Project Tango is equipped with Tegra K1 and 4 GB of RAM

| June 6, 2014

Smartphone , created within Project Tango, was shown on 21 February. This device is equipped with special cameras, data processors and software that help him “navigate” in the surrounding area.

Project Tango-1

Late last month, we learned that Google is preparing another device such configuration, in this case the plate . And the exhibition Computex 2014 search giant brought ready tablet Project Tango, aimed as a smartphone, only developers. Device will distribute approximately at the end of this month. However, unlike smartphones, tablets are more likely to sell. The cost of this device will be no less than $ 1024. By the way, a Google spokesman said that in the near future there will be additional batch of smartphones and Project Tango.

Project Tango-2

As a smartphone, the tablet boasts top-end performance. Seven-inch display resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. As the platform supports the latest Tegra K1. RAM size reaches 4 GB or the flash memory provides just 128 GB, but without the possibility of its extension.

As for the cameras, the plate on this issue is no different from a smartphone. There is a similar 4-megapixel camera with a pixel size of 2 microns, an infrared sensor, an infrared projector and camera motion capture with a lens “Fish eye”. Also worth noting ports USB 3.0 and Micro HDMI, adapter Bluetooth LE, as well as support for LTE.

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