Top Games of the Week: mud bath on wheels, creepy horror and light puzzle

| November 5, 2016

Recently the entire world community celebrated Halloween, that somehow (black magic, no less) affected the figurants of today’s selections. In the best game of the week wormed creepy quest game about zombies grim and challenging platformer about a paralyzed child. However, there are also more resilient application: here is the leader of a new edition of the Asphalt, cute puzzle adventure and draw about the ordeal puny teenager.

Mental Hospital V

You probably did not know, and on mobile platforms, there is a whole range of games, skillfully imitating horror Outlast. Mental Hospital Series plunge into the horror of every lover of dark corridors. The plot is connected between the parts: in the third edition of the intrepid reporter went to the hospital, hoping to give birth there Pulitzer report. The journalist, of course, completely disappeared, and now embarks on his quest brother reporter – and stumbles upon awful.

There is often frightening, skillfully and to the point. Lick with Outlast 2 burning cross unleashes horror and walk on fog shrouded ghost fields – to flee. See monsters here you need through the camcorder lens, and this creates additional anxiety. Around interference viewfinder disfiguring already space, and in the doorway just I had a little girl. Ten minutes later, like the story itself, as a priest of the second part of the “Scary Movie”.

But if you are not afraid of anything – including the prospects sleep with included light – then go for it. Especially now, when the game is a discount: it will cost a fifth of the Mental Hospital only a dollar.


Playing with a complicated name outbreakout completely built on a simple, but elegant reception: your hero zombies rushing crowd, but he fires back. But not just so, and taking into account the basic geometric knowledge – for example, if into a corner, the laser shot will fly away right into a zombie crowd, then back into the wall, then into the crowd … and so for a long time.

Outbreakout is a bit like checkers – is once well be put, see the “corner” potential, as one accurately fired projectile will lay half of the living dead, considerably increasing your rankings. And decorate the screen – blood, guts, that’s all. This story ended, but embedded in the foundation of the game enough that she was fascinated by you for a couple of days.

Although there – even in outbreakout have extra characters, and it’s not for beauty. For example, a man with two pistols will slash an order of magnitude more efficient than the “default” hero. The game, of course, free of charge, there is as of iOS, as well as on Android.

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera

The young boy named Johnny Bonasera trouble – he rides a gang of local punks. There is nothing surprising in the fact that a teenager with a name like someone treats, but Johnny is not going to lower case on the brakes – he is determined to take revenge. As the hero is small and fragile, it is necessary to take by force, and mind – yours, because playing in this quest you will.

We’ll have to search for items, combine them, to communicate with a local (I must say, quite disgusting) population and constantly endure beatings of all. Quickly it becomes clear that there are spreading hands not only blue-haired hooligans. The “incentive”, which sold more game, as similar projects indicate DayZ and Rust. And in a sense this is the case – you hope only for themselves, trying to survive in an aggressive and unpleasant world.

Cartoon panache, something reminiscent of the TV series Family Guy, only complements the atmosphere. And the opportunity to drop the bat across the face of the oppressor, of course, does not pull on the humanistic award, but allows you to let off steam.

Parallyzed: Surreal Platform Runner

Very specific and terrifying, but exciting game. The story starts with an unpleasant scene: expressive girl swinging little sister on a swing, too interested – and sends sister into the air. She landed so badly that it paralyzes. Grieving older sister, but soon finds a way to fix it – because it can get into the consciousness of relatives, and rewind time ago.

This is a high-speed platformer where you have two heroines – and you manage both at the same time. Jumped one – jump another. However, the levels are constructed so that in a certain place can slip only girl in blue, and in some – her sister in yellow. Not to be trapped, you need every second to switch between the heroines, on the go analyzing the situation: for example, it is now down to the top, then me, then back down and up. And all these actions – not more than three or four seconds.

Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof

Clever puzzle game that requires not only the ability to reflect, but also to think several steps ahead. If you like such things, Roofbot necessarily dwell in your smartphone.

So, you have a robot dear Ruth. He needs to relate geometric objects in the corresponding cells. However, it is not so simple. Not only is the field speckled with all sorts of nasty traps, and everywhere scurrying competing robots – so more and the field is constantly changing! They made an extra step – and all clearly built strategy down the drain. Another site, start again – and think, think, think.

Cold calculation and planning – these are the skills that will be useful to you in Roofbot.

Asphalt Extreme

Home racing series for “gamers” come to an end in 2016 in a very stale form. From former greatness was gone, and the latest release, which all have called race runner, the public, to put it mildly, did not like. But forget past grievances! It’s time to bury the hatchet, because Ashhalt Extreme – one of the best parts of the series and a serious contender for race of the year.

Largely because of asphalt-and no. The game reigns roads, complete and uncompromising. Desert, ocean shore, caves and, apparently, even the heart of the Siberian taiga – all smartly contrasts with previous neat paths in the midst of European cities. It changed the game itself: now it’s crazy, bright and eccentric entertainment, where the lower the speedometer arrow below 200 – a crime. You accelerates grab “nitro”, accelerate, bumper thrower accidentally flown to spare the enemy, jump on the trampoline, but in the end still finishiruete first. Even if the path tangled around the pole several times.

Of course, the main game of this collection – currently the Asphalt, fun, unbridled and crazy, which charges the drive as much carbon monoxide party in a club or real the middle of the city at night. Worth the game will not be anything – at least as long as you do not come to mind to start money in local loans, then to exchange them for containers with cards. Unfortunately, sooner or later it will have to do. But before that, Asphalt give a few hours of happiness crystal.


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