Top 10 Best Smartphones Of 2016

| November 11, 2016

This ranking will be present the top 10 of the best smart phones (ie mobile phones, augmented functionality Pocket PC) of 2016. Also taken into account are the technical characteristics of the smartphone – the amount of internal memory, quality of primary and front-facing camera, display quality) and price-performance ratio. Only flagships included in this list – that is, models, which are positioned by each manufacturer as the newest and the best smartphones in the lineup.

LeEco (LeTV) Le Max 2 32Gb

The flagship smartphone from a Chinese company LeEco (formerly known as LeTV) was introduced in China in April 2016. This model is notable because it was the first smartphone with analog audio output, as in LeEco decided to switch to all-digital standard CDLA or Continual Digital Lossless Audio (new standard for broadcasting digital audio content, avoiding excessive compression and provide the consumer with the music in the form in which it created the authors). After 5 months of this innovation, the company Apple has used in the 7th iPhone.

Of course, this is not the only advantage of the smartphone, just look at its specifications and it becomes clear that this model can compete with the flagship of the leading manufacturers of smartphones in the world: 5.7-inch screen resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, the latest operating system Android 6.0, 32 GB, and a constant 4 GB of RAM (no memory card support), support for two simok. The main camera, the Sony uses a matrix, has a fantastic resolution of 21 MP, front also impresses with its 8 megapixel. As befits a flagship model has a fingerprint reader. Battery Capacity 3100 mA⋅ch. 4-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb

The flagship of the iconic American company went on sale in late September 2016 and is scored a little feedback, so at a certain place in the ranking take a look at its specifications and the ratio of “price-quality”. Features: newest operating system iOS 10 (six iPhone was running iOS 9), the screen is 5.5-inch 1920×1080 resolution, 32 GB of internal and 3 GB of RAM. As with all iPhones, does not support external memory card and there is no support for the second SIM card. Battery capacity – 2900 mA⋅ch. Opening hours of talk time – 21 hours of standby time – 384 hours of music playback – 60 hours. There is protection from water.

iPhone 7 Plus has double the main camera (2 megapixel module 12). That sounds impressive, but it has been applied in the last year on the smartphone Huawei Honor 6 Plus and the reality was not so impressive, since the analysis of the object with two sensors blur occurs on areas of the frame, where this does not occur with the standard focus. Compared with the sixth iPhones improved aperture to f / 1.8 (in the past f / 2.2), which made it possible to pass on 50% more light; lens of six lens; optical image stabilization (OIS) for photo and video; Slo-Mo recording at resolutions up to 1080p; a special processor for processing information from the camera (Image signal processor), which makes it 60% faster than before. Can we assume the camera of iPhone 7 considered the best in the world today? Unfortunately for fans of iPhones, it is not.

The creators of the iPhone 7 decided to give up in their smart phones from analog audio to switch to all-digital standard CDLA or Continual Digital Lossless Audio. However, this is not a revolution, because the spring is used in the Chinese flagship LeEco Le Max 2. In practice, this means that the standard headphones to the 7th iPhone will not work either need an adapter, or a wireless headset from Apple, which are not cheap, and it is 159 dollars.

Why to choose exactly the model rating Apple iPhone 7 Plus is, instead of the standard version of the Apple iPhone 7, which has a resolution of 4.7 inches? In my view, the 4.7-inch iPhone with a modest resolution of 1334×750 looks anachronistic in 2016, when smartphone (ie smartphones with a screen of at least 5.5 inches and a resolution of at least 1920×1080) finally captured the world market. But it is not even in this, and that the technical characteristics of the 7th iPhone – absolutely ordinary model with only 2 GB of RAM at the time, as even the Chinese flagship in the range have 3 GB of RAM. A standard 7th iPhone is not even interesting solutions from 3rd party cameras (like the iPhone version 7 Plus). In general, owners of 7th iPhone note that it is not strong step forward in comparison with the model of the iPhone 6s, so the transition to the 7th is only the owners of iPhones in 2014 and earlier.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus has two more versions: with 128 GB of internal memory and 256 GB. But for the selected rating model with 32 GB because This amount of memory is enough for users, besides the variety most affordable cost, while 70 thousand – it’s like a lot compared to the flagships of other manufacturers, so the ratio of “price-quality” iPhone 7 Plus is clearly not in the lead, what prevents him to claim the top spot in the rankings.

Huawei Nexus 6P 64Gb

Nexus 6P – joint development of China’s largest manufacturer of smartphones (and the third in the world) and the company Google, which owns the operating system Android. Cooperation between the two tech giants has given excellent results. Specifications:. 5.7 inch screen resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, Android 6.0 operating system, 64 GB of permanent and 3 GB of RAM, support for two sims Battery capacity – 3450 mA⋅ch.

Chambers deserves special praise. Phone Arena resource experts have compared the Nexus 6P cameras and iPhone 6S Plus and put them the same points. The main camera on the Nexus 6P 12.3 megapixels is equipped with a laser autofocus and dual LED-flash. For the front camera of 8 megapixels autofocus also works. Shooting photos and videos is done with Google Camera app, very easy to learn and use. At the top of the screen, you can select the scenario modes, including flash and HDR function, and set the timer shooting. At the bottom – the shutter release, switching between the cameras and the entrance to the gallery images.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32Gb

The flagship of the leading manufacturer of smartphones in South Korea and in the world went on sale in March 2016. Specifications: 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2560×1440, the operating system Android 6.0, 32 GB of permanent and 4 GB of RAM. There is a slot for memory cards up to 200 GB. Battery capacity – 3600 mA⋅ch. If the previous flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 (as, incidentally, and all iPhones) supported only one sim card, the Samsung Galaxy S7 rid of this shortcoming, and supports 2 sim cards. 12-megapixel main camera and a 5 megapixel front camera. Samsung provides the following advantages in the smartphone camera: the lens large aperture (F1.7) and increased matrix of pixels (1.4 um) captures more light, enabling consistently receive clear and detailed pictures even in low light conditions; smartphones support Dual Pixel technology: all the pixels of the matrix have two photodiode, rather than one that allows the sensor to focus as quickly and clearly as the human eye, and Dual Pixel Technology delivers so quick and flawless autofocus that can be even the harshest capture movement in low light conditions; You can be the first to shoot in the animated motion panorama mode.

You can also note the possibility of very fast wireless charging and full water resistance (you can shoot a video for 30-40 minutes at a depth of 1 meter under water). Always active screen will display useful information on your device is locked. This function is sufficiently advanced to be switched off automatically when the smartphone is in a pocket or bag, face down or when a smartphone is almost discharged.

OnePlus3 64Gb

This model of the Chinese manufacturer was released in June 2016 and immediately received the title of “flagship killer” due to its excellent performance and an affordable price. Specifications: OS Android 6.0 (the manufacturer has announced an upgrade to the latest OS Android 7.0), AMOLED-screen 5.5-inch 1920×1080 resolution, 64 GB of non-volatile memory. If other flagships in this ranking have a RAM 3 or 4 GB, it is incredible OnePlus3 6 GB of RAM, making it the most powerful and fastest smartphone in the world. OnePlus3 ranked first in performance in the study AnTuTu resource for the first half of 2016, surpassing by a large margin models such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 6S.

OnePlus3 does not support external memory card, although the 64 GB of memory, and it is not particularly necessary. Battery capacity – 3000 mA⋅ch. There are fingerprint scanner. Support for two SIM cards.

The advantages of the model include incredible strength. Toughened glass Gorilla Glass 4, protecting the screen, to the right to test for scratch resistance. Representatives OnePlus, to prove the strength of his flagship, went to the courageous step and dropped OnePlus3 with an airplane at an altitude of about 230 meters (for comparison: the main building of Moscow State University has a height of 240 meters). Smartphone fell to the ground face down, but it did not affect its appearance or serviceability.

The OnePlus 3 set 16-megapixel Sony IMX298 sensor with an aperture of f / 2,0, optical stabilization, autofocus and phase pixel size of 1.12 microns. The front camera has an 8-megapixel sensor. Resource Phonearena in July 2016 conducted a comparative test of the flagships of the cameras, as a result of revision Phonearena gave OnePlus 3 fourth, he lost 10 HTC, LG G5, iPhone 6s and surpassed Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia X Performance. However, when compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 OnePlus chamber and 3, then 3 clearly outperforms OnePlus only as a front camera, its images with better than most basic cameras smartphones. As for the main camera Samsung Galaxy S7, the visual images with it better than the main OnePlus 3 camera.

Lenovo Vibe X3

Vibe X3 – the flagship Lenovo (the company is among the three leading smartphone manufacturers in China and in the top five – in the world). This model went on sale in late February 2016. Specifications: 5.5 inches screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, the operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop, 32 GB of permanent and 3 GB of RAM, support for two simok. The main camera is a Sony IMX230 sensor 21 megapixel, front-facing 8 megapixel. The main camera has a sensor Sony IMX230 Exmor RS with a phase autofocus. This model also produce stereo speakers that make a smartphone can be a home theater system. There is a fingerprint reader. Battery Capacity 3500 mA⋅ch, battery life talk time 31 hours, while standby time 618 hours.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 32Gb

This smartphone from Chinese brand Xiaomei, who is in the top 5 smartphone makers in the world. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro – the flagship version is a favorite of customers redmi family, whose sales in the world already has exceeded 110 million units. This model went on sale in January 2016. Specifications: 5.5 inches screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, the operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop, 32 GB of permanent and 3 GB of RAM, support for two sims. The main camera with a sensor of the Samsung 16 megapixel, front 5 megapixel. Battery capacity – 4050 mA⋅ch. (this is the best indicator of the rating, which means that this model will last longer on a single charge of its competitors).

LG G5 SE H845

The flagship of the South Korean manufacturer, which was released in April 2016. Features: 5.3-inch screen resolution of 2560×1440, 32 GB of internal memory and 3 GB of RAM, a slot for memory cards up to 200 GB. Android 6.0 Operating System. Battery capacity – 2800 mA⋅ch. And as many as three cameras: the 16-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel wide-angle camera (viewing angle – 135 degrees) and 8-megapixel front camera. The wide-angle camera is located at the same place and the main – on the rear panel. In contrast to the dual camera 7, iPhone, where image analysis is just two sensors, which may affect the worse in the frame as, because Blur may occur in some areas of the image, LG G5 is another way: do immediately two shots with two different cameras, wide-angle and the main, from which you can choose the best.

Flagship Samsung still shoot better, which is especially noticeable at night, however, when shooting portraits leads the LG, which has one more important. advantage:. the ability to make wide-angle shots with a 135 degree viewing angle” portal spent several comparisons cameras Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5, where image quality was evaluated by the blind visitors voting and experts. In a blind vote he won Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but experts have explained this victory more bright unnatural color in a Samsung camera and preferred LG G5. Therefore, it is fair to say that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5 main chamber about the same level, while at the LG G5 advantage in taking a front camera, as well as an additional advantage in the form of a wide-angle camera.

This model – the world’s first smartphone with a modular principle of the equipment. You can for a few seconds, replace the battery or install one of LG Friends of modules: a special unit LG Cam Plus with additional buttons control the camera or LG Hi-Fi Plus with audio chip. With the first module becomes a full-fledged smartphone compact camera with a comfortable grip, and the second turns into a real music player. The LG Cam Plus module has its own battery is 1200 mAh. But do not just summarize the capacity, still a little differently: as soon as the smartphone battery is running low, she immediately recharged by the battery in the LG Cam Plus unit. So, in fact, we have an additional external battery.

If you compare this model with other Korean flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, that under similar technical characteristics of LG’s flagship price 40 per cent lower, while the percentage of rave reviews twice, so LG’s flagship higher the rating.

HTC 10 32Gb

The flagship of the second largest Taiwanese manufacturer was released in May 2016. Specifications: OS Android 6.0, AMOLED-screen 5.2-inch 2560×1440 resolution, 32 GB of memory (of which 23 GB user available) and 4 GB of RAM. Support for external memory cards. Support only one SIM card. Battery capacity – 3000 mA⋅ch. Opening hours of talk time – 27 hours of standby time – 456 hours. There are fingerprint scanner.

The main advantage of this model – its camera. Basic – 12 megapixel, front – 5 megapixel. Optical image stabilization is presented for the first time in the main and the front camera. The camera shoots great in low-light conditions. On the manufacturer’s website it says: “You can wait for the perfect lighting for great photos and you can trust the main chamber HTC 10, which captures up to 136% more light in each photograph No magic – only the technology of the new generation UltraPixel, complete with optical stabilization and a bright lens ƒ /.. 1.8. ” The front camera HTC 10 produces no less impressive than the main. The size of its light-sensitive elements is increased, the lens has an aperture ƒ / 1.8, and the screen perfectly fulfills the role of flash. Wide-angle lens allowing you to capture not only your own portrait, but also the company of friends. The HTC 10 videos shot in 4K format for the first time complemented by recording Hi-Res 24 bit stereo. Audio track recorded in this format, contains 256 times more detail and plays twice as much bandwidth. HTC camera 10 starts for 0.6 seconds – that is, almost instantly.

Various reviews and comparative tests indicate that the HTC 10 – best in the camera in the world today. Resource Phonearena in July 2016 conducted a comparative test of the flagships of the cameras, in which HTC 10 won first place, beating LG G5, iPhone 6s, OnePlus3, Samsung Galaxy S7, Sony Xperia X Performance.

ASUS Zenfone 3 ZE552KL 64Gb

The flagship of leading Taiwan manufacturer, released in June 2016. Specifications: OS Android 6.0, 5.5-inch screen resolution of 1920×1080, 64 GB of built-in and 4 GB of RAM, a slot for memory cards up to 128 GB. Battery Capacity 3000 mA⋅ch. ASUS Zenfone housing 3 is made of high-strength glass Corning Gorilla Glass with rounded edges (2,5D technology).

16 megapixel main camera, front-facing 8 megapixel. The slogan of this model – “Designed for pictures”, thus it is positioned as a camera phone. As the main camera sensor used in the latest Sony IMX298 sensor. ZenFone 3 equipped with aperture lens f / 2.0 and a unique system that no other smartphone – triple autofocus TriTech. The world’s first ASUS engineers have combined three technologies smartphone camera focus is achieved – a laser, and phase tracking, and achieved with a stunning efficiency. The focusing time is just 0.03 with – under different conditions and scenarios shooting. It focuses ZenFone 3 to 10 times faster than you can blink. Add to that the high-performance optical system and electronic image stabilization, as well as color correction sensor, there is no doubt: clear pictures and videos with natural, vivid colors are available with just one touch. When shooting 4-axle system of optical image stabilization detects camera shake and compensates for blurring the image, and 3-axle electronic stabilization helps to record smooth video even when shooting handheld, or on the go.

Through the use of 5 speakers with magnets, voice coil with a metal frame and specially designed resonance chamber it provides a rich and clear sound. In addition, by connecting to the ZenFone 3 headphones, you can enjoy audiophile sound in 24-bit / 192 kHz – 4 times better than the quality of conventional audio CDs.

Asus ZenFone 3 today offering the best combination of “price-quality” (it is half the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 and three times cheaper iPhone 7 Plus is) , as well as the best reviews among the flagships of the world’s leading manufacturers, therefore, rightly occupies the first place in this rating.


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