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| November 4, 2016

Titans came back – action about pilots and iron monsters got full story campaign, new entertainment in the network portion, and in this season quite seriously enter into battle with the Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Genre Action
Publisher Electronic Art
Developer Respawn Entertainment
Minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i3-4130t 2,9 GHz / AMD FX-4200 3.3 GHz, 8 GB of the RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2 GB of memory, for example, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7850, 45 GB hard ROM, Internet connection and an account in Origin
Recommended Processor Intel Core i5-6600 3,3 GHz / AMD FX-8370 4.1 GHz, 16 GB of the RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 6 GB of memory, for example, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date October 28, 2016
Age qualification 18 years
Platform PS4, Xbox One, PC

The game is tested on a PC.

Released two years ago Titanfall all together praised and cautiously predicted a great, almost cyber future – but in a month about unusual shooter somehow just forgotten together. And it was not even in the absence of the story campaign or long-term support of the publisher with constant updates – rather, the problem lay in the field of marketing and consumer behavior scenarios. For many years, Call of Duty and of Battlefield, or rather their multiplayer modes, with varying success, but to satisfy the needs of millions of players in terms of “fun to shoot at each other.” Another great game just did not fit into the already long been divided between the other giants of the market.

Titanfall 2 boldly stepped forward from the original game – there was a full-fledged single player story and multiplayer has become even more diverse, harder and louder. However, it seems that on the commercial performance of the sequel is weak influence – for some strange reason, Electronic Arts created the game voluntarily difficult fate, releasing it straight between his own Battlefield 1 (unexpectedly excellent) and promising Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Official publisher’s position, saying that audiences do not overlap projects – it is possible, but that’s money and, most importantly, time to play with potential buyers still are not infinite.

Sales forecasts and early results confirm the above, and everything goes to the repetition of the situation with the original game. I’d like to turn analyst and begin to give advice to a multibillion-dollar corporation how to release the game – for example, the plant releases Titanfall Battlefield 2 and 1 with a difference of half a year. But we refuse this temptation: Electronic Arts wonderful to live without our instruction, but she Titanfall 2, if we abstract from all the marketing, is simply wonderful game.

Robot and the man

Inexperienced Jack Cooper after unsuccessful military operation is a dying pilot who manages to convey the protagonist in the management of its own titanium Beaty-7274. Then the pair operates together to save the entire planet from the evil corporation IMC and its greedy mercenaries. The central theme of the story – the connection of the pilot, and titanium; Concept and execution of some elements reminiscent of the children’s motion pictures – for example, the “City of Heroes”, “Living Steel”, and a whole galaxy of Disney-Pixar cartoon. Although the writers Respawn Entertainment still has room to grow – this “chemistry” is not felt between the characters, and predictable ending did not give a strong emotional effect.

The first half of the campaign in general leaves a lot of questions: first of all – what could I do such a passing shooter, except for show. Shacks levels (mountains, drainage, some dilapidated base) plot movement and occasional banal conversations between Cooper and titanium; the latter plays the role of voice-over commentator and the voice of the current goal – it is clear that we are talking about a robot, but virtually devoid of tone of voice at some point it becomes boring to listen to.

But in the second half begins this rock ‘n’ roll that would never abandon the idea, “Damn, that’s one of the best single player campaign in such games – any of Battlefield, any Call of Duty over the past five years is nothing like it was not simple “. Here and puzzle levels, almost a mixture of (normal) Mirror’s Edge and Portal – precision parkour over the precipice with moving platforms interspersed with high-speed shooting enemies. Special mention should level with manual switching time – Jack Cooper gets a device that allows you to jump between the past and the future at the same location. Of course, in different times, different opponents – to flee from the huge creatures, for respite are following a different time, and then waiting for an army of robots and enemy soldiers. Or jumping between ships during loud air battle – simply breathtaking.

It would seem that in the modern shooter first person we’ve seen it all. Nevertheless, the sense of a fundamentally new mechanics mixed with nostalgic feelings of love with unusual representatives of the genre (the same first Mirror’s Edge and Portal 2, Bulletstorm partial and early Modern Warfare). In short, even in 2016 Titanfall 2 manages to surprise.

The ability to sit in a titanium brings even more diversity. Hero playfully running around the walls and shoot enemies from the air, and then gets into a walking tank and emits a dozen homing missiles – if you get into another game without changing the context of what is happening. In the final, we are waiting for a real war, where groups of allied and enemy titans go at each other wall – explosions, rumbling, grinding metal, small cockroaches soldiers are worn under your feet.

The same titanium and fight with the bosses – here, though not in all cases interesting staging fights. The first three “lieutenants” easier to kill at the same tactics, using the standard weapons and shelter. But the last boss is more interesting – particularly sharply directed by battle with a flying titanium on the roof of the aircraft.
In general, the final two to three hours rather short single-player campaign – this sea of fresh impressions and demonstrations stunning game design ideas. Add to this the same number of levels so great plot just – would, no joke, one of the best action games generation.

Battle on the decline

Network of the cost without revolutionary changes, but the overall sensation develops in the right way – above all, the speed and dynamics became even more. There was a hook-Cat, allows you to instantly leave the current position and fly up (although the range from the gadget is small – 30-40 meters without thinking, no more), and after a mistimed challenge from Sprint operates at a much greater distance.

Generally, to list all the details and updated mechanics, probably not much point. Simply just become more – and the unique abilities of the pilot, like the materialization of a different point in space, and garnet with beautiful special effects, and the most diverse weapons. Slightly changed the approach to the Titans – now the steel monsters gear tied to class and put more emphasis on the accumulation of a superweapon, which allows to destroy any enemy for a few seconds. But robotic exoskeletons are still quite vulnerable – when the correct sequence of actions can cause considerable damage and a regular pilot if successful will throw a grenade “the scruff” giant.

Maps still does not provide for the massive multiplayer battles – 8 of 8 is the maximum Titanfall 2. But the expanded role of the AI crowd – with the players running around not only conventional infantry, but also numerous robots of all sizes – from beetles to three-meter with bombs louts capable pat including Titans.

Best of all, fighting madly obtained multidimensional – pilots on foot are more focused on each other and the enemy infantry, and the Titans mostly similar. But this “worlds” still cross – AI robots have an impact on all the participants of the battles, and the lone pilot David at the right time can kill Goliath-titanium and turn the tide of battle.

Finally a few words about the notorious optimization. PC version of Titanfall 2 as a whole does not suffer from buggy scripts and not too demanding on resources. But it did not escape the sore side with dynamic resolution – at some point (especially in multiplayer) image becomes more “soap” and the permit if falls. Besides bug gets suddenly includes windowed mode. The game already released a patch, such as the fix above and a number of related things, but at the time of this writing, and taking screenshots of the problem was urgent.


  • Second half of the single-player campaign is very, very cool;
  • Deep and complex mechanics of the multiplayer game;
  • General dynamics and rhythm.


  • Campaign is too short, and the first level is not impressive;
  • Whether players online small, whether their system of selection does not work.
Graphic arts This is by no means a breakthrough – an ordinary AAA game of this generation with good scenery, small levels and weak facial animation. While everything happens so quickly and cheerfully, not even have time to look around.  
Sound Loud, epic, qualitatively. But music is not memorized.  
Single player game The final level – is something amazing. For them to survive is the first location and generally buy the game. The best experience with the times, perhaps, Modern Warfare 2.  
Multiplayer The same as two years ago, but more and more diverse. A good option for those who are tired of the CoD and Battlefield.  
general impression The varied and deep shooter, which again became the victim of the controversial marketing.  



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