7 Best Micro USB cables for charging phones, smartphones, tablets and gadgets

| November 16, 2016

We are starting to see a shift towards the production of cables, USB Type-C, but at the moment, Micro USB cable, remains the standard. When it comes time to charge your smartphone or other device, though they are not the most interesting elements of the technology in your home, but necessary.

List of Top Micro USB cables for charging

Not all Micro USB cables are created equal, we decided to compile a list of the best in our opinion. No matter what you are looking for additional features, strength, length, or just reliable, we hope that you will find in this collection that is right for you.

Monoprice Premium

Quick charge: Yes;
Length: 6 feet (1.83 m);
Warranty: Lifetime;
Price: $ 6.

Let’s start with something inexpensive, simple and reliable. Monoprice does offer cheaper Micro USB cables than the rest, and Monoprice Premium Cable costs only $ 6. It has a gold-plated connectors, with Micro USB on one end and the other USB. This USB 2.0 cable, it charges and synchronizes data – quickly. Heads connectors are made of smooth, glossy polycarbonate, so they are hard and not great when it comes to trapping. Cord is available in black or white, and there is even a version of the long 3 ft (0.91 m), if the length is not a problem.

Scosche FlatOut LED Micro

Quick charge: Yes;
Length: 3 feet (0.91 m);
Warranty: 12 months;
Price: $ 10.

Scosche company really put a lot of effort into a modest Micro USB Cable, and became flat, multifunction offer its end result. Scosche FlatOut LED Micro has a built-in LED connector on the USB Micro indicator that glows red when charging and turns blue when charging is completed. This allows you to know if your phone is charged or not, at first sight. The cable also features a reversible EZtip, this means that you can connect the Micro USB end into the phone in any direction, which is very convenient. Unfortunately, USB end of normal. Some people complain that the cable does not remain in the phone port as reliably as usual, but we have not had any problems with it. It supports rapid charging and has no problem with data synchronization. Available in 6-foot version (1.83 m).

TYLT Flyp Duo

Quick charge: Yes;
Length: 3.3 feet (1 m);
Warranty: 12 months;
Price: $ 29.

Here is another multifunction Micro USB cable with a flat, tangle-free design. Cable TYLT Flyp Duo is a reversible USB connector on one end, and on the other, you have a standard Micro USB and Lightning. The idea is that you take only one cable is to charge all your devices. This solution can be attractive for families with a great combination of Android and Apple devices. Charging fast and efficient, the cord can also easily handle the data transfer. It has an elastic, soft finish and comes in a wide range of bright colors, not to mention the black. There is also a version of the 1-foot (30 cm).

Anker PowerLine

Quick charge: Yes;
Length: 10 feet (3 m);
Warranty: 18 months;
Price: $ 7.

When it comes to smartphone accessories, Anker is, as a rule, a name you can trust, and the Micro USB is no exception. Cores Anker PowerLine long and strong, with integrated Kevlar fibers reinforced at stress points for durability. It also supports fast charging and high speed synchronization. For Sale 10-foot cable at reasonable prices and it is ideal if the socket is not very close from where you want to sit. Cord comes with two velcro for fastening, so that you can twist it into a coil of any size, if necessary. The cable is available in versions 3 or 6-meter length.

Volutz Equilibrium

Quick charge: Yes;
Length: 10 feet, 6.5 feet, 3 feet and 3.3 (3 m, 2 m, 0.91 m, 1 m);
Warranty: 24 months;
Price: $ 16.

Fuse Chicken Titan

Quick charge: Yes;
Length: 3.25 feet (1 m);
Guarantee not limited lifespan;
Price: $ 25.

Fuse Chicken Titan could be the toughest cable that can be purchased. It is wrapped in a durable industrial steel Micro USB cable, so there is no danger that your pet will chew it. It is thick and relatively heavy cord, though, since he can not get confused, this is not the most suitable to be worn with a cable. You can bend it to connect, but the connectors are a potential weakness Fuse Chicken Titan, and it needs to be bent in the right direction, if you want to avoid unnecessary stress. You can also purchase a shorter version of the one that is best suited for travel.

MicFlip 2.0

Quick charge: Yes;
Length: 6 feet;
Warranty: 24 months;
Price: $ 20.

If you want a cable that can connect without looking at the proposal of the Winner Gear for you. The first version was successfully funded on Indiegogo, and MicFlip 2.0 has improved its predecessor by adding a Micro USB and USB connectors are reversible, so they’re always correct side up. The ends are equipped with coated aluminum with gold-plated connectors. Cable MicFlip 2.0 even braided for extra strength and resistance, it supports fast charging with data synchronization.


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