8 Best Children’s Smartwatches in the Market

| May 26, 2017

On all sides fear that the child in the city lurking with many dangers: they can get lost, to leave with a stranger, get injured. Mobile Phone – is not a panacea of ​​trouble: by the law of meanness in the right time battery power is low. Smartwatch for children can control all movements of the child and stay in touch with them: with GPS-tracker and a built-in phone module.

Unlike usual mobile phone, children’s smartwatch is not so easy to lose: they usually have to remove the gauge, immediately notifying parents about the incident. A call that is ringing on a device, it is impossible not to hear, and the battery holds a charge for at least quiet couple of days, or even more.

Smart Baby Watch X10

Model X10 by Smart Baby Watch has recently appeared on the market, so it is understandable that it tried to bring the design to the Apple Watch. The device is recommended for children from 5 years old, but in a universal version of the black manufacturer offers wear and adults. In addition to black, there are pink, blue and green variants.

Attracts attention with a 2 megapixel camera resolution and touch screen: the one and the other in children’s watch – a rare phenomenon. In addition, Smart Baby Watch X10 are able to mate with a smartphone over Bluetooth, not only for the settings to control applications – hours actually turn into “adult” version: the screen can see received calls, messages, view photos and calendar events, manage audio player.

The front panel is a microphone, rear – Speaker, the only physical button on the right. Icons for call made to the memory of the rooms are located on the screen, like the SOS button, the SIM card is inserted directly into the watch. Hours even support microSD cards up to 32 GB, so that memory can be stored audio files or photos. Waterproof casing, but is silent about the details of the manufacturer.

Other functions are standard for this type of devices: the ability to voice messaging, remote audio monitoring, setting geo-fence. There are Pedometer with alarm clock, calendar, calculator, unit can monitor the sleep phase and signal if the owner had stayed too long without moving.

MyRope R12

Smartwatch MyRope has two models of children’s smartwatches, we will consider the option of supporting voice messages and more capacious battery. The device is praised for accurate geolocation, indoor accuracy of 50 meters. According to the movements of the child application builds a route, the location is updated once a minute, or the user himself sets the desired interval. For comparison, among many competing models refresh rate of 5-10 minutes, in a critical situation is already a lot.

For all other functions like everyone else: send a warning with the coordinates of the child by pressing the SOS button, the setting is just 10 safe zones in the memory can be made to 16 contacts. Watch is water resistant on IP65, support voice messages and a search function device. In addition to the module GPS, have Wi-Fi.

Own child watches can not turn off, get the maximum transfer them to silent mode. There is a possibility of hidden call when a parent can hear everything that is happening with your child.

The battery in the normal mode, hold for 2-3 days, MyRope firmware application without problems be installed on smartphones with Android 4.0 / iOS 6 and above.

Alcatel MoveTime Track & Talk

Model of Alcatel’s, presented at the IFA 2016 attracts with its striking design: massive clock, visible, orange casing combined with a blue strap, or vice versa, you can choose a combination with orange strap and a blue hull. At the ends are located just four buttons, two on each side, the screen is not touch-enabled. That children are not confused, keys were signed: usability really quite convenient. The upper left button causes the list of contacts (up to 10 rooms), the bottom – the voice menu.

Keys need to adjust the volume, while the upper right to act also as a SOS button, for this it is necessary to hold down for 3 seconds. On the one hand, it is convenient because the child does not accidentally hit it and not force parents to panic once again, on the other – in the critical moment, he must remember to hold the right time. As an SOS signal the first five contacts from the phonebook leaves a message with the exact location of the child. But the secret listening function, which is equipped with most of the children’s hours, not here.

The housing is protected to IP65 against dust and moisture. Application to set the clock runs on smartphones with iOS 7 and above, Android 4.3 and above, but in iOS map loaded only from Apple. SIM card is inserted directly into the watch.

Hiper Babyguard / Easyguard

The British Hiper, which we are known, mainly due to the portable charger, there are several models of smart children’s watches, Babyguard and Easyguard. All are available with a round display, which looks neater most rectangular. Design Hiper Babyguard suitable for younger children, Easyguard – for teens. On a monochrome screen displays analog or digital clock and date with day of the week.

For determining the location here GPS Modules meet, LBS and Wi-Fi (the latter is only a model Babyguard), so a high positioning accuracy. Parents can set up a secure geo-zone, if the child comes out of it – on the phone receives a signal. SOS button located on the side of the body so that it can always be easy to press, if something happened – no need to frantically to remember keyboard shortcuts, as some competitors. It’s nice that the memory clock is not limited to two or three rooms: in Babyguard model in the phone book 26, in EasyGuard – 16 cells.

All models support voice messaging. If the family is not one clock, they can be connected to a common chat room, just at the same time shaking. The housing is protected against moisture by IP54 standard, therefore, even if exposed to rain hours is not terrible, there is a built-in pedometer, alarm clock function Anti-lost. Autonomy at a high level in the standby mode, the device will last up to 6 days, with the active use of 75-90 hours depending on the model. The device supports smartphones based on iOS 7.0 / Android 4.0 and above.

Tip Top 1000TSSF

Some even watch a 2-megapixel camera that allows you to not only take photos, but also record video. Another interesting feature: the parents can ask for without the knowledge of the child’s photo to watch online and see them in the application on your phone. This is even more evident than listening to what is happening – yet visually easier to determine what happens to the child, although the function of audio monitoring here too.

The memory clock is entered only three rooms – only the most necessary, you can still create a “white list” and include the phone numbers, the calls from which the child can take. Thus it can be prevented from unwanted spam.

SOS button – the only button on the body, it is located on the right side. When pressed, the clock starts to call all three of the memory numbers and send messages to them with the coordinates of the child. Present functions such as geo-fence, a pedometer, sleep quality meter has a sensor removal and discharging of the battery. Moreover, the presented count calorie consumption, however, it is unclear what it is in the children’s tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny

What’s that, a degree in childhood sweetly hours Xiaomi Mi Bunny clearly increased due to the design: the model is made in pink or blue plastic case with a round dial and the display shows the name of one of the six contacts, time, or emoji. Xiaomi released three generations of children trackers, many features are available only with the Chinese telecom operators.

Mi Bunny has everything you need: geo tracking via GPS and Wi-Fi, support for voice communications, Bluetooth 4.0 module for interfacing with a smartphone, the ability to create and track geozones. Is recording movements of the child, and in the application on your phone, you can view an archive of the week. As the SOS button then acts sandwiched key off: adult smartphone sent the coordinates of the child and audio recording of what is happening around – very competent course.

Smartwatch works with smartphones on Android 4.2 and higher, but when working with iOS traditionally has problems.

Wonlex Smart Age EW200

We decided to consider smartwatch for teenagers, too, often they need control, and bright unit with large plastic strap they already considered a ton. Wonlex EW200 positioned as watches for teenagers, the elderly or employees, for whose movements need to watch, so they are distinguished by “adult” or even austere design, solidity add a leather strap and metal case gold or silver color with rounded edges. However, under this brand are available and most children’s models, for example, with the Disney characters on the body.

EW200 has sensor removal smartwatch’s hand, the possibility of eavesdropping is happening around through the app and view the movement of the child, and even heart rate monitor is built into the device. Incidentally, when the heart rate varies considerably, clocks themselves send an SOS to the smartphone, but this feature is more relevant to those who are worried about their elderly relatives. The application saves all the routes of the owner of the movement for hours, positioning is performed by LBS, GPS, and Wi-Fi, so you can not worry about its accuracy.

Life Button K917

The design of these children’s smartwatches also goes smoothly in the direction of Apple Watch – this sin all new items. Watches are sold on almost every street corner and are very popular, despite the presence of only two programmable keys on the body to call, respectively, the two rooms. But the model is lightweight and not bulky, it does not look like a child, so it can be attractive for young people.

Autonomy of the device is not bad – up to 4 days of standby time and 6 hours of talk time, ie 2-3 days on average will live mode clock. The housing of the model is not only waterproof, but also shock-proof – it is protected by WR30 standard. Color screen, the clock is available in two colors – blue and pink. With the functionality of all order: SOS button is there, as well as the possibility of setting geozones, has a pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitoring.


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