Game Review of Civilization VI

| November 3, 2016

For many years, “Civilization” was interesting mostly mustached and honors faded sweaters. The rest hardly understand how you can sit for days for strategy. Now bearded honors rule the world, and the relation to Civilization has changed. In the introductory video of the sixth wails Sean Bean and Mark Zuckerberg in my Facebook, which, they say, will play at the weekend. The world is willing to make difficult global strategies with open arms – and Civilization VI has all the chances to play by the new rules.

Divide and rule

Here, of course, all as always. The screen Spikes hexagonal cells, fields, mountains, forests, mines, roads and millions of icons. Finds itself at any menu – and you will meet a wall of numbers, graphs and sliders; Traditionally impressive tree technology. Whatever the veterans told each other series, to begin play in Civilization from scratch – how to read “War and Peace” from the middle of what is happening, who are these people, for what I do all want to go home. In “Civilization” – and sixth of no exception – you need to make an effort to escape from the start not terrified. Even if you remember the basic rules, will have to spend more than a dozen minutes, “Driving” to the local pace, getting used to the posts of the text. If you are used to playing in something light, so even at hendheld, will be the first time seriously. But get over yourself – and find yourself within a grand adventure. In dishabille until four-thirty in the morning.

As before, Civilization VI begins with small: take the role of the ruler of a nation – and prepares for a little advanced version of the Stone Age. There are a bunch of settlers, a pair of soldiers, armed with the latest technology – clubs – and few resources. Then begins the evolution of humanity, set rewind: the invention of writing, wheels and stirrups, trade with its neighbors, the first war, the technological revolution … a nuclear war or colonization of Mars under the curtain. Alternative history unfolding before your eyes: Mahatma Gandhi unleash a series of nuclear attacks on Italy and the US will disappear under the axes Sumerian barbarians.

Or there will be nothing, and after you pass the course of the twentieth unique city because a fool at the initial stage – for example, is strongly embedded in culture, ignoring defense development. Or vice versa. Or hoped for a peace treaty with the nearest neighbor, which, like all good neighbors, tend to observe it exactly until the first profitable situation. In general, we missed from the hands of one of the hundreds of threads that need to keep playing the game.

The usual scheme of “Civilization” to the sixth part was enriched by several innovations. Visually, the game has become more pleasant – distant land now hidden in mist is not an abstract and beautiful “face”, as if taken from the fashionable. Civilization has always sorely lacking design – players drowned in a multilayer mechanics. Now the game is clearly breathes the spirit of adventure. Just feel like a hero of the Age of Discovery.

Foundations of diplomacy and economy

But the main innovation, of course, inside. In particular, it is now impossible to build a road – and if you are not fell off the chair, either already clocked up in the game dozens of hours, or even unfamiliar with the series. Roads, however, were – now they are laid at the expense of trade caravans, and this is an interesting tactical nuance. To build a five-band highway to the capital of a future enemy, to him it is necessary first to make friends better. And then – a knife in the back, as expected, and high-speed breakthrough on the asphalt, which a year ago trampling feet merchants. Just like in life.

The root system of the organization has changed cities. Previously allowed to be built, plus or minus anywhere, and now this is not recommended. It is necessary to weave special clusters or plots. In the game, they are called “regions”, but it is not quite an accurate description, rather – towns. It is necessary to build specialized quarters. Near the university put a school lab and library, near the barracks – military structure. Nobody forbids to pretend that we launched the fifth “Civilization,” and throw the old buildings at random, but then do not expect nice bonuses. Since the space in the cities are not so many have to choose a specialization: fit in each province by the military, cultural, and industrial cluster is not possible. As a result, a virtual state becomes slender look damn similar to modern device of large countries: here a military town, here prairie version of Oxford, everything is rich in copper, and residents of the capital to actively enjoy the benefits.


Since no system is unthinkable without the state ideology, quickly have to decide which way we go with virtual friends. Where you can walk well on the sideboard in the beginning to comply with the doctrines of ancient democracy, then switch to an absolute monarchy, and finish the job at a form of fascism. Yes, “Civilization” allows a lot. All this is not for beauty: Depending on what will preach, you will open a special card that give certain bonuses.

Do not be afraid to seem erratic: at different times and different demands. If at the beginning of democracy in handy smooth, then it may be the meaning of the political system to paint in red.

But no matter how, no matter what religion or to put their citizens in the head, no matter how honey poured in negotiations, sooner or later you have to fight. Here it is revealed the obvious, in general, less games – an artificial opponent is too predictable. If he hands you an open hand – wait, that soon it shrinks into a fist. Sometimes, on the contrary, the neighbors behave so very strange. For example, throw your armored megacities handfuls of renegades – what, one wonders, had hoped? Online, of course, it’s different – the real players and cunning, and twist complex combinations. But there without considerable experience better not to go – eat. With friends, the game turns into a third-rate epic betrayals, their spies, dummy kings and all those memorable than the real story.

Win relatively peacefully as possible. Generally do not shed blood does not work, but there are several scenarios pacifist. In particular, make a trip to Mars – opponents of surrender, apparently struck by the idea that there are things in life more important and parochial squabbles. Work and techniques of add-ons to the previous chapter. You can sprinkle all over the world opium of the people, and to win at the expense of religious domination. But this type developers win mark as completely new. If the development of technology and culture do not like – there is nothing better than a nuclear war.

Civilization – a huge, complex and multi-layered series where so many nuances that if their list, only the chosen will survive until the end of the text. The sixth part, of course, is no exception: here you can sit for days, each batch of examining a completely new way. Even after hundreds of hours spent in the game, do not think that you have nothing to surprise. But, as always, it is – the bare mechanics heap tables, words and economical layouts, which can be relatively quickly get used to. Despite the colorful intro, familiar video game Civilization VI elements in there. Perhaps it’s for the best: Beyond Earth dared to sew in a cascade of numbers allusion to contemporary globalization – and the game carried feet forward. There is no implication of “Civilization” is probably not necessary – you are yourself and screenwriter, and director, and narrator, and Mahatma Gandhi’s nuclear suitcase.


  • Multilayer mechanic;
  • hundreds of hours of gameplay;
  • crazy variability;
  • small but important changes;


  • confusing interface;
  • AI without a higher education;
  • A scattering of minor technical flaws.


  • Platform: PC
  • Tested on: PC
  • Developer: Firaxis
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Localization: yes (text and audio)
  • Cost: $59.99 on Steam
  • System Requirements: OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10; Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2,5 GHz or AMD FX8350 @ 4,0
  • GHz; Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 770 or AMD 7970; RAM: 8 GB; Free space on disk storage: 12 GB.
  • Similar games: a series of Total War, Age of Wonders, Making History, Rise of Nations
  • Should you buy the game now: yes

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