Review MSI GT83VR 6RE Titan SLI: hot laptop for hard-core gamers

| January 15, 2017

In the past, the division of the desktop and the laptop was not very clear and fair. All the best birthright battered brother stationary, but portable receiving questionable mobility and a couple of chips – a dream, not a technique. However, this time passed since laptops like the doppelganger borrowed from the desktop a variety of features such as SLI. They are something, and made happy MSI now the main piece of metal in Taiwan – GT83VR 6RE Titan SLI. The laptop came so monstrous that it is possible to hammer the pile, and after – the most voracious games.

All Titanium

Reluctance to sag under the weight of gaming with the best-selling notebook’s weight is not explained by the “iron” – it is in GT83VR. For “meditation” in the model corresponds to the processor Intel Core i7-6820HK. As planned by the MSI, the glorious possibilities of the crystal should be enough for full disclosure of potential GTX SLI-1070 to 8 GB of GDDR5 each. The tests will show whether the hopes of engineers, entertainers, but the aspirations of the gamers in the RAM issue precisely justified – 32 GB is enough for many years of carefree leisure.

In case, if that seems insufficient in 6RE it provides expansion up to 64 GB. Generally this amount is now looks excessive to meet the rich of this world, but then after a year or two will come out a game that requires 32 GB and the notebook will not be ready? This idea seems to be a fantasy, but in general GT83VR and aims to implement the most intricate fantasy gaming.

However, the battery is 80 Wh not fit well with them, because such a powerful laptop requires a lot of energy, and therefore without access to a power outlet will not last long. Alas, but Titan SLI here is largely identical to the eternal servant bush – desktop: no connection to the network model will stretch a couple of hours, and then the life in it shall be put out.

Speaking of fantasy and harsh reality: a repository for such a monster (the price tag certainly frightening) as GT83VR, too small. Still, the HDD 1 TB is a bit bland on the background of railway orgy, started by MSI in its “main fire.” Spark GTX 1070 and one of the fastest solid state drives – very elite company for a modest terabyte Hardy. For the daily needs of the average gamer will certainly be more than enough. However GT83VR designed (we will not really imagine a lie) is not for mere mortals, so that Taiwanese decision leaves a strange impression.

However, such incidents of “internal» GT83VR found a little, and the same small HDD may seem far-fetched problem. But to a variety of ports no complaints – they will enter Thunderbolt and 3, and the mini-jack (already three!), And USB 3.0 Type-A. With such an arsenal every whim will be satisfied immediately. Pro 18.4-inch display can not be said. For 4K resolution is not provided in any of the modifications.

On the one hand, and the gremlin with him, because to enjoy the 100 frames per second in UHD succeed not in every game. On the other, from the prohibitively expensive technology expect all the modern technologies. Moreover, sometimes markedly screen flicker, which blame backlight adjustment. The rest of the display indicators fully consistent with the ambitions of GT83VR: colors close to the ideal, chic color accuracy, brightness is optimal, and the contrast of good quality.

The audio system is difficult to praise or deliver blazing inferno – it is simply good, but without revelation. Four speakers and a small subwoofer – that’s all the stuffing. Mozart’s Concerto for such is not worth listening to, especially if the bear danced on the tap to your ears. However, GT83VR talent enough for Dawn of Ashes or Pensees Nocturnes, as well as games and watching movies, good sound juicy explosions and demons in the same limb DOOM come off so juicy that involuntarily drool flowing.

Visual ties

But should take GT83VR hands as the tears just flow one: notebook extremely difficult – more than eight kilograms, together with power supply units (two of them, each at 330 W). In the name of preserving the nerves and beseech purse – do not try to carry the Titan SLI along with a cup of tea, if you do not want to feel like a ballerina under shelling. 6RE scored in weight compared with the brothers and GT80 GT80S, therefore resembles an unprecedented gaming laptop.

The proportions of metal and plastic parts, mechanical keyboard layout and shape of the body, expanding from nose to rump (!) – Everything points to a direct relationship with the GT80. Many laptops MSI compared with embodiments of grace like Bugatti Chiron. GT83VR is more like an alien tank – clumsy, but predatory in their contours, and sometimes even beautiful because, for example, is highlighted on the display cover bands.

The similarity with the GT-veterans does not mean that differences in visual GT83VR not. For example, the vast Laptop feed frankly looks great because of the wide red and black radiator grilles.

Between them, there are several ports, including the connector for the power cable. It is a complex structure of a pair of identical power blocks and adapter.

Last badly ruffled nerves, because they do not wish to sit safely in port, and generally bad bends. According to subjective impressions, and without that bulky laptop would benefit, MSI deliver it from the adapter, and the duo BP-twins. Taiwanese and could over a single power cable, causing no instantaneous gray hair handling.

Certain complaints on the part of the population can cause mechanical keyboard on the SteelSeries, or rather its location. Because of him and the characteristic clicks buttons creates the distinct impression that you work with cryptographic machine “Enigma”, rather than a modern gaming notebook.

There are ample GT83VR keys, tactile feeling of operation, excellent depth of stroke and other scary words. However, can be rented for the absence of other illumination colors. Red, of course, is always in fashion, and indeed is the color of passion, which is important for GT83VR, obviously not suitable casual gamers. Yet sometimes you want to change and highlight your favorite dark lords on the other, the benefit of the laptop there are three levels of illumination intensity.

Special mention deserve the touchpad – namely, his secret. It is necessary to click in the upper left corner as the touch panel appears, which serves as a digital unit.

The chip is a fun and very practical, because so MSI save space. However, the demanding sires that prefer a touchpad mouse (eg, strategies), should be cautious. With unaccustomed Num Lock, activates the panel, which hurt quite often. It turns out that instead of collecting troops and send them to the death of a player gaining 911.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0

In the last meeting in 1070 the duo showed himself well on the flying islands. How do things stand now? Laboratory gremlins with loops peered into the benchmark, hoping to spy out at least a fleeting frieze. However GT83VR majestically stomped on local streets, issuing 3699 points.


Alas, but to work with OpenGL, after a recent meeting with GT73VR doubles cards and have not learned. No, the second in 1070 did not declare strikes, work honestly for the benefit of the player, but the desired increase in personnel did not show. However, fundamentally to drive on a laptop suffering hellish corridors of Lazarus Labs, we found interesting. GT83VR showed gains in a couple of shots – 106 against 104 at the Vortex G65VR one activated card. With two same gadget issued 115 frames per second against 110 in G65VR. Drivers and gradually grinding the game to do business – now gamers can easily walk through Hell.

Battlefield 1

GT83VR easy to imagine a such heavy artillery, whose mission – to crush the expensive games with the abyss of modern technologies. Did Taiwanese fulfill all targets Battlefield 1? Picture – return the jaw, it is necessary to drop again! Smoothness is such that you can accidentally hypnotized. No sagging of the Personnel and other – 119 frames per second. Well done, soldier GT83VR, cope with the horrors of the First World War.

The Witcher 3: “Blood and Wine”

In all endeavors CD Projekt RED role bestseller The Witcher 3 remains one of the most difficult games on the rise. GT83VR had uneasy traveling on Tussentu.


217 frames per second – it was easy, GT83VR. Overwatch even resisted, just giving iron the monster that it required. Many tasteful and jump on enemies through the efforts of Winston, as well as arranging hide Sombra, testers titanium from Taiwan once again convinced network militants from Blizzard.

Star Wars Battlefront

Sending on Endor after the results of previous tests is clearly not threatened GT83VR frightening results. Pro-forma for the sake of (the Empire with this strictly!) Reconnaissance speeder bike on errands Alliance here and there, but calmed down. Why strain in the service, if the editorial Sith long predicted more than 100 frames per second. Their prediction is, in fact, confirmed 177 fps. Oh, where to get the same midi-chlorians …

The Division

The final game test is traditionally held on the streets of New York. There, among the abandoned vehicles and fierce Gopnik from the Bronx, restless wandering GT83VR. The way it was hard, but the heat – cooling system is good basked because the maximum setting of the game. Was it worth it? Yes, because 106 frames per second on the road do not roll.

SteamVR Test

That it was the turn covers failure of the future, where GT83VR waiting VR-games, and gamers – a unique experience and impressions. Waiting for you? Certainly. Test results leave no room for doubt – 11784 points and, of course, the mark at the end of the green zone.

Test autonomy

GT83VR 6RE Titan SLI has a battery of 80 Wh, but its capacity will not last long if the outlet and leave arrange for a couple of hours. Alas, gamer shines a maximum one and a half hours. Film screenings will last 40-60 minutes longer. During the search for the video and FailArmy you can spend a few hours, the amount of which depends on the intensity of the surf on the web.

SSD-test: read and write

To test SSD-drives used ATTO Disk Benchmark and CrystalDiskMark. The result was interesting. Speed ​​Reading as much 3152 Mbit / s – nice numbers, but the record in 1364 Mbit / s – is not so great. From monstrous gaming notebook expect high speeds, and more substantial amount would not hurt. 256 GB provided in the modification of wording – too small for comfortable game of life. In one version of device has a bunch of SSD in a couple of 256 GB each – here are the dimensions of a suitable weight category, which presents GT83VR.

Overall experience

GTX SLI of 1070 repeatedly tested editorial masters, so no surprises GT83VR. In all the games, the minimum number of frames per second has exceeded the mark of 60 gold, while the average – everywhere jumped over a hundred. In a couple of games performance has been so great that the eyes were red from the non-stop rubbing.


MSI GT83VR 6RE Titan SLI hard to imagine on the table non-gamer. Purpose as a formidable machine goes without saying – casual gamers are not so fond of the game, to spend several hundred thousands for a couple of hundreds of frames per second. The SLI-system provides the desired, so the lack of 4K-resolution frankly surprised – with him a couple of 1070 GTX be handled without problems. On the whole, a very benevolent GT83VR left impressions. Yes, the laptop is heavy and clumsy, but it is good to hear the audio system, the keyboard – the fingers, and the picture – look. Flickering occurs too infrequently to justify its lack.


  • high performance;
  • many ports;
  • great picture;
  • quiet (with the account of power).


  • the vault could be more;
  • lack of 4K resolution.


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