Audi cars have started to communicate with traffic lights

| December 10, 2016

Audi, as it was promised , launched Traffic Light Information System, through which cars can receive real-time information about the traffic on the route mode.

Audi claims that the first automotive brand that connected vehicles with urban traffic infrastructure. While the system only works in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), but soon it is planned to launch in other American and European cities.

Information about the vehicle traffic flows in real-time over a wireless connection (such as through 4G / LTE) and displayed on a projection screen or digital instrument panel.

Now the system Traffic Light Information indicates whether the motorist can pass the next intersection on the green light, moving from the permitted speed. If not, the timer is displayed, informing you how long it will burn red light. Thus, the driver is able to optimize the movement of the city in order to save time and fuel.

In the future it is planned to expand the functionality of the system. For example, the navigator can make routes, taking into account the “green wave”. In hybrids and electric vehicles on the work of traffic lights can be used to optimize energy consumption and improve the efficiency of regenerative braking.


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