Six Best Tablets with a Stylus

| October 22, 2016

It would seem that the time Touch Pens are definitely over – is now to interact with the interface is more than enough touchscreen and keyboard. However, the emerging tablet market now with this accessory – not a device, a miracle came to us with the help of a time machine, and electronic pen is not an essential tool without which the common user, and life is not sweet. We made a selection of recently entered the market of tablets with a stylus and understood, what now needs this accessory.

At that time, the producers are trying to release the most compact and takes up little space device, stylus pens, conversely, become larger to make it easier to hold in your hand. Now it is a full-fledged pen to simplify interaction with the interface and drawing rather than a small stick with a pointed tip for more precise hit on the screen, which we met a few years ago. Stylus help you quickly take screenshots, sending fragments of screenshots in your application, add handwritten notes and changes in the documents and act as an eraser tool or the shortcut context menu.

Of course, drawing with the electronic pen has not been canceled – a modern accessory allows you to quickly make sketches and drawings, insert charts and graphics, draw on the screenshots. In general, the pen is not just a tool for operational management, but also turns the tablet into a handy note pad or work. Although some models, the stylus is still used for extra precision when handling the interface.

Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 Premium

The Chinese made the tablet in a slim metal body and is equipped with two pairs of speakers, a fingerprint scanner, camera 13 MP and 5 MP and a stylus. Externally, the device looks very nice and comes in two colors – gold and silver. In technical terms, the tablet also acts as a worthy competitor to many “brothers”: a powerful 8-core Kirin 930, RAM 3GB and interior – 64 GB, the LTE support and a battery that withstands up to 10 hours of video playback.

M-Pen stylus has supplied the premium version of the tablet, it will not have to buy separately. Pen recognizes the pressing 2048 levels, but the angle is not read. Visually and touch the device resembles a pencil than a stylus. In the tablet has handwriting recognition function and is already pre-installed application Bamboo paper, supports the work with a stylus. Alas, on the device does not provide any fastening systems, so you have to keep track of the pen, so it will not rolled away and lost.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft claims that this tablet on Windows 10 can replace the laptop completely. In fairness, we note that it is not just a substitute for a smartphone with a large screen, but really a complete device, which can work with graphics or engage in video editing. The tablet runs on Intel processors of the last generation, the amount of RAM can be up to 16 GB, which, incidentally, not everyone can boast of a laptop.

Housing Surface Pro 4 metal, a screen with a diagonal of 12.3 “too big for a tablet, and the device itself weighs a lot – his weight is 766 g or 786 depending on the configuration, so keep it on weight for a long time, at least, uncomfortable. Here and useful corporate stylus Surface Pen, which is already in the scope of delivery. Externally, the pen is easy to confuse with a pen, thanks to the two rounded sides and a flat device is easy to handle. Surface Pen allows you to make freehand notes, draw or draw with high accuracy. At the end of the stylus is the main functions of a button, with which you can open the OneNote application or context menu. palm recognition feature allows you to draw with a brush on the surface of the tablet while drawing without consequences.

HP Elite x2 1012 G1

This device – not absolutely plate, but not a laptop. The model is positioned as a full-fledged business assistant, sharpened by the corporate officers or businessmen who need a handy and powerful mobile gadget. At Elite x2 1012 the G1 (. See our review ) is a good autonomy (up to 10 hours) and a high “stress tolerance” – the device is not afraid of shaking, moisture, dust and other unpleasant factors. The filling uses Intel Core M sixth-generation processors, up to 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB SSD. To model can buy a keyboard that allows you to make a tablet laptop and docking station.

Electronic HP Active Pen stylus from Wacom is needed and to take handwritten notes or sketches, and for navigation. The stylus has a soft key, whose function the user can configure on your own. Additional tips are included, as well as with a rope loop for attaching to the body of the tablet.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

This is also a niche tablet, albeit in a different area – Toughpad FZ-G1 (sm. our reportage from the presentation) is more suitable for polar explorers, geologists, military, emergency, short, for those who want a powerful tablet, but the harsh conditions of work do not give relax. Here, emphasis was placed on the impact resistance and weather resistance. Externally tablet even resembles a toy. Of course, until you find out that this toy easily tolerate a fall from a height of 1.8 m, temperatures down to -30 degrees and heat up to + 60 ° C. The expansion slot for extra connectors, be hot-swappable batteries, although in offline mode, the tablet calm will last up to 14 hours.

Nearly pound weight is an obscene amount for any other equipment, but not for a secure tablet, although for that reason to keep his weight uncomfortably. Pen, bundled, you need to be able to quickly and accurately interact with the screen without even taking off his bulky gloves. By the way, a secure tablet and stylus to match him with a degree of protection IP55 according to the standard.

Apple iPad Pro and iPad Pro 9.7

Apple Pencil was revealed to the world with the iPad Pro (see. Our review ), and this year the device can operate with “apple” stylus arrived: saw the light tablet with iPad Air Corps and more powerful stuffing – iPad Pro 9.7. If the “big brother” can boast a powerful new processor A9X, RAM 4GB, four speakers, a display Retina 12.9 “with a resolution of 2732×2048 pixels., Then the iPad Pro 9.7 lower resolution (2048×1536 pix.), Half the amount of RAM, but the camera is 12 megapixels, the same as in the iPhone 6S, and body color options (silver, gold, “gray space”) to add another “red gold”.

Both tablets are compatible with Apple Pencil – not the first stylus for iPad. Unlike other devices, “apple” Pen recognizes tilt and generally draws on the screen like a real pencil, without delay, and at work, you can rely on the back of his hand on the display – in this case it is blocked. Tablet with Apple Pencil – it is a working tool for those involved in drawing by profession: designers, architects and artists. Pen convenient to do sketches and drawings, make handwritten notes. It responds to the pressing force, tilt, and other user activity, allowing the hatch, draw lines of different thickness, to achieve the effect of shading, etc.

Charge from a stylus missing 12 hours of drawing and charging does not require additional devices – the pen can be charged through a port Lighting, removing the cap from the top.

Apple Pencil sold separately from the tablet. Unfortunately, neither is any other iPad is not a system for storing the stylus, so there is a risk of losing it or just leave the house at the wrong time.

OS Screen  Weight, g   The stylus included 
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 Premium Android 10.1 ”
1200 × 1920 pixels.
490 +
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Windows 12.3 ”
2736 x 1824 pixels.
786 +
HP Elite x2 1012 G1  Windows 12″
1920×1280 pixels.
820 +
Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1  Windows 10,1 ”
1920×1200 pixels
1100 +
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 iOS 9.7 ”
2048×1536 pixels.
Apple iPad Pro iOS 12,9 ”
2732×2048 pixels.

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