Best Gaming Laptops for Gamers in 2017

| March 17, 2017

Currently, about half a dozen notebook manufacturers have in their assortment of specialized gaming model. By showing that they belong to this sector of the market is quite serious, companies do not limit the production of single laptops, promoting the whole line at once. The most famous of them today – Alienware in Dell, Republic of Gamers – from Asus, Omen – from HP, and so on …

Creating a whole line of gaming laptops, the manufacturer naturally ranks it within themselves on the technical characteristics and the cost – from “initial” to the flagship models. Thus, in five or six companies operating in the market of gaming laptops must gain five or six flagship devices, which would be interesting to compare with each other.

Belonging to a class flagship gaming notebook, we will determine the use of their latest designs and most powerful components: processors, graphics cards, memory. In particular, special attention will be paid to the processors Intel Core i7 of the seventh-generation architecture and discrete graphics cards Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080.

Razer Blade Pro

The company produces exclusively Razer equipment and computers for video game fans. Therefore, the brand Razer gaming laptops are a priority.

Currently considered the flagship Razer Blade Pro. The laptop appeared in the mid-autumn 2016 and until now has not been updated – that explains the use of its platform quad-core processor Intel Core i7-6700HQ sixth (last) generation architecture. But as a discrete video card in the Razer Blade Pro set date for today’s flagship Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 with 8 gigabytes of memory GDDR5X standard. The memory volume is 32 gigabytes of storage in a laptop, you can install two terabytes of solid-state SSD array with interfaces PCIe M.2.

More than adequate, but not exaggerated power Razer Blade Pro – is not the only and not the main advantage of the model. Flagship status notebook Razer engineers also confirm the quality of its display, construction and design.

The display Razer Blade Pro installed matrix IGZO IPS with a diagonal of 17 inches and a resolution UltraHD (3840 to 2160 points). The screen corresponds to the most modern standards: it is touch (capacitive technology), its color space covers 100 percent of the AdobeRGB, there is support for the synchronization algorithm with a frequency Nvidia frame imaging G-Sync and rear LED lights.

The relatively small screen led to the Razer Blade Pro enclosure is very compact (by the standards of the flagship-class gaming notebooks). Weighing 3.5 kilograms model fits into a parallelogram with sides of 424 to 281 and 23 millimeters. Thin profile Razer Blade Pro has forced engineers manufacturer approach the issue of the development of creative keyboard – bringing in its new flagship Razer establishes a unique mechanical keyboard island type from the RGB-backlit. Next to the keyboard on the bottom of the notebook is the touchpad and stereo speakers.


The modesty of the MSI, is not used for its gaming laptops no “beautiful” branded names, deceptive. Of all the producers she is probably the widest range of models: MSI gaming laptops are divided into five main lines and two – extra.

The flagship line is considered MSI GT. Its peak – Model MSI GT83VR 7RF TITAN SLI, in early 2017 which replaced a very similar MSI GT83VR 6RF TITAN SLI (not to be confused!).

Using the nomenclature instead of branded names for MSI gaming notebooks allows a potential buyer to immediately get some information about your computer’s configuration. So, the name GT83VR 7RF TITAN SLI tells us that the laptop belongs (as mentioned above) to the flagship line of the GT, has a display with a diagonal of 18.4 inches, uses the third generation body is prepared to work with virtual reality helmets, and his Platforms based on the Intel Core processor seventh generation architecture and graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. More specifically, the two graphics cards – running in SLI mode.

Seventh Generation Intel Core processors from MSI GT83VR 7RF TITAN SLI chip is quad Intel Core i7 7920HQ, which distinguishes it from its competitors flagships. But the display is not so clear. Screen Advantages: large diagonal, high-quality IPS panel with anti-reflection coating and a wide color gamut to a large extent offset by a modest resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The first option looks strange next to the stated two video accelerators Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and the second one raises questions about the use of virtual reality devices. Fortunately, the presence of video outputs DisplayPort, HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 (USB 3.1 Type-C) allows you to connect your notebook to three external displays UltraHD format and solve the overcapacity problem.

Although by the standards of the class of gaming notebooks from MSI GT83VR 7RF TITAN SLI quite compact housing (458x339x69 mm), its size was more than enough to accommodate a full-size keyboard with mechanical keys Cherry MX, four-range speakers and a subwoofer, and touch touchpad combined with a numeric keypad. Traditionally, the keyboard MSI GT83VR 7RF TITAN SLI adds customizable full color RGB-lighting for each button, and the sound quality of the DAC is responsible ESS Sabre HiFi.

Inside the body, in addition to the processor and graphics card, there was a place for the 64 GB DDR4 memory standard, two solid-state arrays, hard drive and combo drive for reading and writing Blu-ray discs. For cooling the components responsible intelligent system of three fans and fifteen tubes. Its efficiency can be changed by selecting a priority computing power or working silence.


A series of gaming devices and peripherals Republic of Gamers, manufactured by Asus, includes far beyond laptops. However, gaming laptops within it is given plenty of time and effort. This is clearly seen by the presence of their specialized design with a recognizable brand style and breadth of models line.

Flagship gaming notebooks in the Republic of Gamers series traditionally are based on vehicles with a maximum wide screen display. For a long time it had laptops with screens 17.3 inches. Today, however, Asus prefers to create and promote the market’s flagship mobile computer class, setting them in a matrix with a diagonal of 18.4 inches. This is largely due to the development of the format of the UltraHD, requiring further increase the screen area.

Topical flagship line of gaming laptops Republic of Gamers is the model ASUS ROG GX800VH. Its platform includes the latest quad-core Intel Core i7 7820HK and two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 accelerator, running in SLI mode and having a double 16 GB of video memory. The memory volume can be 64 gigabytes, as data storage devices in the laptop uses four solid state array interface PCIE Gen3 total capacity of 6 terabytes.

As already mentioned, ASUS ROG GX800VH display built on IPS matrix with a diagonal of 18.4 inches and a resolution of 3840 to 2160 points. Matrix has a rear LED lights and covered with an anti-reflective layer. Screen Colour rendering space covers 100% AdobeRGB and supports Nvidia G-Sync Sync technology.

As in previous flagship laptop line Republic of Gamers, in ASUS ROG GX800VH installed fully branded mechanical keyboard MechTAG. It has individual RGB-backlit keys and is able to respond adequately to 30 simultaneous key presses.

Built-in sound system ASUS ROG GX800VH consists of four speakers, divided into two pairs. The first pair of tweeters located under the display, and the second – universal – under the keyboard. All speakers have the same output – 2 watts per channel. As applied to the DAC 32-bit ESS chip production quality digitizing up to 384 kHz.

A unique feature of the laptop ASUS ROG GX800VH become connected to it dock with a liquid cooling system and additional power supplies. Thanks to her, the issue is completely eliminated overheating of system components and provides further opportunities overclocking the processor and graphics card.

Acer Predator 21 X

Series gaming notebooks Acer Predator long time developed quite traditionally: from model to model, conditional on the dividing line of generations yields new processors and graphics cards. The concentration of the most powerful components was considered a leader, and the rest of the laptops set aside more modest place hierarchy and the corresponding position of the price tag.

The situation changed again in late 2016, when Acer announced its serious desire to release a model of the Predator 21 Acer X, previously existed as a concept and showpiece.

I must say that the flagship class for Acer Predator 21 X looks frankly closely. Against the background of competitors gaming notebooks Acer Predator 21 X looks really exclusive, appearance and functionality superior to any modern high-end solutions.

However, in terms of characteristics Acer Predator 21 X – this is still a very powerful gaming notebook, which installed the latest quad-core Intel Core i7 7820HK, two video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and 64 gigabytes of RAM standard DDR4. To store the data in the laptop you can install up to four SSD solid state arrays and hard drive.

But apparently Acer flagship amazing. Firstly, it is the largest gaming laptop on the market: its mass is 8 kilograms – which is achieved by using a huge display with a diagonal of 21 inches. The display is based on IPS panels with concave geometry theatrical aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a resolution of 2560 by 1080 pixels. Supported image synchronization technology with speed imaging Nvidia Game Frame G-Sync, the display is compatible with modern algorithms, virtual reality and has a built-in tracking system for the user look.

Overall housing Acer Predator 21 X allowed to place on the bottom of the full-size keyboard with Cherry MX mechanical buttons, full-color RGB-backlit display and a detachable numeric keypad that can be transformed into the touchpad. there is also enough space for built-in audio system, consisting of four speakers and two subwoofers and decorative inserts, through the transparent part of which you can see the work of the innards of the laptop.

The main observations deserves cooling system Acer Predator 21 H. It consists of five fans (three of which – AeroBlade design) and nine tubes – that is enough for powerful laptop components on of standard and high frequencies.


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