BMW HoloActive Touch: innovative interface to interact with the car

| December 17, 2016

BMW is planning to demonstrate during the CES 2017 series of advanced developments, one of which will be an innovative man-machine interface called HoloActive Touch.

The new system is a virtual touch screen. The screen as if floating in the air in the center console area.

Management is carried out using hand gestures and fingers. In this case the execution of commands, according to the BMW, accompanied by the feedback that the user perceives as a tactile response.

The developers explain that the new system, in fact, combines the projection display technology (Head-Up Display), a traditional touch interaction and gesture control. As a result, it created a fundamentally new way of “dialogue” with the car.

For the user moves the camera monitors. Once the motorist touching the virtual menu item, the corresponding command is executed.

We add that the exhibition CES 2017 held in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) from 5 to 8 January next year.


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