Streacom NC3 – unusual hexagonal body shape mini computer Intel NUC

| June 6, 2014

Streacom company brought to the exhibition Computex 2014 unusual body that allows placing within you all the “stuffing” of the computer Intel NUC. Product attracts attention for at least two reasons: the unusual contrast of black and white coloring, and the same non-standard hexagonal shape.

Streacom NC3-1

However, it is interesting not only that. Streacom NC3 – fanless housing, and the role of the cooling element performs one of its triangular halves made of aluminum and is the radiator. Radiator in contact with the CPU through the heat pipe.

Streacom NC3-2

Opposite half black NC3 is made of plastic ABS, it just serves to organize the components of your computer.

Streacom NC3-3

Among the device interface connectors – a four-port USB 3.0, network RJ-45 connector, Mini HDMI video output and Mini DisplayPort. Complements the picture of the IR receiver.

Streacom NC3 will go on sale in the final quarter of the year and will be offered at a price of 100 euros.

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