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| November 4, 2016

To return to the Dark Knight to the screens of monitors can be treated differently. Someone rightly says that Warner Bros. simply decided to cut the money. Say, all this we have already seen, and to go to the hospital Arkham after five minutes masterpiece Arkham Knight – stupidity. Others argue: the collection for the current generation of consoles is really different from the original releases. Here and better engine, and the quality of textures pulled – one of Batman cape is worth. The truth, as usual, somewhere in between Batman: Return to Arkham please casual gamers, but runs the risk of disappointing fans of the gaming universe.

Press the X to release the game

The history of the development of Return to Arkham interesting in itself. Announced in the summer and created a Chinese company forces, which has already distinguish frankly bad Fable port on the Xbox 360, this compilation from the beginning caused too many questions. Videos and screenshots that accompany the title, is not impressive, and doubly guarded release transfer. According to the official version, the collection remaster postponed from the desire to lick the game to the last detail. Rumor also attributed the left for the end of October Batman serious technical problems, like the ones that happened to PC-version of Arkham Knight. Say, will live, but painful and long.

Evil tongues were partly right. Return to Arkham and the truth can not enroll in a narrow club games with a good optimization. General feeling – very strange. Imagine being in your favorite coffee that you drink over the years, the original Barista put a new ingredient. The result seems to be good, but a completely different taste. Almost the same thing happened with a collection of Warner Bros. Cup is the same as a taste.

Return to Arkham created exclusively for owners of the current generation of consoles. Consequently, the target audience of the project started as a seasoned web who have seen the original games on their PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as people who combine Sony’s and Microsoft acquired recently. They just issues should be a minimum. A completely different story with those who Arkham Asylum and Arkham City in the original took place.

Redraw it immediately

The first thing dumbfounded – this, of course, the picture. Beat the anvil on the head, which is so noisy shouting PR Warner Bros., has not happened, but do not notice the change of Unreal Engine 3 Unreal Engine 4 is simply impossible. High-resolution textures, the picture became much clearer, and the cape of Batman – is too good to appear on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Unfortunately, this good side remaster end, and begins a field notorious.

Those who are used to seeing Arkham-trilogy in grotesque colors, will be disappointed. The color scheme, as is the case with many alterations, went to light, if not cheerful colors. Next – physics. Console gamers with the experience must have noticed that moving the Dark Knight has become. First, it discourages, after – you begin to get used to. However, the discomfort does not leave for a long time, because before anything like this in a series of Rocksteady was not. Neither the Asylum and City, or in the latest Arkham Knight.

Several above mentioned problems with unstable framerate. So, they do take place, and the sensations in Arkham Asylum (debut chapter cycle) subsidence fps is slightly larger than in the later published Arkham City. It turns funny: an older game without an open world on Xbox One works worse than with built-in “sandbox”.

Of course, no one bothers to say that most of these “cons” – pure nitpicking, you just go to options and improve range of taste. the impression is formed only in the first few minutes. And spend them on tuning range for yourself – very fun for everybody. With the same success we can say: “Hey, guys, in Fallout 4 graphics are not very good, but in fact it is possible to improve the modes!”. You can, you can, that’s just dancing with a tambourine around the options – the fate of enthusiasts. Nothing against it, we have not just on consoles something with their hands from time immemorial been made. A textbook performance problems can not be solved by programming.

Passing Return to Arkham, do not get tired amazed. On the one hand, it can be clearly seen that the remaster worked on – perhaps even several years. What is there – there is almost everything is banal redrawn. Another thing that impressed spoil the very small parts of which an impression. What the artists and designers have removed some of the effects and details of the characters? Against the background of most of with the PlayStation 3, this collection looks like a role model to fans to cut lung money on hits of the past.

Just starting material developers caught painfully good. Games Rocksteady Studios – as precise, but extremely delicate mechanism. Break it – a piece of cake, and Return to Arkham it almost happened. Purely due to technical problems. The rest – if you have never run before these games on your PS3 or Xbox 360, buy and pass a novelty worth. Especially in Arkham Asylum is finally correct localization – subtitles. But fans of the universe is a collection of get round. Too it uncomfortable for those who knocked “Platinum” in the City and Asylum. Too “is not his.”


  • still the best series by Batman;
  • altered picture pleasing to the eye;
  • the presence of the Russian language in Arkham Asylum.


  • subsidence fps and strange physics;
  • too “light” color scheme is the default;
  • unprincipled reprint.


  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Tested on: Xbox One
  • Developer: Rocksteady Studios and Virtuos
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
  • Localization: yes (Text)
  • Related games: Batman Arkham Knight, The Legend of Zelda, Splinter Cell
  • Should you buy the game now: yes

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