Review Ultrabook Acer Aspire S 13

| October 26, 2016

Introduced this spring Ultrabook Acer Aspire S 13 already on store shelves. According to its characteristics it is aiming for the broad masses of the pet place not expensive but not cheap intentionally, with capacious SSD, attractive design and a long operating time without recharging. What niche it will take, whether to press competitors and whether the money worth it – read our review.

Specifications of Ultrabook Acer Aspire S 13

Acer Aspire S 13
Display 13.3-inch,
1920×1080 pixels, 166-ppi,
CPU Intel Core i5-6200U
(2/4 core / thread, 2.3 / 2.8 GHz, 15 W)
(DDR3, 1600 MHz, dual-channel mode)
The video chip processor Intel HD Graphics 520 (300/1000 MHz)
Discrete graphics card No
SSD 256 GB
(SATA 3.0, LITE-ON CV1-8B256)
Ports and connectors 2x USB 3.0,

1x USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen?),

1x HDMI,

1x mini-jack,

SD card reader

Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac, Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174), Bluetooth
Battery 54 Wh
Dimensions (WxDxH) 327x288x14,58 mm
The weight 1.3 kg

Appearance and ports

In many ways, the design of the new Acer Aspire S 13 is derived from the model Aspire V Nitro, which went on sale in 2014. In terms of appearance, it was a real fresh stream among Taiwanese devices. But the new Aspire S 13 looks interesting. He received only minor changes in the form, which still remains easily recognizable from the competition. The novelty is now except for black-and-gray color scheme is on sale in the combination of white and gold colors.

Like gaming Acer V Nitro, the cover of the new laptop is not just a pattern, it really corrugated and crowned with golden Acer logo. Immediately catches the eye and golden back face. But the cover, and that the back face of plastic. Special padding to lift the cap No way, with one hand, he does not appear, although the latter does not really matter.

Outdoor Aspire S 13 also makes a good impression. Inside ultrabook also completely white – and keyboard and topkeys and frame display. The latter, incidentally, is very broad. Perhaps because it seems because of the white color. Topkeys metal, speakers or specific buttons on it do not. The keypad resembles the one that stands at the gaming Acer V Nitro, and for ultrabook has a conventional, not particularly deep stroke keys. Use it comfortably, but in the dark conspicuous unpleasant detail: the key backlighting is very uneven. Some characters appear brighter, some very dull. In general, something out of “and so come down” category.

At Aspire S 13 is both modern and thin, and large high-grade ports, so it is difficult to imagine a situation in which the owner of this laptop would be left without the possibility of connecting peripherals to the fault wayward design engineers. However, there is a minus – the majority of ports is on the right laptop face. This HDMI, USB 3.0 Type-A and USB 3.1 Type-C, but with a capacity of only up to 5 Gbit / s.

On the left side there is another USB 3.0, as well as a mini-jack for a headset and SD card reader. A little of everything and without having to buy additional adapters, perhaps only to connect to wired internet need one.

Display and Sound

The novelty comes only with Full HD display, so that those who pursue a density of pixels per inch, will be disappointed, as normal people will like the screen. I did not mind even 4K display 13.3-inch laptops, but if the difference is subtle, but the battery in laptops with less crisp matrices sit not so fast, why pay more? But it is, by and large, a matter of taste.

According to the results of testing the display, as well as any Ultrabook display does not look perfect, but I try. Users will appreciate the high brightness and contrast, but still would like to see more decent range and a little less high color temperature. Praise Acer Aspire S 13 can be for wide viewing angles, and a little to scold for uneven backlighting.

Speakers ultrabook located on the bottom of the unit, one on the right and on the left side. Nothing really surprising, they can not show, but, nevertheless, the system sounds good for its class. Try to squeeze out of it all, you can use a special Dolby Audio application, which is pre-installed on the laptop.

Acer Aspire S 13
sRGB 95%
Adobe RGB 71%
Gamma 2.4
Colorful temperature 7100 K
Brightness min. / Max. 24/323 cd / m 2
Contrast 1188: 1
color deviation DeltaE (less – better) 1.9

Performance and battery life

Despite the emergence of the 7th generation Intel Core processors, laptops with onymi on board is on sale only two or three models. The rest, including the Acer Aspire S 13, that is supplied with the sixth generation of “crusts”. And if this is confusing to note that the type of memory, and drive type is also not of the best, most advanced. But, in my opinion, in most cases the differences will not be evident.

Acer Aspire S 13 is equipped with a CPU Intel Core i5-6200U – the most common model in 2016. The Ultrabooks are and more powerful, but only by a little, otherwise it would have been impossible to take all the heat generated by the processor. We have already come across several notebooks with this chip, so we combined them into one result is averaged, and gives i5-6200U processor benchmarks in no worse and no better than the average of the results, and thus the cooling system is also still no worse than the rest. Also on offer can be found Acer Aspire S 13 with a weaker processor (i3-6100U) and more powerful (i7-6500U), but the differences between them are rather relative. In other words, if you did not have enough performance i3-6100U, i7-6500U it will not be your savior.

All modifications of the new items is set to 8 GB of RAM, which ensures trouble-free operation in 2016. But, as I mentioned, LPDDR3 modules are used, although it was in many laptops installed DDR4. But a noticeable impact on performance will not cause it.

With built-in Intel HD Graphics 520 video we also encountered many times. Aser Aspire s 13 allows you to play games at modest undemanding graphics settings, nothing more. World of Tanks in the resolution of 1366×768 pixels shows the average as much as 34 frames per second, so to pass the time for a simple little game you can, but to enjoy the game like Battlefield 1 can only be expensive and not very mobile gaming laptops.

Solid State Drive 256 GB in a fairly inexpensive ultrabooks – it is great news for those who have dreamed of a truly compact and responsive notebook, but was scared by high prices, which manufacturers for alleged SSD volume. And, in my opinion, do not worry, that he – not the fastest drive ever. Before that you have had experience with a PC or laptop is only from the HDD, the speed of the Acer Aspire S 13 you will be pleasantly surprised in spite of the fact that it runs on the SSD within the SATA 3.0 interface features.

In the stress test, the main ultrabook this review has shown himself worthy. CPU temperature, despite the 100% load is not reached even up to 70 degrees, and the body is only slightly heated up. Since the processor 15-watt, he could not do without active cooling. So quite quiet this laptop can not be called. The good news is that at least it does not make noise during idle or low load, which sometimes happens with a very thin laptops.

One of the notable advantages of Acer Aspire S 13 – a long battery life. However, some special energy-saving magic in this, just that ultrabook enough capacious battery. Due to this, he was the third time battery life in our little summary chart. Namely, in the film Aspire S 13 outlasted all all – without six minutes to nine hours.


Acer Aspire S 13 ASUS Zenbook UX330  HP Envy 13- d100
Display 13.3-inch, 1920×1080 pixels, 166-ppi, Honed 13.3-inch, 1920×1080 pixels, 166 ppi 13.3-inch, 1920×1080 pixels, 166-ppi, matt
CPU Intel Core i5-6200U (2/4 core / thread, 2.3 / 2.8 GHz, 15 W) Intel Core i7-6500U (2/4 core / thread, 2.5 / 3.1 GHz, 15 W) Intel Core i5-6200U (2/4 core / thread, 2.3 / 2.8 GHz, 15 W)
RAM 8 GB (DDR3, 1600 MHz, dual-channel mode) 8GB 8GB
The video chip processor Intel HD Graphics 520 (300/1000 MHz) Intel HD Graphics 520 (300/1050 MHz) Intel HD Graphics 520 (300/1000 MHz)
Discrete graphics card No No No
SSD 256 GB (SATA 3.0, LITE-ON CV1-8B256) 512 GB 128 GB
HDD No No No
Ports and connectors 2x USB 3.0 Type-A,

1x USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen?),

1x HDMI,

1x mini-jack,

SD card reader

2x USB 3.0 Type-A,

1x USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen 1),

1x Micro HDMI,

1x mini-jack,

SD card reader

3x USB 3.0,

1x HDMI,

1x mini-jack

SD card reader

Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac, Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174), Bluetooth Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1 Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 54 Wh 57 Wh 45 Wh
Dimensions (WxDxH) 327x288x14,58 mm 323x222x13,65 mm 327x226x12,9 mm
The weight 1.3 kg 1.2 kg 1.36 kg

ASUS ZenBook UX330UA

A good fall-back option for the hero of this review looks like a new model ASUS – ZenBook UX330UA. However, the novelty is not a new processor – Intel Core i5-6200U. But it is still suitable for many everyday tasks, including photo processing, and even games in some if patiently endure low detail and low frame rate. It is made of plastic and is very easy, just 1.2 kilograms. Surprisingly, over 75 thousand rubles, this model comes with a 512 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM.

13-inch screen has the usual resolution – 1920×1080 pixels, but for a higher price, you can find a modification and 3200h1800 points. At ASUS ZenBook UX330UA many ports: two “ordinary» USB 3.0 and one with a thin connector, also known as USB 3.1, but with the same bandwidth. Plus, full HDMI and mini-jack for a headset.

HP Envy 13-d100ur

But HP Envy 13-d100ur, though too close to the characteristics of Acer Aspire S 13, is not only expensive, but also a little easier. Overall, this looks like ultrabook that weighs the same or even a little thinner, but for 75 thousand he offered with a solid state drive only 128GB. Therefore, even if you’re a fan of cloud services, you will still feel cramped and angry glances at the owners ASUS ZenBook UX330UA with SSD 512 GB.

HP Envy 13-d100ur also has three ports USB, all third revision, and any socket with 3.1. Moreover, the laptop is equipped with WLAN-adapter and to have a little wrinkled version of Wi-Fi – 802.11b / g / n.


Acer Aspire S 13, it is somehow even Acer Aspire S5-371, a very successful model. Acer tried it attractive and eye-catching design, reasonable price and attractive specifications. The company did not chase the latest technology, so we can see inside the penultimate standard memory and is not the fastest SSD. However, taking into account the good of the processor, it works with a bang and does not give you a reason to think that buying Acer Aspire S 13, you go on the compromise. The only thing that really made it without a soul, so it is a terrible keyboard backlight. It is, of course, is better than none at all, but very much spoils the impression of the brand. The rest is done well. The case looks stylish, pleasing display good color, the system runs fast enough, the processor does not overheat, connectors – for every taste.


  • interesting design
  • For a long time without recharging
  • Almost does not collect fingerprints


  • Uneven backlighting

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