Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7

| April 29, 2017

iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8? What will be the flagship of the best in 2017? In the network “leaked” have as much information about the future novelty that nearly all of its known characteristics. The official presentation will take place on 29 March.


  • Galaxy S8: 140,1 x 72,2 x 7,3 mm
  • iPhone 7: 138 x 67 x 7.1 mm, 138 g

Design – a matter of taste. One iPhone like an external view, others – Samsung. But the latest models of Galaxy S6 and S7 differed unusual style. Especially edge version with a curved display.

Samsung engineers have gone even further: Galaxy S8 will get a monolithic body without manual front panel keys. This button has always been a “chip» Samsung, it also hid a fingerprint scanner.

Instead, the scanner is moved to the rear panel. But not under the camera, and the right of it. Given the considerable size of the body, it can cause inconvenience. For example, it will be difficult to unlock your smartphone with your left hand. Or finger will fall into the eye of the camera and the dirty glass.

iPhone design has not changed for several years. Many manufacturers try to copy Apple style, but it is possible a little. iPhone 7 – a slim and stylish smartphone with recognized around the world design. He also has a fingerprint reader on the front. Where it should be.


  • Galaxy S8: 5,8 inches (S8 Plus – 6.2 inches). Resolution WQHD +, curved matrix Super AMOLED. pixel density of about 500 ppi (in S7 Edge – 534 ppi)
  • iPhone 7: 4.7 inch, the resolution of 1334×750 pixels (326 ppi)

Samsung, like Apple, will launch two devices: the “usual» Galaxy S8 and increased S8 Plus. Here only displays them much more than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A 6.2 inch older model seem simply monstrous.

On the big screen is placed a lot of information. It cool to play and watch movies. But not everyone likes large “shovel”. They are uncomfortable and constantly fly from the hands. Therefore, Apple and released a smaller version of the iPhone SE. On the other hand, Galaxy S8 housing only 2 mm above the iPhone 7 and 5 mm wide.

On the quality of the displays Samsung ahead of the rest. Curved screen was the chip edge models, and now appears in both the flagship. And it’s cool. Super AMOLED produces bright, juicy picture. What can we say about clarity: with a resolution of WQHD pixels do not see.

Dozens of manufacturers put in smartphones Samsung panel, and even Apple. But the best screens Samsung saved up for themselves. And the potential is to open a new headset Gear VR virtual reality.

Like the previous model, Galaxy S8 get fuktsii Always-On. It works like this: the lock screen displays the time and missed notification. The light is not all of the pixels, which greatly saves battery power. That’s the theory. In practice, as we found out, Always-On «eats” 10-15% per day.

Most likely, Samsung’s flagship even surpass LG G6 ratio of the display area to the body. LG boasted that their smartphone screen in occupies 79% of the front panel. The Galaxy S8, this figure is expected to reach 84%. In this case, Samsung still will not be the first: Experimental display smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix occupies 83.6%.


  • Galaxy S8: eight-Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (4×2.45 4×1.9 GHz and GHz) or Samsung Exynos 8895. 64/128 GB ROM 4 GB RAM, microSD 256 GB
  • iPhone 7: Quad Apple Fusion A10 (2xHurricane and 2xZephyr), 32 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB ROM, 2 GB of RAM, there is a microSD slot

It is difficult to compare the characteristics of the iPhone to other smartphones. Most of the companies provide concrete data, and Apple – funny name, for which nothing is impossible to understand (what Hurricane chips and marshmallows?).

Samsung Galaxy S8 get the latest processor Snapdragon 835, which must be incredibly powerful. However, we will not be judged before the official announcement and wait for a fair comparison of both devices in the tests. So far, only have results in the benchmark Geekbench 4. compare them with the results of the test iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

Still it is possible to compare the flagship in terms of operational and physical memory. Galaxy S8 will receive twice as much RAM, but the maximum amount of ROM – half. On the other hand, very few people “scored” 256 gigabytes in the top-end iPhone 7. Although the model number of Galaxy S8 could use a version with 32 GB: it is cheaper, and the memory can be expanded using microSD. The iPhone 7 slots for memory card is not present.

Both smartphones are protected against ingress of water: iPhone 7 is certified to IP67 standard, and get Galaxy S8 IP68 category. In practice, almost no difference, but the iPhone’s theory stand half-hour dive to a depth of 1 meter, and the Galaxy S8 – up to 1.5 meters.

Now Apple and Samsung flagships support contactless payment technology. But the Galaxy S7 has an advantage: Samsung Pay works even with older terminals. Most likely, this “Superpower” and get the new Galaxy S8.

And the novelty will receive iris scanner, which we saw in Galaxy Note 7. Do not be surprised if Apple introduced the iPhone in the fall 8 with the same technology, but a storm of applause and cries of “Brilliant!”. Android smartphones are rarely awarded to such a reaction.

Exclusive features in the Galaxy S8 can become Desktop Experience. By analogy with Microsoft Continuum, your smartphone can connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth and work as a conventional computer. Galaxy S8 will play the role of the system unit. Perhaps, Desktop Experience does not appear immediately, but the iPhone will get exactly this function soon. If ever receive.


  • Galaxy S8: Android 7.1.1 Nougat
  • iPhone 7: iOS 10

Smartphone users are divided into two camps: some like Android, the other – iOS. Eternal opposition, which has no end. The latest versions highlight the shortcomings of any one of the system difficult. Both operating systems are fast, comfortable and nice look. On iOS, new and interesting applications usually come first, and Android will like geeks and lovers of digging in the firmware.

Preinstalled on the iPhone 7 is the virtual voice assistant Siri, and Samsung should appear on corporate Bixby. Samsung likes to produce their own applications, which do not go beyond the ecosystem and hang a dead weight in the list of applications (and rest assured – Galaxy S8 will get a ton of these programs). The same thing can happen to Bixby. Why not just install Google Assistant?

If you have not used a Samsung smartphone and are concerned about the convenience of the shell TouchWiz, it’s not so bad. The company listened to user feedback and removed the pile of spare parts from the interface: the strange design, senseless agitation of icons, etc. Now the appearance of the system close to the “pure» Android.


  • Galaxy S8: General – 12 Mn, front – 8 Mn
  • iPhone 7: Basic – 12 megapixel front – 7 megapixel

Samsung Galaxy S8 receives dual camera. Said leaks in Dual Pixel – only improved autofocus technology which is applied to Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Dual chamber and no iPhone 7, so the number of pixels of the same sensors. According to Galaxy S8 frontalkam ahead 1 megapixel.

While it is impossible to say which smartphone takes better. But surely start the camera and take on the Galaxy S8 will be instant. Both flagship able to shoot video in 4K resolution, but Samsung’s maximum frequency of 60 frames / second, while the iPhone 7 – 30 frames / sec.

Selfie camera Samsung wins at least a set of built-in functions. To improve color or hide a pimple on the photo, it is necessary for the iPhone to download third-party applications. Samsung’s default are several settings.


  • Galaxy S8: 3500 mAh battery (3750 mAh – S8 Plus). According to other information – 3000 and 3500 mAh, respectively.
  • iPhone 7: 1960 mAh

iPhone always lost Android-smartphone on the battery capacity. Battery capacity in iPhone 7 is the same as in other flagship three years ago. However, the smartphone is different processor architecture and different optimized software. Therefore, the comparison is still too early.

We do not know exactly how much will be in mAh Samsung Galaxy S8. But the latest models of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge demonstrated phenomenal vitality in our tests. During the year, Samsung had to do the work on the optimization, so the operation will be more.

Also in the Galaxy S8 expected wireless technology and rapid charging. The iPhone 7 have neither the one nor the other. Charged Galaxy S8 is via USB Type-C. This connector has become quite popular, so in the selection of cables and accessories should have no problem. But the Lightning connector is installed only in the Apple technology, and it can hardly be called universal. Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 still get USB Type-C.


Samsung Galaxy S8 has not yet been released, but we are sure that the smartphone will be one of the best in 2017. Changes in design, display, camera saying that it would be unusual and even somewhat fantastic gadget.

Yes, Galaxy S8 will cost a lot – 799 euros. But we still look forward to March 29th, when Samsung introduced a novelty. And even people who have lost faith in the company after the resounding failure of the Galaxy Note 7 will be delighted by Galaxy S8.


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