7 rules of working with LinkedIn

| October 24, 2016

This article will be very brief and a very sore. It’s no secret that Linkedin is a key resource for finding new clients. And in conjunction with Founderdating helps to attract a large number of leads in a relatively short period of time. At the same time, this platform has become a place outright failure for many companies from the CIS. In an attempt to sell any product, service, or to promote the development of services, many managers their efforts with the same approach as in UpWork or Freelancer.

Offer your vision to solve this problem. If you want to expand the list, you can write your suggestions below in the comments or send me a private message. Your information will be posted at the end of the list, with reference to the author.

7 rules of working with Linkedin

1) Proofreading messages –

All the messages that we publish – pre-check, preferably several people. . A common situation is when the offer of services or services allowed typographical errors


  • Slang is not valid. Nobody, for example, in Sweden, will not try to understand your joke or idiom of “switchgear segment.” 100% guaranteed damage.
  • Pay attention to the person’s name. Send a message to Mike, entitling «Hi, Jane» – is in most cases would mean the end of dialogue. The same applies to the confusion with the names of the client’s projects.

2) Compliance with rules –

Select specific people from the sphere of your interests. No need to be added to all in a row and send template letter in the hope that 1-2 people out of 100, did you answer. It certainly will with a high probability, and its 1-2% you get, but their 3-5 orders of 100, about what you’re spamming – will too. And there – goodbye account for a week / month.

3) Write exactly what you want –

Here and so everything is clear.

4) Perfect circuit start chatting –

  • Writing a letter of invitation. Let it short, but you know what you want from a man? Well, justify it in one sentence. If you can not – and nothing to write “love brains” other. And yes, 80% of people do not read. But the remaining 20% not only read, but also responsible. And though they are not interested, but they may have to remember and recommend to anyone.
  • Answer the questions. If you were not able to substantiate the invitation or simply was too lazy to write a custom invitation, and the potential lead began to ask what you need from him – respond laconically.
  • Do not copy-paste paragraphs 4-5 of the text in the hope that they will read. You ban easier.

5) plan to work seriously with Linkedin?

Buy Sales Navigator. A total of 50 euros (or 2.28 euros per day) and a lot of hours to save the life of you goes into the bargain. And as a bonus – a great filtering by country, positions, positions, etc. In fact, we remove the problem from the point # 2 completely.

Alternatively, if the money was only enough for alloy wheels for the Audi head, and on the promotion – not at all, have fun with Google operators .

6) keep records of sent messages

Database of contacts data should be total. Clients frankly infuriates when 3-5 managers of the company for a couple of months they send the application with the same patterns.

7) Do not write insolently

You need to conduct research? You want to get a review, recommendation, be sure to ask the user. “Classics genre”: sent some form of research a group of clients with a request to do something, when you nobody will ask. And then after 3-4 letters within a month with the question “Why did not fill?” To certainly cause aversion in humans.

If you are going to get things done (Ex: arrange for a guest post) be sure to line up, at least for myself, the sequence of letters and 3-4 version of the question in everyone.

I hope that this list will help you get things done. Save your strength and nerves of others.

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