7 reasons to once again go through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

| October 28, 2016

Today, 28 October, Bethesda has company produces reissue The Elder Scrolls V legendary game: Skyrim with the prefix Special Edition. Play in an improved version of the “Elder Scrolls” will not only PC owners (who get a Special Edition for free Steam , if they already also have the regular version), but the owners of the new generation of consoles PlayStation 4 and XBox One (this will have to buy a CD). In addition, they will support mods. Even today, in front of us it appears the same world that captured gamers back in 2011 and does not let go until now. Only now it has become more beautiful, realistic, fashionable got shaders, shadows and refined engine. “Scrolls” thoroughly for the long-awaited meeting with the fans, and we found seven reasons for which the pass is The Elder Scrolls V:┬áSkyrim again.


Nowhere are so many gamers do not read books like while playing Skyrim – as you progress through the players are hundreds, maybe thousands of folios with stories, legends, ballads and sagas of the harsh fantasy world. Someone like I was collecting its own virtual library in a cozy house, someone immersed in the stories invented by the developers during the mission or in the moments search of adventure. Like it or not, and none of the books of tales does not leave indifferent, and some are even addicted to reading out of the game. And all because Bethesda has thought the world of the fifth part of the “Elder Scrolls” to the smallest detail, and breathed into it the souls of his brilliant developers.


Who passed before the end of the story lines of “Skyrim” add-ons? Probably part of the fans have not done so until now, preferring missions hundreds of side quests, crazy, sometimes funny and often silly tasks. Why do we have to save the world from a dragon reborn, if each counter NPC item found or heard the conversation lead to a new, 69 in a row, the task in the list. Here the landlord requests to carry a letter to a friend on the other end of the card. Most likely it will be a trap and there already waiting for a band of orcs robbers, who are not averse to delve into the packed to capacity player bag. Or accidentally found stone, lead us into the lair of a secret sect that worships ancient forgotten deity. Local shamans will want to make a gamer and a satellite next victim religion. Therefore, the task is not only to make the game deeper and cognitive – five years ago, they turned the presentation of the players on a truly breathtaking stories. Partly because of these people sat at screens before dawn and were given to the digital world without a trace.

Open world

Today, there are games, a world which at times exceeds the territory of Skyrim. The same recent Just Cause 3 will handicap “Skyrim”, but neither she nor the other one the world is not yet look so vivid, realistic, atmospheric, buggy, but memorable. Even fans compared the open worlds of other games with the lands of the northern province of “Elder Scrolls”. Each of its city, every village, hamlet or secret house in the woods, hiding behind a fascinating history, a secret task, danger, bait or a meeting with the dragon. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim blurs the boundaries between the virtual and real life. Therefore, the world of Tamriel – the best open world.

Improved graphics

Reissue has acquired a new, brighter and more saturated colors. In addition, the game lost its usual, but faded, gray, white and brown colors. Plus, the developers added a high-resolution shade and console received God Rays – beautiful effect scattering of sunlight. Textures were really old. Not exactly in the square, one for 2011, and an improved version, which was released under the name Skyrim High Resolution Pack. The changes affected the water shaders and draw distance, but their appearance even in the new version is far from ideal. But Bethesda spread a lot of vegetation (peace overwhelms more grass, trees, flowers, and others) and improved display of snow, especially when he falls or is in the mountains. Improved and engine Creation Engine – from a 32-bit version of DirectX 9, it has become a miracle optimized to 64 bits, support DirectX 11 and removed from the memory limit of 4 GB. Rejoice the soul and wallet gamers – upgrade hardware is not required, of The The Elder Scrolls the V: Skyrim Special Edition is pull even a budget computer.

The combat system

In the fifth game of the lost classes and professions – now the player was anything fought anything and combined in his sick mind, any variations on this theme. I want to become a warrior-mage? You are welcome. Pumped-handed weapon, attack magic, grab a sword in one hand, and let the other spells or-treat yourself during the battle. Tired? No problem. Take a two-handed sword or a weapon in each hand and become a mighty warrior. And if you imagine yourself SUPERMAG of the books? Then Razi enemy ice and fire at the same time, temporarily switch on the Hill and drinking potions to mana. The main thing correctly to pick up clothes, jewelry and enchanted properly combat kit. And let blows receives satellite – he must bring added value, in addition to pulling the dragon bones and trash. After Oblivion and the previous parts, not all fans of the series like the new classless system. Nevertheless, in our opinion, it adds even more freedom and fantasy in a magnificent fantasy world of Tamriel.


With the Special Edition gamers will no longer be a need for mods that improve graphics. It remains only frostbitten fans from racing cars under the table, who dream to make the picture of the game similar to reality. Nevertheless, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as for other Bethesda games, created hundreds of mods that will not only change the look of the game and add new quests, monsters, naked women, weapons, armor, NPCs, and even continents. And if PC users are already more or less played enough in the fashion and creating additional content on hundreds of hours of adventures, it will be a new experience for owners of consoles. Therefore, we believe that returning players are waiting Soul Plane, the sick and unusual modifications that frantically begin to do console gamers. And behind them catch up, and the old people who come to the smell of the updated “Skyrim” and show how to create the profane worlds.


On the web walks story told by one of the players in the TES 5. he wandered in the forest where to look whether the entrance to the cave, or collecting ingredients for alchemy, and maybe looking for adventure. It does not matter, it’s just different – suddenly flies out of the bushes a bandit, and then another, and another after him, followed by another and another. The guy was not a miss, and the character developed and dressed appropriately. He decided gamer to take the fight, drew his sword and prepared to repel the attacks of opponents. But they ran past, and did not pay attention to the surprised gamer. And when after the last robber from behind the bushes there was a huge mammoth, then another, followed by a pair of giants, the player knew where, or rather what, fled virtual enemies. Naturally he ran along with them, because who has played knows that even the development of the player with the legendary weapon, confront hefty hairy beasts and constantly swat you giants, very difficult. This often leads to death of the player or infamous escape, as in this case. In general, this player was running away from the shaggy beasts and giants in a few minutes. In the end, he and his new friends in misfortune, managed to escape. But when the NPC bandits realized that the danger had passed, they gathered together and following the program set for them, attacked the main character of the story. This and even thousands of similar cases, more than anything else, shows the incredible atmosphere in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So the game and not lose fans and adds a number of more and more every year.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – the legendary role-playing game in which the player becomes and anyone doing anything. This she captured gamers for a living, forcing to visit loved the world again and again, even years after release. And despite the abundance of mods, TES 5 for a long time can not be called the modern game. But it will handicap the other is what we wrote above. And just released an external improvement and resuscitation, is conceived Bethesda to the five-year anniversary (the game was released on November 11), without a doubt return to Skyrim former glory and re-open stern of the famous world province of Tamriel way into the hearts of gamers around the world. Especially now. when the owners of the PC-console gamers will join the brothers.

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