7 iPhone games you can play with one hand

| October 25, 2016

Mobile games have long been not encouraging. It is extremely rare in the App Store there are masterpieces in which you want to play for hours. Most often, the assembly line go next machine for pumping money.

iOS can not be taken as a serious gaming platform, but while away a few minutes you can easily. 7 offer the best games that can be played with one hand.

Temple Run 2

The second part of the legendary runner, who broke many records App Store. We again expect an escape from an endless temple.

The game has become more complex and diverse. Many new traps, and the distance between the barriers fell. Now the decision has only a couple of seconds.

Of course, there were achievements, different characters and a few themes of the temple. Each race in Temple Run 2 are still unpredictable and keeps in suspense.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

One more runner this time from SEGA. The Japanese continue to squeeze money out of the immortal Sonic, regularly adding new adventures portfolio of blue hedgehog.

On the one hand all the obstacles and power-ups have long been familiar, but on the other – nostalgia does not allow to pass by this application.

Disney Crossy Road

Pixel game Crossy Road about how the little animals crossing the road in the wrong place, gathered a large army of fans. At Disney decided to play in the wake of the popularity of the application and adaptation of the release of the game with famous characters of his cartoons.

It was very original, because when you change the character and level design varies. The Lion King will be making their way through the wilderness with bison, Buzz Lightyear – across the room with the toys, etc.

The Asphalt: Chase

“Younger brother” of the legendary Asphalt 8 is in the form of road runner.

On the positive side of the application include several game modes, stylish atmosphere 80s and almost disturbing Donat game. Lots of different missions and recognizable soundtrack will allow the game to stay longer on the device.

Sky Force Reloaded

Excellent re-release of the same name masterpiece, 2014. Scrolling shooter was updated graphics, more enemies and upgrades.

The application affects the number of events taking place simultaneously on the screen. Several enemies will try to hit our ship to land, water and air. Hundreds of flying bullets and shells bag, obstacles, rescue hungry pilots, crates of weapons and a whole bunch of bonuses falling from defeated enemies.

Pico Rally

In Pico Rally just in time to press and release the accelerate button. The driver, a ride on the ideal trajectory without collisions, will be the winner.

A lot of different tracks, and several cars with different characteristics make the passage more diverse.

Smash Bandits Racing

Explosive race with an unusual, but convenient operation. Beautiful detailed graphics and vivid effects in the spirit of the best mobile masterpieces.

Open game world allows you to ride aimlessly. The main thing – to get rid of intrusive police and find the hidden bonuses.

These seven applications are ideal to pass the time in the queue, distracted for a few minutes to work or to brighten up the journey on public transport.


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