10 Stunning Custom Cars By George Barris

| November 3, 2016

Barris was born in Chicago in 1925, and became interested in customizing, like many young men of his generation, just after the war. In 1951, he bought Mercury and made him a unique car for himself; machine like a casual acquaintance Bob Burris Hirohate, and he ordered the same. Hirohata Merc suddenly became a “star” of the auto show, and now considered one of the most beautiful cars of the era. Thus began a long career Burris, which ended only with his death in 2015. His last full custom, he presented to the public in 2010 at the age of 85 years, and his studio and works to this day.

Hirohata Merc (1951) based on Mercury Eight Club Coupe – first custom custom car George Burris. Built together with his brother Sam Burris and their friend Frank Sonzoni customer Bob Hirohaty.

Voxmobile (1967)Promotional car built by order of VOX. In fact, a huge amplifier Op has 12 speakers of different sizes, and allows you to connect simultaneously up to 32 guitars.

Batmobile (1966) The first-ever full-length and purpose-built for the film “Batmobile”. Before Batman went to the cinema to the ordinary serial machine, Burris did the same for the TV series of 1966 unique custom car, with just 3 weeks. However, the base served as the already interesting appearance Lincoln Futura prototype.

Ala Kart (1957) Custom based on the classic “Ford” in 1929, two years in a row recognized the most beautiful custom bikes America and is considered one of the most famous hot rods in history.

Beverly Hillbillies Truck (1962) Truck, built specifically for the sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971) based on the Oldsmobile Model 43-A Touring 1921.

Black Beauty (1966) Another, along with “Batmobile” superhero car. “Black Beauty” for the movie “The Green Hornet” at the limousine Imperial Crown.

Li’l Red Wrecker (1975) Tow truck, built for the sitcom “Sanford and Son”. The car drove in the movie actor Redd Foxx.

Surf Woody (1965) Beach custom designed for the carriage of surfboards. The frame of the car is welded from pipes, ie it is based do not have the production model. Unless the engine from Ford Cobra. One of the few custom bikes Burris is not extant (more precisely, its traces are lost in a series of owners).

Kopper Kart (1956) The modified Chevrolet pickup with a souped-up engine. An example of what Burris did not just crazy custom bikes.

Super Van (1969) Built based on the Dodge Sportsman Van and was originally called the Love Machine, and then was adapted to film in the series Supervan (1977).


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