10 interesting features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8

| November 10, 2016

Support for Windows 10 and the 4K format displays, easy font management, new editing tools – the latest release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 can be found as well as many other interesting things. For more information about this release, read the surprises in our article.

Those who are engaged in the design at a professional level, are well aware that only a few large graphics packages really worthy of attention. And list them, be sure to mention CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. His paradigm can be described in three words: security, convenience, versatility. The composition of the popular CorelDRAW package includes all the necessary tools for the design – from photo editing to prepare vector layouts and print them. The package passed the test of time, becoming a powerful tool for creative professions. However, the evolution of Corel products continues.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite developers are constantly looking for ways to improve the algorithm of the application, try to come up with something new. So what they decided to make its users this time? Consider the most interesting innovations CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8.

More screens and higher definition

Release of the new version of the program is necessarily accompanied by the support of modern computer hardware. The official press releases can often see productivity gains promises – faster rendering images fast filter processing and so on. However, such improvements are often simply do not notice, taking the speed of applications granted. But sometimes the innovations associated with the improved performance of PC hardware, can be seen in the truest sense of the word. For example, in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 includes support for modern monitors with ultra-high-definition UltraHD 4K.

This innovation means that all elements of the package CorelDRAW application interface displays the new models will be displayed as clearly as possible, without blurring and artifacts.

In addition, the latest version adds support for multi-screen mode – it designer working tools can be placed on the screen for multiple monitors.

With support for multi-monitor configurations, in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 user is able to more efficiently use the workspace. The effective area of the program increases and the interface elements sizes become optimal scale depending on the resolution of a particular display. The settings for each Corel application interface, you can increase the scale to 250 percent.

Windows 10 and stylus support

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 declared full support for Windows 10, so that the owners of the new laptops will be able to easily install the graphics package to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. In addition, the new version of the package allows you to take full advantage of Windows Touch touchscreen. And extended the software when working with a stylus.

The stylus is in the hands of the designer – is like a brush for the artist. Now in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 device can be used in full. The latest version of the graphical package supports all RTS-devices (Real-Time Stylus) without the need to install additional drivers. So that the benefits of this method of data entry will appreciate not only the owners of Wacom tablets, but also owners of Microsoft Surface devices. Native package applications – CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint, you can create any shape stylus strokes. This program will be recorded as a digital pen angle and pressing force on it.

New font manager

One of the major innovations in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 – updated system works with fonts.

It is difficult to say, for some reason, the applications to work with vector and raster graphics overlook such an important “detail”, as transactions with fonts. A typical pattern for the majority of today’s applications – lack of search options, there is the possibility of a quick connect and disconnect fonts uncomfortable viewing textual content and so on. In this regard we have to keep on hand a separate utility – font manager like NexusFont . In general, a worthy tool for managing fonts in the graphics editor – a rarity, so the appearance of such a tool in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 causes only positive emotions.

Corel Font Manager The new tool contains all the necessary commands for a minimum font juggling. This manager shows all the fonts installed in the system, and fonts of the custom collection.

Fonts can be filtered on a variety of grounds – to include display only those that support italic fonts to display certain style, a certain language of a particular type, width, and so on. The program is able to hide duplicates and allows you to quickly connect or disconnect a particular font. Each font is generated by its glyph table, which can also be filtered, including the display of only numbers, mathematical symbols, currency, and so on.

Among the basic font manager of collections is to provide a large online library of Content Exchange. Among the hundreds of alternatives you can almost always find something worthwhile. Fonts are available from the collection of Content Exchange, can be installed directly from the application, or simply upload your disk.

Features list of fonts in Corel also been enhanced in the latest release. Now they can be sorted quickly by using the same filters as in the font manager. In the settings list, there was an opportunity to set the number of displayed fonts used recently.

New features blur images in Photo-Paint

Whether you are engaged in retouching photos, creating collages or just draw the stylus in the graphical editor, the best result is often after numerous experiments with the use of software tools, their settings and re-used. For this process to be as convenient as possible for the designer, in the most advanced packages for working with raster graphics using principles of non-destructive editing. The idea is that any previous step, with the image produced in the program can be corrected in subsequent stages of the project.

In Corel Photo-Paint has a group of tools “Lenses”. It is a set of filters that can be applied to the processed image, however, unlike the standard effects “lens” effect is reversible. For those who know of Photoshop, you can draw an analogy with adjustment layers. After applying the image to the “lens” is displayed in the object manager as a separate layer. Using such a lens layer gives a lot of advantages – it is possible to use different algorithms for superimposing layers, apply a transparency mask and so on. And most importantly – the original image remains the same, the effect of the action at any time can be enhanced, reduced or canceled altogether.

Lens Effects allow you to change the saturation of the image, adjust brightness, sharpness control, and so on. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 list of these instruments has been extended to the list of lenses was included Gaussian blur filter.

Eliminating distortions of perspective in Photo-Paint

The distortion of the image, or, to put it simply, the distortion is present in each photograph. It is a number of reasons, chief among them – a bad angle shooting and features optical camera system. The firmware of devices, developers sometimes lay the correction algorithms, but to completely get rid of the lack of photos can only be using the graphical editor.

In previous versions of Corel Photo-Paint X7 for this instrument was used “Straighten Image” (Straighten Image). However, its capabilities were limited to compensation for only one type of distortion – barrel. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 instrument settings to compensate for image distortion were supplemented with new options. Now photographers can align objects, distortion which is caused by distortion of perspective, such as tall buildings shooting at close range or large flat surfaces.

The interface of the tool “Straighten Image”, two new slider – to compensate for distortions in the vertical and horizontal directions. As the level (as in the previous version of the tool), a guide to align the image is convenient to use an auxiliary grid, which you can select the scale at its discretion.

Quick Retouch with the Healing Clone in Photo-Paint

In addition to well-known users of Photo-Paint tool “cloning brush” in the new version has a similar tool – “Restoring cloning” (Healing Clone). This tool is designed to remove unwanted areas of the image. Its operation is based on replacing the edited fragment texture created on the basis of the treatment portion surrounding areas.

“Restoring cloning” is useful, for example, retouch portraits, elimination of defects of the skin, to remove the dust in the photographs, made in the macro mode, and so on.

After selecting the panel brush Healing Clone appears on the canvas in the form of two markers – one determines the position of the sample for cloning, the second allows you to set the editing area. To use this tool, you need to put the cursor on the image area, which will serve as a source texture, click the right mouse button (it will remember Photo-Paint sample), then move the cursor to an editable region and process the picture, hold down the left mouse button.

Improved working with curves in CorelDRAW

Vector editor CorelDRAW in the new version has received some additional options when working with curves. Firstly, we can now very easy to create new objects of curve segments. Simply select the items you want to copy to the clipboard and paste. Very easy and convenient, especially if you have to draw an object with repeating elements such as tree branches or flames.

Other improvements in CorelDRAW associated with the release of the elements curves. When you need to select several adjacent nodes, you can use the tool “Shape” while holding the Shift key. Choose a closed loop assembly, press the Shift key and click on the second node. This editor will allocate a chain of elements located at the shortest distance. Click again on the second node – and CorelDRAW provide a second chain of nodes, this time longer.

Improved working with shadows vector objects in CorelDRAW

A small change in CorelDRAW can be seen in the shadows settings. In order to shade looked realistic, fuzzy edges must be used by a blur option. Previously, setting the direction of blur included only options “Inside”, “Average”, “Outside” and “averaged”. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 to the aforementioned embodiments, the algorithm also added a Gaussian blur.

Advanced “knife” tool in CorelDRAW

The new version of Corel package changes were made and a tool for separating vector shapes into pieces. “Knife” Now (Knife) was truly comfortable.

Developers gave him multiple operating modes. C using the mode Point Line object is cut by a straight line, Freehand mode allows you to split an object along the arbitrarily drawn line and choosing the option Bezier mode, you can perform cutting along the spline, Bezier.

Online image search, screen capture and downloading additional tools

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite are two main applications – CorelDRAW vector graphics editor and raster graphics editor Paint-Shop. Besides them, the package also includes some helpful tools.

Corel CONNECT utility designed to search for graphic content to popular online services, including Flickr, iStock, Fotolia, OneDrive and own service Content Exchange. Found content can be immediately imported into one of the editors of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8.

Another feature of the package – the presence in its composition utility Corel CAPTURE. Standard tools for creating screenshots do not stand up to scrutiny, but with the help of Corel CAPTURE, you can easily solve this problem. The program does capture areas of the screen highlighted track or menu item, and can scroll through the pages in the capture process. The utility settings specified hotkey, and the output image resolution with the ability to simultaneously zoom (resampling).

It is also possible to put a time delay, which is especially important if the capture is performed with a shortage of system resources and hardware. After the capture of the image data can be automatically imported into a vector or bitmap image-editing package.

Features CorelDRAW Graphics Suite tools are not limited to installed applications. the loading of additional tools as required – a new option has been added in the latest version of the package. Users can interface directly from CorelDRAW programs and Photo-Paint download and install a variety of applications, macros and extensions for Corel products (both paid and free to distribute). Among them can be found, for example, utility Corel Website Creator. This app is loaded as a free addition to the basic package arsenal. As you can guess from the name, Website Creator is designed for web development.

The program is aimed at users who are far from web programming and aim to create a complex project. With the help of Wizard site in minutes in Website Creator can do online business card company, a small information resource or publish the site to its portfolio. The program has a ready-made templates, as well as a set of styles and options for website design to suit all tastes.


The most popular photographers and designers the tools for a long time have got accustomed to the interface of graphic editors from different manufacturers. However, the similar appearance of such programs, or similar set of tools for working with raster and vector graphics can be misleading only the unsophisticated user who naively believe in the “sameness” of such software. The tool of choice issue is important not only quantity but also quality. The authority of Corel company, which can be considered a pioneer in the field of computer-aided design, there is no doubt none. Its programs are improved and improved, and a new version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is an excellent confirmation of the fact. So if you are looking for a powerful tool for working with vector and raster graphics, this package is uniquely suited for most purposes.

But whether you want to switch to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 users with earlier versions? The answer can be found in the summary table comparing the versions . It is clear that the decisive factor in favor of the renovation should be two arguments – support for Windows 10 and the dramatically new font management system. After working with a new font manager for some time, we can say with confidence that this is a very convenient and useful novelty. It seems to be a trifle, but very practical. Even if you are used to do before third-party tools, you can now give them up in favor of an integrated in Graphics Suite X8 tool. In addition, the new release has a lot of small but important improvements, such as a significant expansion of the list of cameras that support RAW format.

New Release X8 works quickly and most importantly – stable. Graphic package from Corel versatile and use it comfortable and pleasant. Changes compared to the previous version a bit, however, when compared with earlier releases of the package, you can see that there is progress. So if you are “stuck” in the version of the three-year-old or older, clearly it makes sense to reflect on the upgrade.

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