Mobile Surveillance: Overview of YI Home Camera, Hikvision DS-2CD1410F-IW and Foscam C1

| November 5, 2016

These devices are designed to be installed exclusively indoors and convenient remote-controlled using a smartphone from anywhere in the world where mobile communication is available.

Being connected to the home network, enable the camera to shoot video in HD-quality (1280×720 resolution), which is pretty good by today’s standards. A built-in speaker and microphone allow using these inexpensive gadgets to organize a two-way voice communication – and this is also a very significant plus. Of course, the use of such a camera as a video intercom can not steal it at the first opportunity. But with such a device to organize a home surveillance is quite possible. What for? Well, you never know. The camera will come in handy to look after unruly children forever, baby monitors with severe affectionate parent voice. For video surveillance for the elderly and / or people too much quite suitable, and these people do not have to understand all of the intricacies of working with some communication applications for remote communication. Well, the look and feel of the camera will be able pets. It is always so interesting to see what kind of puppy gnawed new shoes. It must be the first to send a happy new owners!

Finally, the camera can record video to a memory card if you do not have the opportunity to watch “broadcast” online. Also useful thing. This will make sure that no adult is your son-grader made a home picnic with friends and bred fire on the carpet, not a cat, who once thought.

YI Home Camera

YI Home Camera sometimes mistakenly associated with the brand Xiaomi, but in fact the camera produces the company Xiaoyi. Although we make any difference? The main thing that worked well.

Scope of delivery, design and ease of installation

A neat box, which immediately shows the characteristics of the camera, makes a good impression. However, after opening the package I covered the light dissonance. Glossy black, or rather even dark gray dark chamber filled the pristine white USB cord and of the same color USB power adapter. Fortunately, the best of the two-meter long USB cable to help restore emotional balance. And yes, get ready for reading instruction in English, Spanish, Italian, French or German.

Cylindrical camera body cap on the tail of a black and glossy, the back of the matte. Accumulated dust on the glossy noticeable too good to be silent about it modestly. Along the perimeter of “hats” are microphone hole, micro USB connector to power the camera and a slot for a micro SD memory card. Barely perceptible a button Reset disappeared behind the speaker grilles among niches.

The camera body is held on a stand by means of two latches. The camera rotates freely, allowing you to easily align “littered horizon” if the rack is installed / fixed not too smooth. The foot stand is able to bend in a wide range vertically, but horizontally – generally does not rotate. More precisely an attempt to turn the camera to the mount on the stem will cause that you remove it from the bottom of the stand on which the naked screw holes. In case you came into our heads to mount the camera on a wall or ceiling. Unfortunately, themselves screws with plugs in the bundle. But really, if you know what the dowels, and you probably know a couple of places where they can be purchased. With this mount is not all! In principle, the cylinder of the camera can be removed from the stand and fix the same double sided tape anywhere – on furniture, walls, window sills, etc. Elegant solution.

The application, ease of use and video quality

On the rear side of the camera suffered QR-code, and a unique number that are required when you install YI Home mobile applications. The application itself, not shelving them, just the beginning, “put a spoke in the wheel”; he categorically did not like my password. No matter how I tried, but my application persistently sent.

In this connection to power the camera all the time insisted, and said “Waiting Connect” – well, just a mockery of some sort. Eventually I caught the secret: if you look closely, it is very small shaped as letters it says that the password you need to use at least three types of characters: digits, lowercase or uppercase letters and special characters. When I finally reached to the idea of cockroaches running around in the mind of the developers of this, the connection went like clockwork. Especially since the text prompts on the screen and the voice on the camera does not give a blunder. Incidentally, I can not say that cockroaches in this case wrong. Security must be reliable. Unless, of course, you do not want your home video camera someone laid out for all to see on YouTube.

So, in the final of this action, after entering the code from the Wi-Fi network, the app generates a QR code on the mobile screen that you want to show the front of the lens, and oops – a couple of minutes the camera is already in the network and is ready to show the world around her. By the way, note, Wi-Fi network 5GHz this camera, as well as other models of the review are not supported! Only 2.4 GHz!

After all the problems with the installation program running incredibly pleased very simple and intuitive interface. It will be clear even to people not with foreign languages. To display the video from the camera need tapnut on the window with the image. However, in portrait orientation phone widescreen picture to fit within the screen, but it can move in the right direction to see the interesting details “on the edges”. And if you want to see everything at once – simply turn the screen horizontally.

Setting options for a budget camera is not poor. When you need to have a camera surveillance conducted secretly and did not advertise its activity, you can turn off the status LED – and the camera will “pretend” broken.

Pleasantly pleased with clearly distinguishable objects in the frame, even in very cloudy day in the room, saturated colors. Of course, the chamber applied the tiny light-sensitive CMOS sensor size 1/4 “, so special miracles in terms of picture quality is certainly not worth the wait. But in general it looks quite decent. The inscription on the Infrared night vision box indicates the presence of infrared light, the a camera is able to successfully shoot, even in complete darkness.

The gadget is equipped with wide-angle lens with a viewing angle as much as 111 degrees horizontally. The proportions of the image does not satisfy the gourmet, the edges of the picture is clearly not in harmony with the geometry and demonstrates the effect of “barrels”. To shoot an amateur home video is hardly fits. However, the purpose of the camera in the other – it is, for example, is able to detect a crying baby. And timely notification of alarm events. Well, you get the idea, right?

And here there is a fully customizable motion detection, which makes it possible to place the camera on the security function. Pyrosensors helping to define exactly what is moving is a living object, not here. The camera reacts to any movement, but sensitivity settings will help you choose the correct mode when the camera’s field of view, get shaken by the wind blowing the curtains and other “problem areas”. And the area of detection of motion detection can be set manually, which is a big + for a small camera.

The mobile application allows you to take photos and videos with sound in mobile memory, communicate via video with a man “on the other side of the lens” to view previously recorded files. If the images are recorded in HD quality seems too wasteful spending of flash space, the program offers to switch to a lower image quality SD (640×360). Save space on the memory card – more than 50%. In both cases, the frame rate of video at 20 frames / sec. Rollers are MP4 files, and the sound somehow written in stereo (with frequent sampling of 8 kHz, so that the domestic record music tracks will not work) despite the presence of a monaural microphone. But the actual recording with sound – plus in comparison with competitors who ignore the sound by default.


  • cool and practical design
  • wide viewing angles
  • good job in low light conditions and even in complete darkness
  • Video recording with sound


  • rather weak detail due to strong noise reduction

Hikvision DS-2CD1410F-IW

Scope of delivery, design and ease of installation

Supplied with no power supply! With that, the camera is not powered by any USB lace there, but from the external adapter 12 Q. Where, pray tell, housewives have to know what side you need to buy food, if they want to use the device as the same baby monitors? Then not every householder knows what’s what. In general, the owners of this camera will have to buy additional to it the standard 12-volt power supply for stationary cameras / video recorders. Power unit does not matter, even feeble adapter designed for current 2A enough to head. The camera consumes very little, up to 5 watts.

Now about pleasant. Stand allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees horizontally and more than 90 vertically. Locknut not only fixes the camera on the stand, but also allows you to trim “horizon” if the camera was fixed initially at random “by eye”. Itself can not just stand on a table or firmly attached dowels (included, by the way, the kit), and gently hung up on the 2 protruding from the wall. Even fixing dowels scheme for these prudently invested, so you do not have to jump at the wall with a tape measure.

The camera has the ability to connect not only on Wi-Fi, and wired network. And supported by PoE. For those who are not in the subject: the presence of PoE allows you to power the camera using the same Ethernet wire, data is transmitted via MDM. That technology is “stuck and scored” in action “! No messing around with the search for the power supply! From emotion down my cheeks rolled two brook avaricious man’s tears … Maybe that’s why the power supply is not complete? However, active network equipment (switch or router to which “stuck” camera) in this case should also support PoE technology. But with this there is a hitch. At 99.99% Home equipment PoE is no longer needed.

Among other utilities slot for microSD memory card is present in the chamber, WPS / Reset button, and even – lo – alarm input and output.

This means that the camera can be connected to a home alarm system, and it will be capable of capturing the alarm or herself to give the alarm to your home alarm system while working as a motion sensor.

In addition, there are built-in thermal sensor, which increases the value of the camera is a motion sensor. Angle pyrosensor 80 degrees horizontally, which roughly corresponds to the corner of the camera lens viewing. Due to temperature sensor, the camera features a motion zombie curtains or doors on the movement of people – from which, as we know, is based on natural heat. In pyrosensor adjustable level of sensitivity, so the sensor is able to take into account the dimensions of “suspicious” of moving objects. It is easily distinguished from cats dogs men, so it will not disturb the hosts false positives when a pet pleases frolic in front of the camera. This significantly improves the usability of this device is as an element of a home alarm system. Those who’ve spend a lot of time and nerves due to appreciate.

The application, ease of use and video quality

The camera is available on the network computers through a browser, as the usual IP Camera. (For other cameras in this review can also be easy to get a similar remote access, because they all use the standard RTSP protocol, but that is a separate issue). There are several options, but we will use recommended by the manufacturer for mobile access to the camera: using EZVIZ applications. There are two ways of authorization – by mail and by phone number. Alas, when you try to check-in waiting “ambush” my phone number: SMS with a verification code is not necessary, given that for the password program assigns a very limited time. I had to go the usual way, to register by mail. Then they chase the cockroaches – for some reason asked twice to enter the address of the electronic mailbox.

I started, as usual, with a wireless connection. And for good reason. When connecting the program are kindly requested to scan the smartphone’s camera at the QR-code to connect your camera to find out her number. However, an error is thrown when attempting to connect – the device is not on the network.

Having a couple of failure with a wireless connection (by all means provided for in the program) and in 2 different networks, I ate the soup. Other then the camera is connected about wireless with no problems! Well Hikvision Thu twisted! But we are not born to do. Spitting on Wi-Fi, I connected the camera via Ethernet lace to a wired network – and all to connect. But with a buoy that should pull the users nerves? What’s the fastest Gonzalez came up for Hikvision this connection procedure? The answers to these questions only God knows and Hikvision.

But back to our Dobermanns. To view / video recording are three video quality: LD, SD and HD. Those that smaller, reduce the load on the network and help avoid large lags for remote viewing over the Internet. Videos on the official information the manufacturer is written at 25 frames / s, but I for some reason, it was recorded at a frequency of 8-10 frames / s at a maximum even HD quality. Therefore, sudden movements in front of the camera it is better not to do – break up the frame on large pixels. Videos in HD quality is quite decent for such a device level, while light “mylnost” image of the intense work system still evident (this does not mean that the galaxy is in danger, just when shooting indoors on a cloudy autumn day Therefore another way is impossible). Video recording is without sound.

When this function is motion detection camera, when he saw that something was wrong, anxious howling siren – to scare the intruder. However, it retains the “damning video” and craps on your smartphone owner notice that for some reason is only displayed in the application itself and not on the screen, the phone alerts.

The camera automatically writes the video only on movement, a screenshot, or record manually you can activate with the interface on your phone. By default the encryption option is enabled the image allegedly not allowing outsiders to view the captured videos. But in fact, they can be viewed without any problems in any decent player, so this stupid can safely disable option – it will create inconvenience to you.

The application allows you to translate the screen in quad mode, viewing up to 4 cameras at once. Conveniently, shove cameras in different rooms. Also available is a handy search stored video in the archive, with reference to a specific date.

Hikvision company is serious and respects the scope of reasonable standards – in the model installed 2.8 mm lens with a viewing angle of about 76 degrees. It is enough to cover an overview of a large area of the apartment, and at the same time, not so much as to cause severe distortion of the geometry of the image, like discussed here competing cameras. Night lighting is quite powerful, it stated the effective range of 10 meters. And given that the infrared rays in the room is also reflected by light walls, the camera shoots at night in a small room is excellent even in absolute darkness.


  • support wired Ethernet connection
  • alarm input and output
  • built-in pyrosensor


  • no power supply included
  • strange features wireless connectivity

Foscam C1

Foscam brand young, but energetic. User reviews about Foscam cameras are not full of negative evaluations, and this alone characterizes the brand in a positive way.

Scope of delivery, design and ease of installation

The bundle is detected the camera itself, USB power adapter and six-foot USB cable to it, in the English language instruction plus a couple of papers, including the English-language label warning that surveillance is conducted.

Unlike Yi, here there is no feeling of dissonance: the camera and the power cord and adapter made in black. The camera body, except for the front panel is made of matte plastic, as well as support. Handprints on the settled dust on the body are practically invisible, and it is important for everyone who has a hobby – not cleaning. The front panel is glossy, but the dust on it almost not delayed. Well, except that if you deploy the camera lens up. Stand, among other things, allows you to adjust the tilt of the camera in the range of more than 180 degrees.

Rotation will have to adjust by turning the camera on a removable substrate supports. But be careful: in one of the provisions of the basal plate stand “disappears” to allow access to the holes for dowels, which can be attached to the base stands a wall or ceiling. Slightly warped that the new device on a metal plate stands already showing initial signs of corrosion. But let us consider this unfortunate accident.

The camera itself can be removed from the stand but fix on any smooth surface will not work. It will interfere with the protrusion for attachment. It is also not regulated camera rotation around the axis of the lens, which makes the device suitable for mounting procedure very carefully – not to the horizon was “tipsy”.

Camera pleased abundance of functionality: here you and a microSD card slot, and a connector for a wired connection to an Ethernet network and the WPS button for “dummies” using the Wi-Fi network, and even knopulka SoftAP is – to get the camera to become an access point for other wireless Wi-Fi devices. Lepota!

The application, ease of use and video quality

For remote viewing as an IP camera from your computer, you must install the Web client and mobile gadgets using a program with the unpretentious title Foscam. Connection is not particularly unique. For wireless cameras will be asked to enter the network password and scan the QR code on the camera.

The menu provides the ability to change the camera name, password, firmware updates, time synchronization with a mobile phone, setting the detection alarms, etc .. But the options for working with memory card and software access point, I did not find there. Although much sought after. In addition, the application can hang out when navigating the menu when the camera is turned off and / or there is no connection. And when restarting the device, for example, if briefly lost electricity for normal operation of the camera application has to be restarted, otherwise many of the settings are not available, although the opportunity to view the “live” video from the device is stored.

The program allows you to turn off the blue LED activity on the body. However, unfortunately, the infrared LED night light then shine brightly even in the visible red spectrum, so “quietly” to use the camera will only in the afternoon. But thanks to the infrared camera sees illumination in the dark is not worse than in bright light, although monochrome, of course, light. Range of IR illumination is stated in the 8 meters. Almost any typical living room of this is enough. Unfortunately, and automatic night light turns on too early, and the image becomes black and white mode when the camera is still perfectly capable of shooting in color with decent contrast.

As for the image. The video quality here is adjusted flexibly – slider. The image in the maximum HD quality is very pleased, it is considered the best among the cameras: the most accurate, small parts are distinguishable. Video is written with a frequency of about 10 frames / s, so that the camera without claims for fixation of dynamic movements. Video recording is done by default without a sound. The made recordings on the album divided into photos and videos, and sorted in chronological order.


In an effort to reach the maximum field of view Foscam outdone common sense has set the camera lens with horizontal viewing angles as much as 115 degrees. The resulting image at the edges of the sides just arches. I would not recommend to shoot with this camera family celebrations such as extinguishing the candles on the birthday cake. But for the supervision of the behavior of households camera will fit perfectly, and security features it has: in the presence of a built-pyrosensor works with motion detection setting schedules and adjustable sensitivity – in order to avoid false positives from every domestic animal.

Security functions the device performs properly and in identifying suspicious movement camera will emit a loud ding-dong and shove you to the mobile notification that something was wrong and it’s time to move rolls to take action. Unfortunately, no video or photographic images even an alarm event is not carried out. It offers a list of event type “xs, but something happened.” You want to know that – connect and watch a “live” broadcast. It is allowed to configure the camera response not only to the suspicious movement, but also the sound.

Videos are allowed to be stored in the cloud. Complete camera has a curious piece of paper, in which the first item is written Unlimited cloud store space, but as it turned out – it’s not free.

It is unlikely that the budget camera buyers will want to use the paid cloud storage, especially in our the country. But in general, you ate like appearance Foscam C1 – take. You will not regret. It is worthy of a home camera for your money.


  • support wired Ethernet connection
  • a built-in motion pirodetektor
  • best image quality in HD-mode


  • No adjustment of the camera rotation around the axis of the lens


I will not impose on you any specific model or something to recommend. All options are good in their own way. YI Home Camera attracts a low price, the possibility of covert surveillance, recording video with sound alarms simultaneously with notifications. Hikvision DS-2CD1410F-IW can be connected to alarm systems, home security system adding another important element. Well Foscam C1 has a wide viewing angle and shows the best the quality of the image detail. Pick and choose what you like.


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