12 useful extensions for Google Chrome

| October 27, 2016

In addition to its direct function access to the Internet, the browser Google Chrome has in the arsenal of online store additional services and extensions that are designed to help people to cope with important tasks and not so. We chose a 12-ons to the browser and are confident that they will help you in a serious case of sitting at the computer. These extensions are radically different features and functionality, but they will let your life a little bit, but it’s easier.

Highly Highlighter

Incredible flow of information that we get from the web, can devour us if we do not learn from it to allocate a major, necessary and useful information. Expansion of Highly allows you to mark important pieces of text, save it, combine under one theme, to share abstracts with other users by sending files or publications on social networks. With Highly you will easily debug information for further, detailed and thoughtful analysis, and always have on hand what you need, rather than a mountain of useless extra content.


Surely you know the program Speedtest and may even be using it on their devices. But the creators of the Internet speed meter went ahead and did the browser extension. Now measure the speed of the web has become much easier – click on the button on the Google Chrome extension panel, where the pop up window, you need to click on the familiar key “Forward!”. And the program is not only measures the speed of the Internet, but also shows data on the site you want. The resulting information can even boast of the social networks.


Google Chrome has a number of advantages and disadvantages of the mountain. One of them is in our view a page downloads browser. Downloadable files appear in the lower panel, and if you click on them, then we somehow throws on a separate page with the downloaded data. Application Downloads adds the Chrome download panel similar to the one that exists in Mozilla Firefox. Now the list of files can be seen in a small convenient box directly on the open page, we need only to click on the arrow on the Extensions panel.

LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass – a handy password manager, advanced geeks who are both on the computer as well as on smart phones and tablets. The essence of service is that after creating your account, where you specify all the services you use, whether it is e-mail, a file manager or something else, the program saves the numeric passwords to all your accounts. And when you have somewhere to come in do not need to remember the half-forgotten your password, because it automatically fills in the correct. Result – SuperPassword only one login to access all accounts.


Sometimes, when you travel to the country, work or a meeting with friends, we find an interesting material, or a file that we then come in handy. Or maybe we have learned an important address, a contact, a note, or set up utility to dictate the outcome of the meeting on tape. Service Pushbullet allows instant transfer the necessary information from your computer to your smartphone or tablet and vice versa. You put the application on the device, continue installing this extension, and any data appear on all your gadgets in a matter of seconds. One has only to press the green button.

Save to Pocket

A day on the internet, we read well, or let’s face it, just to be open, dozens if not hundreds of news, articles, stories and lots of other content of interest to us. Among the total flow of trash, sometimes is useful article, blog, video or any other information that we would like to read or peruse later, because now there is no time / not the right time / boss walked only five minutes / baby will soon wake up / need time to finish the project, and so on and so forth. For such cases, there is an application the Pocket . By setting the expansion and registering on the official website, you can send a single button you are interested in materials in your personal database, broken only by you clear categories, tags, labels, and labels. A app on Android and iOS will make any useful device.


For Google Chrome browser created thousands of extensions and add-ons. When the user wanders through the Chrome Web Store applications, he finds a lot of useful programs. Most of them he includes a few times and forgets and only some uses constantly. A set but forgotten programs take up space and consuming resources. It is for the control and prevention of such extensions created SimpleExtManager. The program will disable, remove, and interact with whether or not to at this point additions, thereby offloading the work of browser and system as a whole.


No matter how convenient built-in browser interpreter, the expansion will allow the transfer of interest XTranslate text or part of a lot faster. What do you do in such situations? Click the right mouse button and choose the option “Translate to …”. After a few seconds, the hard work of the browser issues a translation of the page. With the expansion of XTranslate highlight enough the desired part of the text with the mouse and get immediate translation. In the settings you can choose one of the displayed translation sources: Google, Yandex and Bing.


Once again, we go back to the large flow of information that modern man passes through a day. We often come across interesting material that we would like to read, but too lazy, or too little time, and we are not afraid to have time to read to the end, and therefore it makes no sense to even begin. An extension Readism considers the average time you will spend to read this or that material and displays this information in a small window. Now you’ll always know how long it will take to familiarize with any volume of data. In the settings you can set your reading speed to more accurately calculate and select a convenient place for you to access the information window.


If you are using the service YouTube for study, work, training, or just for fun, the expansion Sideplayer enables you to watch even if you navigate to another site. At the newly opened page, the movie appear in a small window, but its size and specific provision is adjusted by the user. Feel free to turn liked the video and keep calm “surf” the Internet, and it will follow you wherever you went.

YouTube Picture in Picture

Another extension is associated with YouTube. Appendix Picture in Picture gives the desktop version of the popular video service useful and convenient feature of mobile applications – any included video user plays in a small window in the bottom right corner of the screen. Now you can search for on YouTube Funny popular video, or read them under comments, subscribe to your favorite channels, and in the bottom right corner without interruption will always play the latest videos you included.


Most computer owners are sitting behind them on the night flight. Eyes are tired of the screen for 15 minutes, and at night they are also very sensitive to light. Therefore, when the surroundings are dark, the bright light from the monitor is not just straining the eyes, but also makes us a little blind. Yes, part of the display has a function in the settings of the night reading and various image filters, but it loses a standard and simple night mode, that is in smartphones, tablets and even present in popular applications . It makes the screen black and makes it comfortable to read from the display – it is just what you need to install the extension and Mata at the right moment to press the button in the form of the eye. Use of health.

Perhaps you do not agree with our list of useful extensions. Then keep in mind that we are waiting for a list of your add-ons. And even if it will not necessarily expand on Google Chrome. If you use other browsers, and you know them standing improvements, feel free to write them in the comments. We hope this is not the last material on the subject and maybe that your recommendations, we use the following article.

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