tests – 6560U ahead of any visit us i7-6500U, while still remaining in the class of 15.

But this is not its only advantage. As you can see in the table of characteristics in the beginning, at a cost of almost 90 thousand HP ENVY 15-as006ur has no discrete graphics card. However, things are not so simple, because the embedded graphics Intel Iris Graphics 540. And the core, again in his the CPU, pay attention to the test results: If the benchmark 3DMark Skydiver this laptop and plays with model i7-6500U with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940M, the gaming situation is different. The “tank” at the expense of a more powerful CPU HP ENVY 15 is ahead of the opponent as much as 14 FPS (29,75%) in the resolution of 1366×768 pixels and medium quality graphics, but in the Dirt Rally is still lagging behind, however, only 4 FPS. So that Intel might very well when he wants to. But the problem is that as soon as the Intel HD Graphics to overtake and surpass the performance built-in AMD’s graphics core, then calmed down and stopped them to improve at the same rate with which it was immediately after the first hybrid with a powerful APU AMD “incorporation”.

Also in the HP ENVY 15-as006ur used very nimble memory modern standard – DDR4, and at once 16 GB, although sales have options, even with 4 GB, and, of course, with 8 GB.

In contrast to the 13.3-inch ultrabooks, which are often difficult to find something other than SSD drive in the HP ENVY 15-as006ur installed even on a hard drive terabytes. Therefore, the laptop up and running quickly, and is not clogged programs and data in a couple of months, and it is not necessary, as a wing of the «Boeing». However, SSD him though with PCIe interface and sequential read speed he exceeds SATA 3.0 standard is 2.5 times the rate of sequential write almost like a hard drive. In general, save a little. But the hard drive, and reads and writes very quickly, even though the spindle speed in his usual – 5400 rev / min.

The cooling system is working properly, the processor does not overheat, but too cold remains. The only cooler, which cools only the chip load becomes audible, but the noise is low. The case is almost not heated, only the display base, because it sent the vents.

Something still upset – battery life. Although the battery is capacious and modern ultranizkovoltny processor, HP ENVY 15-as006ur stayed in films only 4 hours and 40 minutes. Rather, the model with a Full HD display should work much longer battery life.

Disassemble the laptop is not difficult, but some of the screws is hidden for a long rubber foot. After removing the cover, you can change memory, wireless communication module and drives.


HP ENVY 15- as006 ur ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501 VW
Display 15.6 inches 3840h2160 pixels, 282 ppi, IPS, matt 15.6-inch, 1920×1080, 127 ppi, IPS
CPU Intel Core i7-6560U (2/4 kernel / threads, 2.2 / 3.2 GHz, 15 W) Intel Core i7-6700HQ (4/8 kernel / threads, 2.6 / 3.5 GHz, 45 W)
RAM 16 GB (2 x 8 GB, DDR4, 2133 MHz, dual-channel mode) 12 GB (DDR4, 2133 MHz)
The video chip processor Intel Iris Graphics 540 (300/1050 MHz) Intel HD Graphics 530 (350/1067 MHz)
Discrete graphics card No NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M (2 GB GDDR5)
SSD 1x 256 GB (PCIe 3.0, Samsung MZVLV256HCHP-000H1) 128 GB
HDD 1x 1000 GB (7200 rev / min, HGST HTS541010A7E630) 1x 1000 GB
Ports and connectors 1x USB 3.1 Type-C Gen1,

3x USB 3.0 Type-A,

1x HDMI,

1x mini-jack,

SD card reader

1x Thunderbolt 3,

3x USB 3.0,

1x HDMI,

1x mini-jack,

SD card reader

Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0 (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265) Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n + Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 52 Wh N / A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 380x255x17,9 mm 383x255x21,3 mm
The weight 1.93 kg 2.06 kg

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