Review Game Hitman: The Complete First Season

| November 10, 2016

Agent 47 – a cold-blooded, taciturn and devilishly charismatic bald killer – this year returned to the world of video games. When in January 2016 IO Interactive announced that the game will be issued on the episodes in the style of the TV show, gamers have made a sharp breath in anticipation of another failure and mockery of your favorite gaming universe. However, ten months later, all honest fans can only apologize to publishers and developers for their lack of faith. The first season Hitman was right on target, and it is time to sum up the results of the experiment.

Gentlemen, we have a revolution!

Not to say that Square Enix have come up with something revolutionary. Telltale Games – previous patron episodic genre – previously unsuccessfully operated a similar format to The Walking Dead, The Wolf among Us, and even in Minecraft. But, with all due respect to the French developers, their titles are clearly not pulling on the AAA, and were no match for the franchise with a multimillion army of fans, glorious history and a serious reputation. Even if slightly tarnished Hitman: Absolution.

Seven months after the release of skeptics squeezed into a corner. IO Interactive have revealed the world truly committed six chapters in the history of the adventures of a bald superkillera. Each – with diverse locations and a unique set of opportunities to work full blood money of the customer. Among the new products – “Escalation” mode, where you must eliminate the purpose of certain weapons under the cover of the stipulated and following a clear set of instructions. And, of course, inherited from Absolution game got Contracts mode, where you can announce a reward for the head of malware, how to choose the best execution of the order and share the contracts with your friends on the network.

A shot rang out, desperate cry … “47 minutes”

Specific words of admiration deserves innovation “elusive goal.” Minor candidates for fish feed, throws IO Interactive in the familiar scenes – a test for even the most experienced killers bald. At the beginning of each mission to the elusive goal given orientation and photos, as well as the timer starts counting down until the end of events. Dips job – a second chance no one will. On liquidation given only one attempt. As you can guess, elusive goal normally inhabit the least studied locations, so it all right to act according to the situation and to be extremely careful.

The action of the first episode is set in a Parisian ch√Ęteau on pathos reception eccentric Russian oligarch. A truly great-looking presentations on the industry, in fact, the level was one of the smallest. In this gorgeous setting and trivial supply relationships celebrity, heartily seasoned trademark sarcasm made the head of the Paris adventure Hitman one of the most interesting and memorable. After the first episode, comes the understanding that sections Challenges and Opportunities in the main menu is not built for beauty. unique achievements system – one of the best innovations of the new Hitman. It is a paradise for gamers-perfectionists and those who wish to enjoy the poetry of assassinations by 100%. At the same time they emphasize the main advantage of the game – a mad replayability each mission.

During the second mission, the player will go to the south of Italy, and only there we will be able to feel the verge of an epic plan villains from IO Interactive. Scenery glamorous party in the capital of the fashion world are replaced by scenery quiet Italian town. However, the ability to collect Hitman bloody harvest in this chapter are truly endless. That there is at least a shot of the main malicious program from 12-pound Spanish colonial guns. Or murder goals medieval blunt scalpel, in the garb of a plague doctor of the Renaissance. If the nerves will fail – you can always take away the cigarette addict cannabis, sit down on the bell tower and open the season of hunting sniper.

The third chapter of the game once again transformed beyond recognition. Wide spaces are replaced by the Apennine province on the busy streets of the Moroccan capital, in any maturing next revolution. Annoying traders in the markets, aggressive youth, the time correct the soldiers and the general atmosphere of impending storms create with nothing comparable experience. Know here the watchful eye of security will monitor your every move. Bald head Hitman shines under the hot sun brighter light bulbs Illich.

Mission in Thailand, which will leave a red tie, and, not to luxuriate by the pool and take a look at the beauties in bikinis, meets another change of scenery. “Hotel Hotel” mission, in principle, not unusual Hitman fans. That there is only one episode in the brilliant Budapest Contracts 12-year-old. However, the mission in Bangkok, probably will not yield the elimination Fuchs brothers. The abundance of closed rooms, the crowd milling around the hotel bandits and limited opportunities masking the real test will be the ability thrifty and patient assassin.

The estate in Colorado, which will throw the next ICA contract style passing more like a Metal Gear Solid. The elimination of four heavily protected sites in the middle of the camp of mercenaries PMCs? As for the One-Eyed Snake, and nothing is impossible for the Bald here. Even though the guards fortified manor is clearly sitting on the changes and are ready to shoot indiscriminately at all suspicious. Help comes pure stealth, where the shadow and dusk – the best friends of the thief, sneaking in the night with a bar code at the back. Colorado allows you to show remarkable ingenuity on the part of the disguise. Otherwise digest a whole load of lead pellets will not even very bald killer.

The final episode of the first season of adventures shall stretch on the coast of Japan, a high-tech private clinic in the mountains of Hokkaido. Pretends to be orderly and choke patients for Hitman – employment is not new. And if so – we turn up our sleeves and begin to develop the heavy and thankless path of Dr. Mengele. The last level is stronger than the other episodes of pressure on nostalgia for the classical part of the Hitman. Perhaps that IO Interactive says goodbye to the fans until the next season, reserving the most delicious for the final walk.

Sweet charm bloody aftertaste

Just looking back at seven months ago, you begin to understand what a stroke of genius made developers entering model of content delivery. We investigated every nook and cranny Sapienza or Marrakech, finding new ways to accomplish the mission, if it had not languished waiting for the next episode? Probably not. Considering how many releases AAA blockbusters fallen on us in 2016, is unlikely to be engaged anyone except the most dedicated fans of Mister 47th. IO Interactive, with its truly MAT pauses gently pushed us to to enjoy the game at 100%.

Despite the love for the brilliant Contracts and Blood Money, Hitman 2016 – undoubtedly the most spectacular event in the series for many years. Brilliant work on Absolution errors while maintaining a positive innovation, sparkling black humor, an abundance of unique features for assignments simply force us to praise IO Interactive for the excellent work on the beloved series.


  • verified gameplay;
  • amazing variety and replayability;
  • corporate humor.


  • high price in case of purchase of individual episodes.


  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Tested on: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: IO Interactive
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Release date in Russia: 11 March 2016 (first episode)
  • Localization: yes (text and audio)
  • System Requirements: OS not below Windows 7 64-bit; Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3,3 GHz or AMD
  • Phenom II X4 940; 8 GB of RAM; video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870; free space on the disk storage: 30 GB.
  • Related Games: Hitman Contracts, Hitman Blood Money.
  • Should I buy now: yes

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