World’s first solar road opens in France

| December 25, 2016

In a small town in Normandy (a region of France on the north-west) has opened the world’s first road, the surface of which is paved with solar panels.

Applied technology is called Wattway. The experimental part of the road has a length of 1 km and a total area of solar panels is 2800 m 2.

The canvas has a special coating that protects the battery from damage and at the same time provides a good grip for vehicles. It is expected that every day will pass about 2,000 cars in unusual way.

According to estimates, the road from the solar panels will generate 280 MWh of energy annually. It can be used, for example, for illumination of city streets at night.

In the next two years, experimental plot will be thoroughly tested. It is noted that the project has cost approximately € 5 million. It is clear that these costs will be able to recover any time soon.


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  1. Peter Rettig says:

    Did the last sentence omit the “not”, or is it really believed that these 5 million Euros are to be “recovered any time soon”?

    Apart from this I still applaud the idea to turn paved surfaces into power generators!