Microsoft had created an analogue Touch Bar in 2009

| November 5, 2016

There are things that will never forgive Steve Ballmer, the former head of Microsoft. There are things that will never be forgotten. For example, still remembers how Steve Ballmer laughed at the iPhone, predicting the failure of Apple’s smartphone. Today he no longer laughs, and success of the iPhone seem staggering, especially given the failure of smartphones in the mobile operating system from Microsoft. 9 years later, Ballmer explained his behavior to Bloomberg.

He said he was embarrassed by the high cost of the device. In his view it was very difficult to sell something for $600-$700. However, Apple has sold. For this, according to Steve, the company should be grateful to the ingenious idea to sell smartphones with the contract and binding to the operator.

And find out another interesting fact. It turns out that in 2009, Microsoft has created a prototype of the keyboard with something very reminiscent of Touch Bar, which can be seen in the new the Pro the MacBook . And work on the keyboard began in 1999. The project is called the «Adaptive Keyboard». Now it is interesting for all to see, but, alas, do not bring bold ideas of fame and fortune, until they are implemented in a good product.

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