12 useful things that can be printed on a 3D printer

| October 29, 2016

If our mothers, grandmothers dabbled with knitting, and the fathers were working in the garage, 21st century can only do one of 3D-printers. The problem is that those who eat access to the printer, do not know what to do with it. Those who do not – certainly not know.

Holder for cable

Today’s computers, like a Christmas tree, hung along and across a variety of cords. As with the problem described above, the cable getting tangled in the computer-related area of positive emotions do not cause. Thanks to the 3D printer, and this problem of life will come to naught. Practical and easy-holders will be different controls movement harness by the host table and will bring you to the Zen.

Lock on the outlet of the children

All childhood we were warned that the fingers (and not only) in the socket can not poke. And from what we were forbidden, it became even more interesting. Now the attention of the guys on this you can not even sharpen – and children will be intact, and you calmer. No, it’s over, it is naive to believe that your child will not find yourself other adventures – but a headache is less.

Headphone Holder

There is no sadder story in the world than headphones, entangled in a bunch of keys at a time when you are late for work. It is time to complete the epic wrongfully spent time and nerves! Having a handy 3D-printer (and mastering the beast), you can make a headphone holder, which will significantly simplify the life, and you will catch yourself envious glances of people who have not guided your recipe. Therefore, it does not particularly shine them on humans. And it is better to leave the house, for your own safety, of course.

Bookmark for books with a face owl

If you’re invited to a birthday to your best friend, companion (which you are, to put it mildly, did not like), surprised everyone by saying that a gift for the birthday girl will be made with your own hands. Then print the 3D-printer bookmark, give it to the coloristic niece with markers. And yet he can play video games, pretending to be doing gift. When it comes time celebrations, take the gift that has acquired its final form and ready for delivery. Be sure to shove it about how a gift associated with the birthday girl (owl – a symbol of wisdom, and the original color says about its authenticity) … although, this owl and very useful. And on the day of birth, in the end, you can not go, citing poor health.

Flower pot with automatic irrigation

Damn you pulled agree with my wife and bring the past holiday bush exotic grass on someone’s annoying oversight referred to flower. And all would do if it was engaged in a spouse. But the time has come “X”, when his wife said that the week goes to my mother, but for pet care in the pot rests solely with you. And remembering the dried cactus (the latter plant, which you have lived), it became clear that for the return of beloved to be a very unpleasant conversation. But thank you, 21y century, for flower pot with automatic irrigation. And these 7 days you can spend away from colors, friends, football and fishing.


Pretty simple design, which is screwed to the wall box with no top on it while wearing plastic cover, will be useful and indispensable thing in the house where there are small children and wife …. It can overwinter as a money prize and a cigarette that you can smoke in solitude until all relatives believe that on the bar you go every day just to deal with. And indeed, the shelf in the house – a good thing.

Hooks for bags

Soon comes the season of conservation, and who does not like you have an infinite number of times to travel to the store for the raw material. Those who have repeatedly pulled the ill-fated pack to the red stripes on the fingers, will appreciate how to facilitate this journey. With a handheld device, you can say goodbye to of packages by hand. However, that “all is not enough hands” is now also no longer be released. In any case, the hooks for carrying packages – a very handy accessory.

Toothpaste Squeeze

Tired of that huge corporations fleeced you, forcing to buy at exorbitant prices and not be able to use bought to the bitter end? Then paste a stick in the wheel of the machine monopoly, typing manual Squeezers liquids! With such a simple handheld device you will be able to squeeze out the liquid from any tube spite corporations! And let Squeezers deliberately not selling from the shelves, we will print them yourself! Give us a revolution!

Wash basin attachment for children

Perfect solution for already quite independent, but still not enough long-armed. With such a packed your offspring will feel much more self-sufficient, because such an important process as washing hands without assistance, would be simple and understandable for him. You will be left to keep the mop ready in time to erase the traces of the first manifestations of hygiene.

Device for parties – simultaneous filling of multiple containers

If we are talking about a house party rather than drinking a bottle of whiskey for three – very out of place will be a desktop accessory that resembles a central irrigation system directly on your desktop. He thought to himself, it’s that everything seems to be tedious and boring, instantly turn into an attraction, which wants to ride every visitor. The only thing you need to teach guests – put the glasses in the installed location. But if all this is combined with a system of automatic watering pot … Ah, dreams.

Shower head in the form of Tirex

Of course, this kind of products are purely decorative mission, but, hell, it’s just great! With a little effort and time and opa – you pours warm water head a favorite cartoon character.

Handle for hot dishes

Such pens quickly occupy the status of the required in your kitchen. With their help, you can forget about burns and all the inconveniences associated with the use of a variety of sticking and towels.


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