5 best smartphones in 2016

| December 26, 2016

If asked on the face of it, which was the coolest smartphone this year, befitting mumble and argument, “Well, depends on your preferences …”. Does not depend! Over the past 12 months came to light models that are perfect in every way. And it shows, without any conditionalities and assumptions. We declare the absolute winner among mobile phones in 2016.

Google Pixel / Pixel XL

“All these years we have sold at a low price Nexus as fools, by God. To the new “super-prestigious” Google-phone not be confused with cheap predecessors, the developers at all presentations strongly emphasized that it is «all-new» ( «Brand New”) smartphone that is designed not affiliated brands (LG / Samsung / Huawei / HTC / Motorola), and Google itself! However, it is no secret that the assembly of smart phones is still engaged respected by Google HTC.

Let’s talk about the technical component. In this regard, the new google phone pleases excellent camera (the best among smartphones in general, according to some experts), a good AMOLED-display and a very powerful Snapdragon processor 821 with a perfect system optimization.

Incidentally, the system – now has added exclusivity and gave new “empty» Android Nougat new design, and English-speaking users can now talk with your smartphone, as a person. That is, no more “pickled cucumbers Moscow inexpensive” – you can immediately apply the phrase “pixel, and where nearby you can buy a good appetizer?”. Pleasant innovation? Simply excellent! Design Pixel bit strange, but smartphones are not confused with anything.

Another question is that in the model of 8.5 mm thick (as Xiaomi Redmi 3S 4100 mAh) huddles ridiculous battery capacity to 2770 mAh. However, due to the perfectly optimized Android and the AMOLED-day matrix Pixel still stretch. But almost any compact new flagship Google smartphone in which even optical image stabilization in the camera did not bother to implement.

And most importantly, it is a pleasure worth 50 to 65 thousand rubles, even just in terms of prices with European. Do you want to fork out thousands of dollars for a “prestigious» Google label? Yes, everything is understood, that do not want to, so Pixel are not sold in Russia. And for 65 thousand in the Russian smart guys are buying iPhone 7 Plus with 128 GB of memory in gray or suppliers is still cool Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 40 thousand. And rightly so.

Pixel – an excellent model itself, and the best alternative to the great but terrible iPhone (for this reason, smart and got in the list). But for the record-steep characteristics for a high price we have there a Samsung, a “unique” software Google can and does make work for cheap smartphones. That is, what would Google or created – it turns the Nexus. Only this time, my dear, is not conducive to the Nexus flashing a little strange, that it was not possible to jump above its glass “head”.

Honor 8

In contrast to Google, Huawei is an expert in “color differentiation” and a couple of years successfully sells almost identical smartphones under various nameplates. For the avid to the image component of the citizens go mobile phones under the name of Huawei. And anyone who does not care about Scarlett Johansson and nameplate brand partners, the Chinese offer Honor model.

So in 2016 the engineers “expensive Huawei P9 in the glass case, dismantled Leica logo and began to sell this model at 40% cheaper than the flagship. Even by Russian standards Honor 8 cost 28 thousand rubles looks very cool – of the same quality cheaper models only “gray” options Xiaomi and Meizu.

And it can not be said that Huawei somewhat saved on buyers: a good fast processor (though not as steep as this is your Snapdragon 820), two great rear camera. Honor 8 – this is not the leader of “nowhere better” format – it is rather a balance between expensive “top models” and middle class smartphones. These smart phones have become an endangered species – Chinese brands now arrogant and strive to compete in price with the Samsung, so do not mention “anti-crisis» Honor in a special order was impossible.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone is a better place. Better by N per cent, because I do not befit a noble focus on mobile phones features. Parasites designers, apparently, still comes with unrestrained joy relaxed girls and “washing powder» (iPhone 6 is almost the same appearance came in September 2014). But the revolution, comrades, begins with the “bottom”, as buyers of iPhones case design is still satisfied. Moreover, that duty “glossy black” color lovers innovations yet received – an important detail for those who want to be the new iPhone immediately distinguished from the old.

In general, the improved version of the iPhone with the same body design usually receive additional index S, but iPhone 6SS name would sound defiant, and technological innovation, honesty, accumulated enough for generational change.

Judge for yourself: the new touch Home key to simulated press, “identical to natural.” Water resistant, that does not really come in handy in everyday use, but reduces the risk of “kill” smartphone with a liquid. Stereo speakers with very compact housing and a processor, which when the four cores on the ordinary rate took and stuffed in his belt all Qualcomm and MediaTek any degree of severity. Two-time optical zoom (fines, does not always work, but it also comes in handy). And this despite the fact that the iPhone, as we know, has never competed with rivals paraded on the principle of “one long”!

Lacks the iPhone 7 Plus still complete: ridiculous, no support for fast charging, rather sad shooting quality in comparison with the All Android-flagships, amputated “for fun” or out of greed Apple headphone jack.

But to criticize, we must offer something in return. The slogan «Android-smartphones are always steeper than for the same price,” he can no longer. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge reached “retirement” age on the line, but still too expensive, it has a modest 32 gigabytes of internal memory (for games and applications available a little more than 20 GB), no alternative Marco and fragile. It is, of course, very technologically itself, but little has changed since the “breakthrough» S6 edge. And quality and cheaper flagship Android-based enough already.

With this preamble iPhone reward sounds like a celebration of the best of the worst smartphone, but Apple is still the flagship of the “raising the bar” with each new generation of a sufficient amount to iPhone users have migrated to android phone not envy proceeded against Samsung Galaxy users.

Xiaomi redmi 4 Prime

They did not expect? But I believe that the budget Xiaomi such honors deserved. Because Redmi became a symbol and the most desired smartphone in the budget crisis is not only in Russia but also in other former Soviet republics. Speaking frankly, for 2016 Xiaomi has made just two “revolutions” – first in January was born Redmi 3, which brought an unprecedented 8-core processor. And the metal housing in the budget numbers. At the end of the year, when Huawei and Meizu released a response smartphones, Xiaomi «finished off” all competitors with access Redmi 4 Prime.

Bright Full HD-display smartphone for 8-9 thousand rubles! Coolest Snapdragon 625 – before he had met in the models at least 3 times more expensive! And capacious battery that pulls all this stuffing in a thin body for a long time.

Why not Xiaomi Mi Mix? Because he is now – very expensive and not very practical smartphone prototype with the flagship processor, but a mediocre camera. Why not Redmi Note 3? Because there is nothing breakthrough – Note 3 was “restyling» Redmi Note 2 and Note 3 Pro just got a little faster and more intelligent processor. Xiaomi Mi5 over time also looks “just” another low-cost Chinese flagship, but the “compact” redmi develop a much sharper.

But nothing is more steep in the budget class was not, in the foreseeable future will not be – instead of 8-10 thousand, you can “taste” nasty on speed and quality quad-core models a little more arrogant vendor or, at best, buy plastic Maisy on based “derated” old processor MediaTek. Moreover, if problems in the choice of good and expensive smartphones has never been, the Redmi almost single-handedly defends the honor of a really steep budget models, for which he received a “silver” in today’s ranking.

OnePlus 3 T

You can not just take and not take into account the cost of a smartphone in 2016. While the ruble hit another bottom against the dollar, the manufacturers without the slightest hesitation in asking Russia 55-65 thousand rubles for Hellphone. For the dialer that will cease to be cool and turn into “pumpkin” is already half a year later, on the very next major exhibition of gadgets! Samsung does not reduce the price of smart phones, even after dropping the prestige of global spectacle with Galaxy Note 7 , the mobile division of LG goes out of losses, but according to the principle of “… but do not give in to” asking for the slow G5 SE 40 thousand rubles. HTC and ASUS even soar in the clouds with its flagship prices, and Motorola with good technical stuffing smartphone asks big money only after the “glorious RAZR and our rich history.”

Such audacity leading brands has led to what the Chinese occupy three of the five places in the list of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. And yes, we are all well aware, that the guys from China does not always receive comprehensive high-quality models, but OnePlus 3 – is another matter, because it’s the coolest Chinese flagship in 2016.

With a beautiful body and a camera at the level of the best smartphones in the world, high-quality AMOLED-display (and adjusting the color for every taste), good autonomy, support for fast charging and operating system with no frills in the spirit of Cyanogen. And yet, this smartphone is very fast and open for experiments fans. Due to the good optimization and “horse” amount of RAM (6 GB) who, incidentally, will be alive longer than other flagships, in fact all we have repeatedly convinced how sloth jammed brands “lick” the new Android under the old model.

This OnePlus available – he asked for more than the top-end Xiaomi, but in fact and in many ways the “plus” has brought to mind, while Mi reveal their potential only in the hands of enthusiasts. And do not forget that the price OnePlus 3T you can buy really that old, miserable iPhone 6 with 16 GB of memory or mate Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

These and must be Chinese flagships. Minimum glamor, high-quality filling and a reasonable price – what is needed in our difficult times. Congratulations to the Chinese victory over all conceivable and inconceivable competitors!


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