5 New Games for Oculus Touch

| November 4, 2016

After Oculus Touch got a price tag and the date of the appearance on the market (remember, it will happen at the beginning of 2017 – joysticks will be bundled with the new VR-headsets, and users of older models will be able to buy a couple of Oculus Touch for $ 199), the owners of Oculus Rift matured quite a logical question: what will be playing with a new controller? Library compatible with Oculus Touch games includes more than 30 projects, the number of which increased significantly after the recent conference Oculus Connect 3. Let’s look at a few games and applications for innovative controller.

Arktika. 1

4A Games, created the Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light revealed its next project in a post-apocalyptic setting – this time with the support of all the most advanced VR-technologies. As you can guess from the name, Arktika.1 will take the player into the future, where the world has entered a new ice age, survived him, of course, not everyone in these difficult conditions and you have to pull your skin … er of various scrapes.

Release date: 2nd Quarter 2017

Lone Echo

The team that created The Order: 1886 full swing working on a space shooter that combines notes of best-selling sci-fi literature and film “Gravity” (2013). Try on the role of mechanical android robot aboard the damaged spaceship, players can explore the surroundings in complete weightlessness, to repair the ship entrusted to them and to do everything possible to survive in open space.

Release date: unknown

Robo Recall

In the gaming industry when a new technology is always almost immediately advertised at least one project, the duty of which – to demonstrate the capabilities of this technology. In this case, such a project is Robo Rexall from Epic Games. Gameplay is hellishly dynamic shooter, the player it feels brave guy who has to stop the uprising of robots, caused by a defect in the bellows software. The game is packed full of visual effects, which, however, does not prevent it from being fairly seasoned humor, understandable only geeks and fans of technology.

Release date: 1st quarter 2017


Part shooter, part of MOBA partially RTS, Landfall brings significant changes to the familiar to us ideas about the limitations of genre for games in virtual reality, allowing the use of Oculus-device a whole new way. Putting on Oculus Rift, the player rises up above the battlefield and watch for a while, like real generals (or children playing in the “soldiers” in their own sandbox) – to give orders, respectively, proposed using Oculus Touch. Either way, many users around the world will soon be able to start a real war right in your room.

Release Date: Spring 2017


Kingspray – a simulator graffiti, formerly exclusive to the HTC Vive. Here you will be able to show their hidden artistic inclinations to street art, not afraid to get a fine for vandalism. The game features high-quality graphics and realistic physics (for example, the paint will be distributed according to your movements and drip to the ground by the force of gravity), while possessing such familiar to digital inking tools such as the ability to select virtually any color, cancel a particular action and even create your entry graffiti in time-lapse mode to roll then share with other users in the network.

Release Date: December 6, 2016

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