10 Game universes that you do not want to leave

| November 1, 2016

Whether you are playing games or watching movies, you always penetrates features universes in which these events occur. Some of them sink into your soul, some do not even want to remember after meeting. Why do some campaign setting is firmly rooted in our minds, and they want to come back and advise friends? What is the worlds? IG We are very fond of the game, some gaming universes in particular. And to return to their favorite worlds greatest comfort, they need the best visualization. In this we are helped by monitors LG Ultrawide series, which provides a total immersion into the game thanks to the ultra-wide format display, high brightness and contrast and true color.

What is important, the technology monitors LG UltraWide 34UC98-W and 34UM88C-P are balanced in such a way that there is no superiority in the features for playing games or working with color. For example, IPS-matrix with a resolution 3440h1440 pixels cover the sRGB color space by 99% or 78% Adobe RGB. And besides, they have a high-quality factory calibrated for realistic color reproduction and white balance correctly. At the same time for games is declared FreeSyn technology support for powerful AMD graphics cards feature Black Stabilizer, which gives important details get lost in the dark parts of the frame, and provides Dynamic Action Sync technology for fast response gamer, reducing delays. In addition, the LG UltraWide players can select one of three preset modes, depending on the favorite genre of games, or set up a fourth profile on your own.

Quite a long time favorite worlds came to life for me on the monitor, has a very poor color rendering. Now I have something to compare. And thanks to its curved shape, the LG monitor allows you to not only enjoy the picture quality, but also seemed to plunge into it headlong. The effect of presence – if not just one of the most important things inherent in any good game. Since it fully contributes to even and technology, I can only run one of these!

World of Warcraft Universe

The one case where the name of the game speaks for itself – here the player contributed to the study not just a vast land, but a huge World War Craft. At the moment, World of Warcraft can boast probably the most diverse scenery for the MMORPG genre: the hot and ice deserts, green meadows and parched plains, tropical and pine forests – all done in the traditional universe, a little cartoon-like graphics, and so replete with bright colors.

Four continents and many small islands on the planet Azeroth; endless expanses of wild Draenor; it is covered by Swern destroyed analog Outland – for several tens of areas different from each other as the fire from the water available to each player. And it’s not even remembering the many dungeons!

The Witcher Universe

If you respect the medieval fantasy, then you just have to taste the world of The Witcher. Perhaps because of the proximity to the realism he was not full of saturated tones, and generally tends to darkness, but what he can not refuse, so it is in a kind of beauty.

Travel along the highway leading Geralt through meadows, fields and forests, extending from the Northern Kingdom to Nilfgaarda, and the third part of the storyline of the game starts at the Skellig Islands, known for their harsh climate. Vents from rain, sleet, and the monsters are the city and the pearl among them is Bokler – the capital of the southern duchy Tussent, never known war. Inspired by the region of Tuscany, this area is called the edge of love and wine, and even heart rejoices that it is in this game, Geralt completes its path.

BioShock universe

The world of this series of games, as will be known to many – partly parallel to ours. The action of the first BioShock takes place in 1960 and the main character leads to the underwater city of Rapture. Designed by the brilliant engineer, this amazing metropolis player of his closeness to the style of steampunk. Particularly impressive is the arrival: a slow immersion in the man-made “Atlantis” in the first person; passing by the inhabitants of the depths of the sea; soft, diffused light water … Unforgettable.

The same emotions and creates the elevation to the skies in BioShock Infinite. From the bottom of the sea in the Celestial kingdom, the flying city of Columbia – a good contrast. Supported continuous flight of the mysterious technology “quantum levitation”, she even named after a female character, who represents the United States of America. Colombia is full of traditional features of their creator countries, such as hung throughout the national flag colors. As planned by the designers, it should serve as a demonstration of American exceptionalism.

Assassin’s Creed Universe

This is not least known and popular adventure game series fighters, in my opinion, could well be used to educate interested persons to the lessons of history – as accurately and meticulously made it really existing historical attractions. Traveling through time and space in the shoes of a professional killer, you can visit the medieval Holy Land, Florence end of the XV century, Rome and Constantinople, the same time, as well as America and the West Indies in the golden age of piracy. But the real cherry on the cake, you can call the Paris of the Great French Revolution of Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Victorian London XIX century from the Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

Uncharted universe

Last world honored me one of the most beautiful created by the gaming industry again close to our own. The thing is, how much treasure search is able to transform the atmosphere of the familiar to any viewer. Games like the Uncharted series animated for me such adventure like Indiana Jones, and Mummy Romancing the Stone. Trip around the world give birth to the main character in different parts of the modern world, and with it the player can appreciate the mysterious beauty of the Atlantic, Tibet, the Arabian Desert, and Madagascar.

Warhammer 40,000 universe

Pray Emperor worship or Chaos? It does not matter if you have not heard anything about the universe of Warhammer 40000. It is one of the most-developed fictional setting in which humanity lives in the fortieth millennium, where there is only room for war. In the past, in the thirtieth millennium, the great ruler, the Emperor, with the help of incredible talent and knowledge of its gene-seed created the twenty primarchs sons, possessing superhuman abilities. They are his twenty legions of Space Marines into battle, conquered almost the entire galaxy during the Great Crusade, but the betrayal of his beloved son, Horus Lupercal turned everything upside down. How things have turned out? To do this is to get acquainted with the universe. As it turned out a great number of worthy projects, images that I took a chance to show you.

Battlefield Universe

A series of computer games in the genre of tactical and strategic first-person shooter developed by the Swedish company EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. C 2002, this series of games has left a bright trace in the minds of fans and deservedly is one of the most realistic-looking first-person shooter.

Black Desert Universe

Earth, available for research in the Black Desert approximately twice the area of World of Warcraft. The game world is overflowing with opportunities for gamers, previously unavailable in other projects. For example, there is a full-fledged MMO shifts day and night cycle, corresponding to the real (plus the entire weather cyclones move on the map). You may well catch the storm, snow, rain, tornadoes and other misfortunes. On one server or the game is not very peacefully coexist to 17 thousand players. the world itself is seamless, ie not require you to wait for a long download. The historical epoch stuck somewhere between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Selection of the creators was due to the fact that it was a time of reform, research and discovery. Houses, castles and other property has its own physical space than usual in other MMO neglected. Graphic Beauty Black Desert has attracted a record number of players at the start. Now, thousands of gamers daily travel on their horses, ponies, dragons and beautiful through teleports in the most picturesque corners of the world.

Destiny Universe

Video Game in the genre of sci-fi MMORPG, where players are in the XXVIII century. The project is a console exclusive, and most likely will not get to PC. The plot tells the story of the battles for the survival of humanity and of a failed space expansion. In a difficult period over the last stronghold of the people there was a strange spherical object “Wanderer”. It was he who had saved the life of a kind. Beneath it was erected a huge city, and later, war broke out with an unusual race.

Dark Souls Universe

The dark world of lost souls are always hostile to the player. This setting – the embodiment of Gothic humanity fears, surreal medieval, frozen in a terrible curse charm. World of Dark Souls includes a plurality of bosses colossal, memorable for its sophisticated tactics behavior. Player in Dark Souls – has not yet turned into stupid zombies representative of the undead. He runs away from the citadel of the dead, they find themselves in a completely unfamiliar lands. He should just call the bell to … But that’s another story. The most terrible thing is that the person dreamed nightmares, is embodied in the dark corners of Souls worlds.

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