“Cossacks 3” got a free holiday update

| December 25, 2016

Studio GSC Game World has prepared all his fans real-time strategy “Cossacks 3” small Christmas gift – a free update with a fresh mission.

“We are pleased to announce that, together with the” Steam Winter Sale “, Christmas comes in” Cossacks 3 “!” – Declared the authors. With the release of this small update the game has several themed festive elements:

  • Added new free mission – to help Santa to release his reindeer and save Christmas for the people all over the world!
  • Art changed in the main menu of the game and redesigned interface – all in the spirit of the holidays;
  • Maps can be found on Christmas trees;
  • Peasants began to use their holiday bags;
  • Lighting changed to a cold.

Also, developers are reminded that the game is also involved in a variety of digital sales in stores, for example, in Steam . “Unprecedented before discount of -20% on the basic version, – 25% on the deluxe edition and – 30% improvement to the deluxe version will allow even more people to join the celebration of the New Year in” Cossacks 3 “!” – Said GSC Game World.

The novelty is described as “a modern remake of” original real-time strategy in 2001 with the classic gameplay. “You will find a 10 000 units on the battlefield, 12 gaming nations, 70 different types of gaming units, 100 research and more than 140 different historical buildings, the influence of the terrain on the battle and the realistic physics of flight of bullets and nuclei”, – says the project authors. Can play not only a single campaign, but also in different network modes. Multiplayer battles supporting up to 7 players on the map, and it is possible to join a team and play against the computer.


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