11 useful extensions for Gmail

| November 11, 2016

Google tried their best when created Gmail email service. It is beautiful, diverse, easy to manage, and appears as a box for letters, and a powerful tool for time management. But there is no limit to perfection, so in spite of the frequent updates and improvements, Gmail users can create extensions that make the mail more reliable way to finish the work on time and not to disrupt the deadlines. Such plug-ins today and we will tell.


SecureGmail Plugin encrypts important for writing user: he puts on a letter sent by the password, and sends the recipient separately tells him the password. Only after entering the information sent can read, and without it sees only encrypted gibberish. The same hackers find and, if addressed to hack Gmail server. Even in this case, they will be disappointed, and you’ll be quiet for the sent information.

Todoist for Gmail

Plugin Todoist for Gmail mail service creates an additional window. It is located in the lower right corner and acts as a full-fledged task manager and organizer. In addition, this application adds to the panel with an open letter Add to Todoist button – it can help to create a job writing for a day or a long-term project. Now effectively manage time and tasks will be much easier.


This extension will help to establish sending a large number of letters. These may be variants of the selected e-mails addresses, or sending a single template to all contacts. Boomerang allows the user to configure the sending e-mail on request and schedule owner – check the dates of the letters, specify the time, click the Send Later button and get back to other things. Boomerang will do everything himself.


Let’s say you want to send emails to customers, business partners or friends. But not now, but in a week. This plugin will help FollowUp: create a new message, in which the extension adds a button. After pressing it set the reminder time of delivery and the approximate content of the letter. At the right time you will have a reminder with a new letter and sample text.


The fact that you have sent someone an email does not mean that the party will read it or get it. To know for sure help plug Bananatag for Gmail. With it, the user will receive a notification that the recipient delivered mail, and even that he read it (or at least opened). The expansion ratio provides statistics and sent letters to the receipt and reading.


If you want to know about the destination, with which rewrites the mail as much as possible, this will help the expansion of Rapportive. After installation, an additional bar, which displays information about the target user, it accounts in Skype, Twitter and social networks. Rapportive even allows you to view the latest published their photos.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Good old classic plug-in for quick and easy checking email, which fixes unread mail count on the browser toolbar. After clicking on it appears the mail client window where you can read mail, reply to emails, write a new, remove them or send to spam. A new extension of the letter informs via a pop-up in the lower right corner of the window.

Multi Forward for Gmail

If the letters of different users have to answer the same way, then this will help the expansion of Multi Forward for Gmail – selects the right amount of letters, write them an answer and click the submit button. Done.

Gorgias Templates

This extension helps you to create personalized email templates, snippets or use a ready-made base of electronic messages for all occasions and for different types of recipients. When you create a new message Gorgias Templates using autocomplete function allows you to write it much faster, putting the right information where it is needed.


Streak plugin makes the mail service CRM-tool for business owners, creators of electronic products (such as games on Android), or simply for those wishing to organize e-mail and do work with it more effectively. With the help of tracked transactions with customers are handled error reports in your application or software are set objectives, plans and timing for their implementation. The system also monitors the frequency of sending messages and the responses to the gratitude and the message that the problem has been resolved or are working on it. As FollowUp, you can send e-mail to ask a specific contact in your desired time.

Inbox Pause

If you are tired of the endless stream of letters and want to relax a while, here necessarily help Inbox Pause – plug-in blocking incoming emails to your specified time. Prohibit receive mail service is possible as all folders at once, and in certain of their group.

We hope our list will improve the quality of your work will focus on the important, not to be distracted by little things and work effectively with the mail. Feel free to try these and other extensions, share in the comments positive and negative experiences, advice, scold and show off. And we will continue to look for useful and necessary services for you. Always your editorial Your News Ticker.


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