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| November 5, 2016

Category mapping applications is a must-have for any smartphone. On mobile devices running Android are usually pre-installed any maps. Often this is Google Maps. However, there are other programs offering similar functions, and in some ways even superior to Google Maps. In this article, we conducted a brief overview of the best maps for Android, you can easily install on your smartphone or tablet.

Google Maps 9.39.2

The most popular mapping service from Google. Recent updates and cross-platform support make application one of the best in its category.

The main features of the application:

  • Detailed maps of more than 15 thousand cities in 220 countries around the world;
  • More than 100 million places and attractions with photos, guest reviews and rating;
  • Information about traffic conditions and access to public transport;
  • The creation of pedestrian, road and mountain bike trails with the possibility of adding to their intermediate stops;
  • GPS-navigation of navigating;
  • Support for Google Now.


The main advantage of this application – integration with other Google services, which greatly enhances its capabilities. For example, in Google Maps, you can view the panorama of streets, stadiums, airports, the interiors of large shopping centers and museums using the Street View service.

With the latest updates of the application has greatly improved Google Maps work offline. You can download selected parts of the map to be used in offline mode. These data will be available for 30 days and can be used for the construction of road routes and navigation without internet connection.

Of the extra features worth noting as the GPS-tracking of public transport, which allows you to see the current location of trams, minibuses and buses online. – offline maps 6.4.3

MAPS.ME is a simple and handy app for those who like to explore on foot in unfamiliar places, as well as for those traveling by car. MAPS.ME works exclusively with offline maps preloaded from OpenStreetMap – a non-profit project in which participants shared effort to create and fill the world map. This has both minuses and pluses applications.

Main application advantages – speed card drawing, and a small amount of data, which uses software to download maps offline. For example, the map of Moscow occupies 42 MB, Kiev and Kiev region – 34 MB, Minsk and region – 41 MB. The app also acts as a navigator, not bad coping with both automotive and pedestrian navigation.

Drastic changes in MAPS.ME occurred in 2014, when the service was bought by Group. Since then, the application has been completely free, there is information about the institutions on the cards, and the source code is open for free use. Later we added application and integration with, making it possible to book rooms in hotels of applications.

The latest innovation is the function of editing cards with built-in editor. From now on, you can make changes to a database homes, institutions, facilities, and so on. Edit the map, even without an internet connection – changes are added to the OpenStreetMap database immediately after the connection to the network.

In general, the application MAPS.ME virtually no equal among the free map services using the OpenStreetMap project.

HERE WeGo 2.0.10822

HERE WeGo (formerly known as Ovi Maps, Nokia Maps) – Popular mapping service abroad, created by Nokia. To date, the project is owned by a consortium of German automobile manufacturers and is widely used in navigation software systems.

Key features of the application:

  • Maps covering 200 countries around the world, with the ability to download them for offline use;
  • Navigation with voice prompts;
  • Traffic information;
  • Internal maps of major shopping malls, airports and other buildings;
  • Road construction, pedestrian, bicycle routes and public transport routes.

The application has a fully autonomous mode, which is activated in the menu. In this mode, use the pre-loaded data, work address search and POI names. You can download a map of the continent in whole or in individual countries. For example, a map of Europe takes about 11 GB.

Currently developers work more on the development and introduction of new functions for drivers, such as detailed information about the traffic accident, weather conditions, traffic signs, parking and speed limits.

Despite the fact that recently developers its improved the coverage of its maps the service still lags far behind its competitors. House numbers may not be specified, even the street names are not always there and it’s not in the very small town. But for overseas travel and travel – HERE cards are a great solution. It has all the information of interest for both pedestrians and drivers, integration with rental Car2Go car service, taxi services, ratings and reviews of restaurants and shops from TripAdvisor. In addition to the navigation application has a bicycle, which is very popular in Europe.

Maps & Navigation – OsmAnd + 2.5.0

Somewhat apart from the other mapping programs is OsmAnd application. That’s because it’s not just offline maps, but rather navigator working with OpenStreetMap maps offline.

The principle work with the application OsmAnd same as with – before starting work you need to download the selected map, and in addition – an overview map of the world, the volume of which is 186 MB. If you are traveling by car travel, you do not necessarily download the entire map of the country – just download only road schemes, which take place three times smaller than the main card. Data with information about the sights and sites are also in a separate file.

For those who just need offline maps feature a variety of OsmAnd may seem too redundant. But traveling by car, the app offers great opportunities, thanks to the installation of additional plug-ins. You can download plug-ins to access online maps, marine and ski maps to record and save routes tracks for editing cards and many others.

OsmAnd can be used for free, but with some limitations. For example, you can not download more than 7 cards in the base version and view a detailed description of interest in offline mode. The rest – it is a good option both for free offline navigation.


Presented in the article are the backbone of the application category mapping services. Over the past couple of years, each of these programs will certainly put on functionality. However, all of them have both advantages and disadvantages. Final selection of the application will depend on the specific purpose for which you plan to use the card.


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