12 useful and fun gadgets of November

| November 10, 2016

We picked up 12 useful in the household appliances and just fun gadgets from coffeemakers to manual extractor screws. Look at our selection – there certainly exists a device that is useful to you and make life easier.


Remember, as a primary school teacher gave the assignment dazzle of color clay crafts for the holiday? Today artistic modeling is experiencing a rebirth thanks to new unusual materials, and, moreover, goes into the category of benefit to the economy. Material Plastimake in the normal state resembles a tiny white beads, but should throw them in hot water, they form a plastic mass, taking absolutely any form under the nimble fingers. Want to sculpt a statue? Or, perhaps, a new handle for the old kitchen knife? How about filling a small hole in the wall from falling picture or make a handle for the door? After cooling Plastimake hardens and takes over the function of the lost items.

USB-tester for mobile devices

Is the capacity of the battery in the smartphone from the manufacturer claimed? How badly degraded phone battery or powerbank after years of use? To give a precise answer to these questions is able to pocket USB-tester. The device determines not only the voltage but also the time of submission of the current through the circuit, and at the end of the charge shows the real capacity of the rechargeable battery. And of course the USB-tester will determine the actual characteristics of the charger: indeed it provides these on the housing volts and amps? It is best to double-check, especially if the charging is not native. After improper power settings can considerably shorten the life of the batteries. Only $3 for this device will save money in the future on the damaged batteries.

Iron Man USB-flash drive

Rumors that about Iron Man movies will no longer be thrilled fans’ community. But, leave Tony Stark we still do not have to appear. And while we are waiting for access to the screens of the new part of the adventures of the brave avenger, caring Chinese offer true fans to fill piggy bank attributes stylish, and most importantly useful accessory – the flash drive in the form of Iron Man’s hands, so even with a bending fingers. Available flash drives with different capacities from 4 to 64GB. Waking up every morning and see the exhilarating Thumb-up from the Tony – what could be better!

Extractors for torn screws

Anyone who has ever done repair or just something to master, faced with such bad luck as plucked screws. It can happen to anyone, regardless of experience or skill: the old tools, worn screws, just a coincidence. But every such accident turns into a real problem and threatens at least spent time and nerves, and in the worst case – torn thread and scratched surface around naughty screw or screws. It is better to take care of this in advance: a set of extractors may be useful in the most unexpected moment.

Tablet computer Chuwi Hi10

Long gone are the days of narrow specialization tablets. Today, they can be a substitute for a laptop. The main obstacle remained the mobile operating system limitations. However Chuwi Hi10 comes with two system – Windows 10 and Android. No additional configuration is required, and the user “out of the box” gets the ability to run popular applications and work in a familiar environment, even outside the home or office. Do not disappoint, and hardware information: 10-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, quad-core processor Intel Atom x5-Z8300, Intel integrated graphics eighth generation, 4GB of RAM and a capacious battery to 6500 mAh.

Minipresso – handmade coffee

Real coffee drinkers know, it’s nice to treat yourself to a cup of black coffee in the morning. But your favorite coffee machine is not dragged with you to work, not on vacation and can not take a walk. How to stop spending money in our stores, and not to indulge in your favorite drink? Manual coffee machines have become an unexpected discovery and a boon in such situations. With the help of a hand pump chamber is forced into the coffee maker the necessary pressure, is filled with finely ground coffee and hot water is poured. Place the coffee maker on the cup, and after only a few seconds, start to enjoy the most popular drink in the world. Fast, convenient and incredibly tasty.

3D-lamp with interchangeable pieces

Funny children’s night light or dimmed light source to create a romantic atmosphere. design elements for the theme parties that will certainly impress guests or just an unusual decoration for the room. We found an inexpensive device which can be successfully used for all of these purposes, or to come up with dozens of other applications. This is an unusual 3D-lamp with removable panels are illuminated-figures. The latter are easily changed and can be purchased in advance for every day of the week: the skull, the head of Darth Vader, the Eiffel Tower, Spider-Man, and various abstract shapes, Santa Claus, etc. – Combined with changing lights and different modes of operation, you can create a new composition with or without.

Smart Watch No.1 G6

Smart watch No.1 G6 and so perhaps the most affordable model in the market, and 11.11 manufacturer gives a further reduction of $ 29. This is a significant advantage to the long list of benefits: body thickness of 9.9 mm made of stainless steel, 1.2 inch round display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels, an energy-efficient processor MediaTek MTK2502, compatibility with both of iOS, and with Android. Watch No.1 G6 take over a dozen different tasks: personal assistant during training, tracking the number of steps, counting the pulse and calories burned, duration of training etc. Like all watches, G6 displays information about incoming calls and incoming notifications on your smartphone. Should I remind you of the remote management capabilities of the camera, and music player? And, yes, they still show the time.

Qlippie Q1 – miniature camera for underwater shooting

Action Camera does not necessarily have to be an attribute of a professional athlete! With it you can make a cool video footage of a party with friends, share your impressions with the Sunday ski trip. Yes there is still a little funny stories can be removed in the “first person”! And it does not necessarily buy GoPro. Qlippie Q1 model is not inferior in quality surveys and offers similar functions – whether resolution Full HD, the remote control panel or a special box to dive to a depth of 15 meters. So you can shoot even under water. The small body and a price tag of three times less than that of the popular brands, makes this product even more interesting.

On-screen joystick for mobile devices

Games on smartphones or tablets have replaced most of our portable console. However, control by virtual buttons on the touch screen is uncomfortable for many – the usual hardware buttons and sticks strongly lacking in many games. Stick to control on-screen character simplifies gameplay on mobile devices with a touch screen and is especially useful in the Arcade or the shooter. Stick secured with strong suction cups and a soft pad at the base prevents scratches on the screen. Prices for this gizmo starts at $4.

HomTom HT10 – smartphone with iris scanner

Lovers of the most advanced technological solutions we recommend to pay attention to is that the only smartphone with the scanner of the iris – HomTom HT10. We tested a scanner actually works and unlock the smartphone even in low light conditions or when wearing glasses (not the sun, of course). HomTom HT10 will long remain relevant smartphone in terms of “hardware”, but its appearance in your hands will surely attract the attention of others. Thin gadget case is made of durable aircraft-grade alloy and the entire front panel is covered with glass 2,5D-curved edges, which protects 5.5-inch Full HD-screen. Responsible for the performance processor MediaTek Helio X20 processor with a clock frequency of 2,3 GHz paired with 4GB of RAM.

Remee – mask for lucid dreaming

Do you feel constant fatigue, weakness, sleepiness, even after eight hours of sleep? According to the World Health Organization, up to 30% of the adult population of the planet suffers from sleep disorders. But before you run to the doctor, try to spend a few nights in a special mask for Remee dreams. It will not just protect you from external light sources interfering sleep whether lights outside the window, or the TV is. On the reverse side Remee mask set of six LEDs that through his eyelids affect the optic nerves of your eye, helping to plunge into lucid dreaming. You can select the desired operating mode – from a full night’s sleep before a short afternoon nap – or set up their own regime.


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