Ride on Mercedes E-Class with autopilot

| November 3, 2016

Talking about beauty – a thankless task, but I think very few people would argue with me that this car looks amazing. This revolution did not happen, the new E-Class has adopted a family traits in the flagship S-Class, the only difference is in the details.

Class division in terms of exterior and interior is almost gone, everything is unified. If you are not an ardent fan of the brand, it will be difficult to go to answer, what to you model. The logic of the new line of Mercedes is the most that neither is a smartphone: three on the same type of model, differing only in size and feature set.

Dream Gadgets

Designers made the impossible: create an interior that looks organically in the classic sedan and thus affects its futuristic.

We tried to structure their impressions from what he saw, or emotions out schoolgirl, first visited the concert of Egor Creed.

What we liked?

Chairs: They are soft, beautiful, with excellent lateral support. Rollers spooled in the corners, providing additional support. For a fee in the driver’s seat massage function can be set. The necessary thing, especially on long journeys: includes one of nine modes and fly 200 kilometers a 20.

Adjustments chairs: Another elegant solution Mercedes – adjust the seat brought to the door. To sit comfortably, do not have to blindly grope buttons.

Double glazing Sit in the car – and silence. You drive 100, 120, 140 km / h … I heard only as a change of the next track from the new album OneRepublic. It’s amazing.

Panoramic screens: At the wheel of the E-class, I felt like the captain of “Enterprise” of the Star Trek movie. In front of me turned around panorama from two huge screens that are displayed dashboard, navigation, multimedia and more. The joint between the two is almost imperceptible, so it seems that this is one big screen.

For most of the dashboard, you can select multiple design options – virtual dials, navigation option instead of the tachometer and design in the style of Tesla Model S.

It looks cool, but I would like to be able to put third-party themes and widgets.

The screen is not touch-sensitive, and this has both pluses and minuses. On the one hand, they will not be covered by the prints, on the other – to poke at the screen is still comfortable. To manage the system Mercedes offers three ways: washer, trackpad, and touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel.

Washer and trackpad. System control is concentrated in the armrest on the trackpad and the washer underneath. In fact, they overlap, and it would be possible to do something alone. Clicking them comfortable, feels trackpad similar to that of the MacBook.

Touch a button on the steering wheel. There are two touch-sensitive buttons that control the information on the instrument panel on the steering wheel. It is interesting, but rather for the sake of counter chips.

Apple CarPlay. The new E-class support Apple CarPlay. The familiar screen with icons located on the central display, and then everything is standard: Siri, Apple Music, cards, calls, messages.

Contour lights. The lounge has a contour illumination, you can choose from 64 colors. It looks impressive, especially when you ride the city at night. Like, just thingies, lights, but damn nice.

What we did not like?

Decorative elements are several options for interior decorative elements, and most of them – lacquered.

This is a wonderful collector prints and scratches. Approximately how iPhone Jet Black – beautiful, but at a distance. The most practical and, in my opinion, beautiful design option – “a coarse brown ash.”

A nice wood texture and looks more and more pleasant to the touch.

Autopilot vs Drivers

Click on the button Ā«Start EngineĀ», expect from this car not only comfort but also safety. Here comes the fun part. The new E-class is just packed with a variety of “helpers” who carefully watch the road, the vehicle and the driver.

  • The projection on the windshield with navigation;
  • Departure Control for continuous marking line;
  • The sound and vibrates when moving the right direction;
  • Respect speed limits according to the signs. It works, it really recognizes them;
  • Adaptive headlights with 84 light-emitting diodes.
  • Autopilot for a short time.

In terms of autonomous driving new E-Class feels confident: the signs monitors, quietly take turns, even able to rebuild on the indicator signal. But long hands off the steering wheel is not necessary to remove. The system starts to get nervous, signal, they say, went to sleep or something, take everything into their own hands. If time does not react, the car will rise, rooted to the spot, right in the middle of the road.

Excellent working rudder system: monitors the marking and does not allow to cross the solid or pull over. On the projection screen immediately lights up the warning, the car is a little bit slow down and returns you to the band.

In addition, it is able to slow down in front of their own obstacles, avoiding collisions. It works fine, but too impulsively he does. As a student of the driving school on the first lesson – and sharply at the floor.
After passing three traffic lights so I disabled this feature away from sin.

Artificial intelligence in general was quite nervous and overly cautious. We decided to change lanes without through the dotted line? Car dissatisfied vibrates the steering wheel, and reduces the rate of return you back to the strip. It seems safe, but sometimes reaches the point of absurdity.

But from what I really was delighted because it is from the headlights. Adaptive headlights, each with 84 LEDs perfectly illuminate the road and do not dazzle oncoming lane and the car in front. The car itself off section and the like conducts light.

Future is now

No, but the beginning is very optimistic. Autopilot still nervous, cautious, and very afraid to throw the steering wheel. It seems that the system must follow the driver, but it is the other way around.

Today, the car can not do just the autopilot, and you know it well. Behind the wheel of the new E-Class gets great pleasure from driving. It does not want to “drown”, this car was not created for this purpose. It is enough to sit in a comfortable chair, include massage, your favorite music and just get pleasure from the process of the drive.

With regard to the autopilot – this is the future, and soon. In the meantime, you can sometimes give a steer artificial intelligence, like his son, who had just learned not to license and begging for a ride with friends on the weekends.

Entrust is possible, but far from the steering arms are not clean.

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