Ten facts about the New MacBook Pro

| November 3, 2016

Ten facts about the presentation of the new MacBook Pro – in short, that, no doubt, turned out very well. If you develop the idea, then you need to wait for samples and try Touch Bar yourself. But first things first…

1. I’ll start with the main, above the keyboard added a touch panel, in each program, it can behave in different ways, and to work as a standard set of function keys – F1-F8 fans will not be disappointed. Perhaps this is the right decision for MacOS, tending to become closer to iOS. The iMessage can use emoticons in programs for special DJ set of icons and commands in “Photoshop”, too. You can pay with Apple Pay, you can quickly log in using Touch ID (is the second generation of the sensor) to quickly and accurately adjust the volume and brightness. As long as these professionals have questions, normal users are sure to please even “touch Haydee,” enter a code every time bored, and rejoice in Apple Pay. And it’s safe! While it is possible to discuss the usefulness of the panel, its capabilities, but talk more about this when the living specimen in his hands. Touch Bar panel will be installed in the MBP 13 and 15, so that no one would be offended.

2. For those who do not need a Touch Bar, is a modification of MBP 13 with normal keyboard without a touch screen, in fact, it turns out the cheapest new MacBook Pro in the lineup.

3. What notebooks remain in the current lineup? This MacBook Air 13 – in fact, the base Apple computer, I talked about this in a recent material . Next is the MacBook, not the price, and for compactness, then MacBook Pro 13 and 15 in various configurations. Apparently, clean Air is not want like iPhone SE – advanced citizens pay for “custom”, but then the students will be able to choose a MacBook to taste.

4. In the current MBP line two colors, silver and gray space. I believe the latter will be very popular. And I note supplied, now there is no extension, but there is quite a versatile long cable USB-C is paired with the power adapter, power 87 watts.

5. Detailed specifications here , but I note that in the last play of “civilization” will without problems on all new the MBP, which is very, very good. The MBP 13 uses Intel Core i5 processors in the MBP 15 is the Intel Core i7, the graphics in is Intel Iris, in the MBP 15 is the Radeon Pro 455 with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory and Intel HD Graphics 530, switching between one or another graphic the adapter takes place automatically according to the running applications. In general, the new MBP is very fast, plus you can choose the configuration for itself without problems. If it is a normal job, mail, documents already mentioned “Civilization” several hours a day, you can buy a junior MBP 13. If you need a versatile and powerful laptop for all the problems, it is better to buy a MBP 15 c Intel Core i7 processor with a clock frequency of 2.7 GHz card Radeon Pro 455. Yes, even in the MBP 15 is 16 GB of RAM (LPDDR3 2133 MHz), it is not clear whether the increase can be – but for the first time precisely enough.

6. I was actively writing fellow, they say, what happens with the ports! How do I charge! As is now live! I think everything is logical. From the Apple reduce the number of exotics without the magnetic connector is bad, but it’s good when you can find a cable to charge the laptop in any office. Believe me, later it will. Now MacBook Pro 15 used here are the ports: four ports Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), each of which supports charging devices, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt (up to 40 Gbit / s) and USB 3.1 second-generation (up to 10 Gbit / s). Four in one! Four identical connector and with each laptop may be charged. There are no magnetic charges. No miracles. It’s good. Let’s see how quickly appear accessories with support for USB-C – I think now the transition to standard occur rapidly.

7. Keyboard, arranged like the MacBook, a huge touchpad with Force Touch, plus an additional touch panel. The keyboard will have to try the case.

8. Thank God that nowhere Delhi headphone jack. Connect can be anything you want without any adapters. Optimized microphones now are three of them – apparently, it is connected with the possibilities of MBP and the iPhone share. That is, it is more convenient to speak in different conditions.

9. I liked that the MBP 15 can be connected directly to two or even four monitors, laptop here acts as a kind of “hub” – came home, connected to displays, quietly working. That’s why need universal connectors.

10. And, of course, the new MacBook Pro is much smaller than the old – less, but the MBP 15 still weighs 1.83 kg. For mobile people will be more interesting MBP 13, the weight of 1.37 kg.

Finally add that the anniversary – a quarter of a century since the release of the first Apple notebook – noted in the company as it should. Strong lineup, cool features not seen before in the popular series products, the minimum size, weight, performance, and finally, good prices. We are waiting to sell, waiting for the samples. My old MBP 15 needs to be replaced, and the best can not be even imagined.

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