22 shortcuts on the MacBook Pro, which will help you

| November 7, 2016

Take a screenshot of the screen

Command + Shift + 3

Take a screenshot of the window

Command + Shift + 4. After the - space. Select the window with the mouse, touchpad and click-tapnite

Take a screenshot of part of your screen

Command + Shift + 4 and select the area

Quit the application

Command + Q

Open a new tab

Command + T

Switch between applications

Hold Command + Tab and arrow keys to scroll between the left and right

Open the application settings

Command + <

Open Spotlight

Command + Spacebar

Open the search help

Command + Shift + ?

Forced to withdraw from the program

Command + Options + Esc, to close the application that is frozen

Cut, copy, paste, undo

Command + Z to undo, Command + X to cut, Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste

Find the word in the text

Command + F

Enable preview

Command + Y or blank

Switch off, restart, or put to Mac sleep

Control + Power button. After - select the action

Select all

Command + A

Go to the beginning or end

Command + up arrow to move to the top, and Command + Down Arrow - to the end

Hide in addition to an open window

Command + Options + H

Minimize the open window

Command + M

Close the active window

Command + W

Close the active windows

Command + Options + W

Close the open windows

Command + Options + M + H

Log out of your current account

Command + Options + Shift + Q

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