14 interesting facts about Apple campus

| November 5, 2016

We always tell how things are going at the construction site of the new Apple campus, and, perhaps, follow the course of construction are not so interested in how to see the results with my own eyes, but even unfinished campus Apple deserves attention. In 2011, when Steve Jobs introduced the structure of the project to the city council of Cupertino, he wanted to create the best office building in the world. It seems that his dream comes true. Colleagues from the Business Insider reported several facts pointing to it.

Steve Jobs took an active part in the planning of construction.

In the summer of 2009, he turned to Norman Foster, the leading architects of Foster + Partners. Jobs Foster asked not to treat him as a customer, and taken as a project team member.

The architects had originally planned not to build the ring, but they came to this idea over time.

In 2014, Foster said that initially they did not plan to build a building in the shape of a ring, however, inspired by London Square and the campus of Stanford University area, the architects gradually came to the idea.

The campus will accommodate 13,000 employees.

In addition, the building is designed to ensure that each employee was ample workspace. In addition, the campus project implies the presence of open spaces for meetings and teamwork.

The walls of the building – it is the world’s largest curved glass panels.

Curved glass will be covered by both external and internal side of the ring, to the employees was a view of the garden, surrounded by the campus walls. The building will be wrapped more than 3,000 sheets of curved glass, and it will be very large sheets of curved glass in the world.

Underground audience capacity of 1,000 people.

This audience with a large auditorium will allow the company to carry out some of the Apple event on campus. Perhaps the launch of new products will take place in the building of the company.

Green Park will cover 80 percent of the campus.

The company chose a plant that can adapt to climate change. In total, the campus will be planted 7000 trees are well adapted to arid climate that will minimize the need for irrigation water. Also on campus are planted with apple, apricots and plums.

The campus will use 100% renewable energy.

Solar and biofuels will be used, and if this energy is not to be missed, the company plans to buy energy from renewable sources the city.

The campus will almost always be able to dispense with heating and air conditioning.

A special ventilation system, designed for the favorable climate of northern California, will allow to do without air conditioning or heating air 273 days a year.

1000 biking & jogging tracks designed for employees.

In addition to the campus provides bicycle and jogging paths.

Apple spent all of about $ 5 billion.

Tim Cook in a recent interview, did not name the exact amount that the company will spend on the construction of the campus, but said that it is close to $ 5 billion.

Underground parking will help preserve the appearance of the campus.

To area looked green, all the cars will be hidden under the ground, but above-ground parking is also provided. In total, the campus will be 10,980 parking spaces. All parking will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

$70 million was spent on a wellness center.

Fitness center will be located to the north-west of the main building. He can take care of 20 thousand employees in the area. According BuildZoom, Apple spends $ 70 million for the health center.

The dining room will accommodate 2,100 people.

It will be located on the first floor of the building. Another 1,750 will be placed on the street terrace.

More than a third of employees will be able to use alternative modes of transport.

Employees living in the campus area will be able to use the bus companies on biofuels or other alternative modes of transport to enable them to not go to work at the wheel.


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