Volkswagen designs electric van with an impressive power reserve

| December 17, 2016

The Volkswagen Group, according to AutoCar resource projects minivan with a fully electric drive, is now appearing under the designation MPV.

It is reported that the car will form the basis for the platform VW Modular Electric Drive. It is, recall, is the base of the Volkswagen electric vehicle ID, which was presented in concept form at the Paris Motor Show.

The MPV minivan, according to available information, will receive a seven-seater saloon configuration. Obviously, new items will be offered various modifications, calculated including commercial use.

It is noted that the power plant MPV will be powered by the block lithium-ion batteries with liquid cooling. Cruising supposedly be quite an impressive 500 km.

Observers also say that in the case of entering the market MPV minivan may outwardly resemble the concept car Budd-E, as shown in the images.

It should be emphasized that the company Volkswagen MPV project information has not commented. But, as expected, to the 2025 model range will concern three dozen cars on electricity. In this family, there will be the place for the van.

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