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| December 19, 2016

The consumer market has reached a new level – printers, literally “grow” three-dimensional objects made of plastic, have ceased to be exotic, intended only for professionals. Afford 3D-printer can practically everyone who has aimed to publish children’s toys, models, broken, or loose parts, so even the parts to repair the same printer. We made the selection board of 3D-printers, because of their compactness and ease of handling can be used at home.

Good news – the standard 3D-format desktop printer at a price not committed to the value of second-hand aircraft, as the professional apparatus, and management will not have any difficulties. Besides standard desktop models are not picky – simply put the printer task and fill the machine with raw materials. For making parts by volume in a home or small-scale production need only a three-dimensional printer itself, the image model and a piece of plastic. The three-dimensional object can be created even for a few hours – much depends on the characteristics of the printer.

Available 3D-printers

3D-Printer Finder Flashorge created by the American company for children – as a manufacturer was confident in its ease of use, besides all the wires immediately removed out of sight in a bright body. Is controlled by a touch screen color 3.5 “. No special features that put this printer is a cut above other “colleagues”, not here – the model works with the plastic of PLA, workplace dimensions are 140h140h140 mm, Wi-Fi module allows you to monitor the printing process via a smartphone or tablet and send the model image printer memory.

It stands out among inexpensive printers and easy to use UP! Mini 2 by Delta Micro Factory Corporation – Chinese company to market high-quality and extremely simple model of 3D-printers. It is an improved version of the popular printer UP! Mini, is even more compact, with a touch screen, an air filtration system and Wi-Fi-module – for printing can also be seen through the mobile app. A model of the steel and, I must say, pretty case with viewing window, the created object has highlighted – it looks quite nice.

The printer is controlled by only one button, and the object that needs to “grow” the printer is loaded into the system .STL format – download the file in memory is enough that the machine started. In general, there is ease of management. Workspace small 120h120h120 mm, but are not limited to the size of the model dimensions of the camera – the object can be divided into several parts, and then connect them to each other.

The brainchild of the company 3DQuality, model Prism Mini V2 is an updated version of Prism Mini 3D-printer, which is designed for home use, training, or small-scale production. Then thought through everything you need to achieve high-precision printing – adhesive surface for holding the desktop parts, heating, reversible airflow patterns, metal feeder rod. All settings can be seen on the LCD screen, it is possible to install the front the SD-card.

Compared with the previous version, this enhanced printer working chamber – its diameter is 150 mm. With regard to the materials with which the model is working, then the choice of the rich – can be printed plastics ABS, PLA, HIPS, Flex, Watson.

The best models on a parity “price / quality”

3D-printer from the company Felix 3.1 FELIXprinters can be purchased fully assembled or self-assembled to do – the second option is cheaper for 500 euros (manufacturer offers it for 999 euros). The model is an updated version of which was released in 2014. Felix 3.0, and in general the entire line of printers is characterized by the fact that the previous version can be upgraded to the next without the purchase of a new device – you can simply purchase the necessary spare parts kit. I must say that here it is possible to purchase almost everything, including LCD-display or a second extruder. The Russian stores model with two extruders and a display that is “full ground meat”, will cost about 120 000 rubles. If we talk about the quality of the print, then Felix 3.1 is high – a sturdy frame dampens vibration at work and in the use of materials the model is universal.

One print head – is no obstacle to the use of several types of consumables. In any case, so say the creators Sharebot NG (New Generation) – Italian desktop printer for the home. It works not only with standard plastics ABS and PLA, but also with ABS +, PVA, GUM, NYLON, PLA SAND and CRISTAL FLEX. The user can intervene in the printing process with adjustments – it is a good opportunity for those who make using a three-dimensional model of the unit test. The printer can be connected to a PC – it has a slot for SD-cards and LCD display. Externally, the model is very cute, compact, well, “filling” did not let us down – the printer is characterized by high precision manufactured objects.

The American company MakerBot Industries is known ruler MakerBot Replicator 3D-printers. Model MakerBot Replicator Mini + is reduced and the cheapest option of the base of the printer. It is designed for rapid production of small parts, so the opportunities settings – not her strong point: here there is no LCD screen or a large number of control buttons or the possibility of connecting external speakers. By the way, there is only one button for user interaction and device. Instead, the printer has a built-in camera, which monitors the printing process, and the results appear in the social network or in the cloud.

The inability to connect to external media is offset by a handy application allows you to create 3D-models on the tablet – the connection to the device is via Wi-Fi. Despite the small size of the print area, and limited functionality, high print quality here – it’s still the fifth-generation printer is well-proven products, albeit small.

3D-printers for demanding users

Picaso 3D Designer Pro 250 – the newest and the most “fancy” model of Picaso, the Russian manufacturer of the popular line of three-dimensional printers. This unit is without exaggeration can print objects of any degree of complexity can print two materials, and Jet Switch off technology at the right time of the second feed material to increase the accuracy. In the printer supplies switches for 0.25. The model works with plastics ABS and PLA. Polygon own software simplifies printer due to the interactive system prompts and complete control of print cycle.

Another not so long ago appeared on the market a professional desktop 3D-printer with a large working chamber can be equipped with one, two or three extruders – we are talking about the Pro Cube, the flagship of the infamous Cube line of three-dimensional printers. Print Area varies in size depending on the number of extruders – if the model with the three extruders is working chamber dimensions 185h273h241 mm, the version with one head – 273h273h241 mm. High printing accuracy is achieved due to the fact that the temperature of the camera is controlled and heated platform. Printer management is very simple and does not require the user to three higher educations, to print three-dimensional object.

In October this year, the market was presented Ultimaker 3 with two “smart” extruders – the new version is almost legendary learned of 3D-printers to print complex geometries in two colors, it began to use more materials for printing, including nylon and plastic water-soluble PVA. Print speeds are now up to 300 mm / s.


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