Top 7 Windows programs, which should be removed immediately

| October 25, 2016

Perhaps you’re reading this on your the Mac, but the laptop or virtual machine with Windows you will likely have. For example, in order to solve with the help of Microsoft OS tasks that in macOS solve quite problematic. In this case it makes sense to take advantage of the leadership to remove unneeded applications on Windows.

First of all – where to find the installed programs. If you have Windows XP, please uninstall it still entirely or find another use for it. If you have Windows 7, 8, or 10, go to the settings and type in the search “Programs” or “Uninstall”. And then, and more will allow you to find an item “Add or Remove Programs”. We are now interested in the part of the “Delete.”

If you downloaded the list for the first time, you may wonder the abundance of all sorts of obscure programs. This is normal – writes Delfi’s , they do so much.

Microsoft Silverlight

Once the existence of different extensions and add-ons for the browser was necessary to view the site. One such add-ons Microsoft has the Silverlight, but today this technology is not widely applied, as even Microsoft itself has stopped its support – in Edge browser in Windows 10 it, for example, is no longer the word “very.” So find and safely remove – hardly remain in the internet sites that directly here require Silverlight.

All the Toolbars

Bing Bar, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Ask Toolbar, Yahoo! Toolbar, Babylon Toolbar, Yandex Toolbar- their name is legion. All they are doing – OS litter with their presence. You can delete decisively, quickly and mercilessly, as if there were many of these add-ins, deleting them have a positive impact on performance.

PC Cleaners

Another class of programs, the once popular, but now basically useless – all that promise to speed up your computer and protect it from any infection. From Trojans best protect the full anti-virus software, and clean the registry and delete temporary files in an age when free disk space is calculated terabytes, and memory – gigabytes, it’s pretty hopeless.

The only exception to this rule – if memory is low, the drive is also not rubber, leave CCleaner, so be it. He was not exactly (p) t, which was once, but in certain situations, and as we have said on slower machines, can help.


Another hello from the past. If you are using some special software or Web services, Java you may need. But if you are a regular user of the computer that needs the Internet, view pictures and play games, then Java is safe to say, “Come on, goodbye.”

However, remember that you’ve deleted it. If something suddenly will soon cease to run, will have to go over here, download and install again.

Skype Click to Call

If you do not use Skype, it is better to remove completely. Otherwise, it makes sense to abandon the “superstructure”, which may be useful only to those who turned the Skype in your phone by default, and every now and then with his help all numbers that are only met on the Internet. The operation of Skype removal of the plug will not affect, and work PC can start faster.

By the way, beware – Skype necessarily try to install the add-in again at the first opportunity.


QuickTime is not very popular on Windows but if for some reason it is installed on your computer, remove the program better. Developers discovered in QuickTime for Windows two critical vulnerabilities that allow arbitrary code to run remotely on the computer, after the opening of a special web page or file. Today, attacks using data breaches are not logged in, however, that tomorrow will be – it is unknown.

Despite the seriousness of the vulnerabilities to Apple will not correct them, as decided to discontinue support for QuickTime for Windows. Last update for this application was published in January 2016, but more updates, including bug fixes, not planned. Users are strongly recommended to no longer use this product. In this respect, QuickTime for Windows follows the fate of Windows XP and Java.

“Garbage” program notebook manufacturers, printers, etc.

Each manufacturer of laptops and many peripheral manufacturers, such as printers, cameras and other things, and strive to establish all kinds of garbage in the OS, and put it together with Windows, in fact at the factory. Often understand that this little useful and what is not – it is difficult. In this case it is recommended to install a simple utility Should I of the Remove It? , Which will conduct an audit of installed programs, and suggest that it is necessary to maintain, and that it is useless and even harmful.

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