The release of Windows Server 2016

| October 14, 2016

Microsoft has officially unveiled a new version of the corporate audience Windows Server operating system. The novelty has received a lot of functional and technological improvements, and as developers assure, was a significant step in the evolution of server platform software giant.

Microsoft announced the availability of the operating system Windows Server 2016. The company analyzed the market trends and reasonable approach to the creation of a server platform, the key features of which were developed virtualization, performance, flexibility, deployment of cloud services and modern style of work with data and business applications. We do not go unnoticed developers and significant aspects such as scalability, automation of business processes and information security.

If we consider the functionality of Windows Server 2016 in detail, first of all it is worth noting a new version of OS installation, called Nano Server and allows you to install the system with a minimal set of components. This installation mode can be used in Microsoft Cloud Platform infrastructure to support cloud services and service applications running in a virtual environment, containers or on physical servers. The solution can also be used for deploying compute clusters running Hyper-V and building scalable file storage Scale-Out File Server. Thanks to its compactness and the efficient use of computing resources, Nano Server provides the higher density of OS instances on a single physical host and as a result, reduces the overhead on the IT-infrastructure of the organization.

A second important difference between Windows Server 2016 from previous versions of Microsoft server systems – containerization technology support Windows Server Containers is and Hyper-V Containers, enabling applications to run in isolated environments on different platforms, and quickly deploy, update and move them between servers. containers can be operated as a means of PowerShell and WMI, and using tools Docker. The latter do not only provide a single management environment, but also allow you to control applications no matter where they are located – on the Windows Server or Linux family.

Further development on Windows Server 2016 have received security mechanisms. In particular, there were tools prompt detection of threats and suspicious activity, encryption, virtual machines using the BitLocker, protection accounts Credential Guard administrators and security management system for container applications on Hyper-V. With an eye to hosting companies and organizations with large IT-park in Windows Server 2016 is implemented tools Guarded Fabric, through which you can configure the network infrastructure and divide it into segments so that it was impossible to intercept the data, interfere with one virtual machine to another and perform other operations contrary to security policies.

Numerous refinements in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V was subjected to the hypervisor. It adds support for nested virtualization (Nested virtualization), made possible “on the fly” to configure the network interfaces, and memory to running virtual machines, as well as bandwidth management Virtual Disk Storage Quality of Service (QoS). Do not remain without attention of developers server platform data management across geographically distributed clusters, the ability to upgrade the operating system of the cluster hosts without stopping, which allows to operate even a large number of cmdlets (cmdlets) PowerShell 5.0 tools, and other popular corporate IT-environment features a full list of which can be found in our review of the Windows Server 2016 key innovations .

For more information about Windows Server 2016 editions available platforms and the features of its license is available at . Download the 180-day trial version is available via the link system . Study the assembly OS is a fully functional product and may be converted to a full commercial version if necessary.

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