10 facts about the new Volkswagen ID

| November 5, 2016

Volkswagen has unveiled at the Paris Motor Show – 2016 a new electric Volkswagen ID. We bring you 10 facts about Volkswagen ID, which is associated with ambitious plans:

1. This is the first electric vehicle, which corresponds to a new concept of development of Volkswagen «Think new».

2. ID is based on the DNA of electric vehicles Volkswagen. For some elements, such as C-shaped daytime running lights, any Volkswagen will once identified as electric.

3. The power of the motor ID is 125 kW (170 hp). On a single charge electric car can travel a distance of 400-600 km.

4. Interior ID is in the Open space concept. Although it is smaller in size than the Golf, the volume ID is similar to the Passat. This was made possible thanks to the new chassis and battery placement in the floor.

5. By 2020, it will be commercially produced and cost at Golf comparable power.

6. Concept is equipped with an autonomous control system (ID Pilot), which is activated by pressing the logo on the steering wheel. This wheel “enters” into the center console.

7. For example, the concept of ID Volkswagen shows what can be electric with fully autonomous control. This version will be commercially available starting in 2025.

8. To open the car and start moving, you do not need a key anymore. With smartphone and «Digital Key» function electric opening and set in motion. The idea that “everyone has their own personal ID», which implies the individual seat settings, climate control, radio and favorite playlist, volume, navigation, etc.

9. ID is the first electric vehicle, which is built on the MEB (Modular Electric Drive Kit) new platform.

10. In Volkswagen plans to sell one million electric vehicles by 2025.

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